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  1. the crash fix you mention, is this the player crash, when too many players in one area?
  2. ok so the server crash is fixed , but what about the player crashes, in high populated areas?
  3. 3 yrs= 6 #1 bambilands one was #1 every day for almost 6 months = Fact I have recently had threats of shutting down bambiland2, coming via my hosting company for bans with no video proof. when i see a hacker or a cheater, i ban them and i dont always have obs running even if i did a video dont prove anything unless your able to get the cheaters pulse. so try getting a pulse from a wall glitcher or a hacker, the only thing that will happen is you will die. its time the public servers have full admin control over their server. i asked brian hicks once if he could give us this, he simply said no, cause admins abused it the first time. well not all admins would abuse it. its simple logic a real server would never abuse it cause if they did their server would not do very well, dayz players wouldnt log onto it. As for bambiland2, not many high pop servers left. who will be the hackers next target once we are gone? Itll never end. i and my admins have worked very hard to make sure every player that logs onto bambiland2, has the best gaming experience possible, by trying our hardest to clean the server of cheaters and hackers, only to find out that, in doing this we will be shut down, because of these unfair public server rules that tries to push us to buy private servers. now for hacks, these newer hacks from the last few days, it doent even show up in the logs. it dont show the player getting hit or dying nor does it show the hacker killing anyone, so with that alone warrents lettin the admins to ban them, the only way to catch these hacks is very time consuming but its better than battle eye. battle eye couldnt catch a drop of rain, much less a hacker. for my Bambiland2 players, im sorry i let them scare me and the last few days i was very weary to issue any bans, because of whats been happening, but i promise you as i told the hosting company, if i see a hacker or cheater i have 2 choices 1. ban them or 2. dont ban them Bambiland2 players have been the most loyal players on dayz, they have played bambiland2 for over 3 yrs and to not ban cheaters and hackers is wrong. I WILL BAN OUT OF RESPECT FOR ALL THE BAMBILAND2 PLAYERS ! AND IF THE DEVS WANT TO SHUT DOWN ONE OF THE OLDEST SERVERS IN DAYZ BECAUSE WE BANNED A HACKER AND DONT HAVE A VIDEO THEN SO BE IT ! SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE !