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  1. Don't think I ever paid $30 up front for an alpha D3. They just released it when it was done.
  2. Why it is harder and harder to have interactions ?

    It's difficult to have any interactions when all the servers here in Australia only have a maximum of 4 players on it at any time.
  3. from fun to pretty much unplayable

    Haha really? Having been bought up in an area with lots of flint as a kid it's really not that easy to make a sharp edge that's going to work. Also all those survival shows a few years back never had anyone knapping.
  4. Playing in Aus/NZ

    I can't find a server with anyone in it apart from Pipsi. Are there any no-pipsi servers that have players?
  5. from fun to pretty much unplayable

    "Make a stone knife"? I thought when Hicks took over it was supposed to be a ultra-realistic survival sim with Z's begrudgingly thrown to keep people still playing? Does anyone know how difficult it would be to "craft" a stone knife in RL? Knapping a flint blade takes years of experience.