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  1. I took the website down for maintenance 14th may and just recently got it back up due to the migration over to cloudflare. (The problem was that I used a simple POST request that took 5 minutes to answer before you landed on the next page, and cloudflare would timeout . Fixed it by using websocket) Do not worry, the website will continue to exist for a long time :)
  2. I've added an About page. The user Dark over at created a bruteforce script which start at SteamID: 76561198300000000 , then hashes it with md5(the normal/right way) and then compares it with the guid put in, if wrong it subtracts steamid by 1 and tries that one. With bruteforce it takes an average of 1.5 hours for 1 guid, but it takes the same time for 150 guid's too. Then I decided to make a simple rainbow table, here are the 3 first lines of the big file. 69898442674896b544cba6b0c1915315 76561198370000000 ef7844fcd61c8c018790e8380547e138 76561198369999999 742124c393a4d4efa1df1c4baa61022c 76561198369999998 The file contains 470.000.000 SteamID's using 24,4GB Instead of using cpu power by hashing steamid's to md5(guid) this searches a big file for the correct line. The only bad thing about this design is doing multiple guid's, as i said above. Bruteforce takes the same amount of time depending of CPU power, but with rainbow table 150 guid takes 3 hours and 40 minutes Sorry for long reply :) Thread
  3. Convert Dayz GUID to SteamID in 5 minutes or less. Will take longer when doing multiple.
  4. If you need GUID to SteamID
  5. If you need GUID to SteamID in 5 minutes