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  2. Hi there, I just want to share my experience on this new update. I played about 8 hours yesterday on this new version. The crash of the servers seems to be an old story, i had no problem on 3 different server. However, client crash is still here. About 2/3 times during this session. I had a lot of desync on some server and not so lot on the others. Also, I saw a gun fired when my colleague put it in his back. I will report that and illustrate it with short capture. Another bug, when you are using an improvised knife to chop some sticks, you need to cancelled an action before doing it again. When you cancelled this action, client respond with "I've stopped skinning" Thanks
  3. I permit myself to share you this from @Toperec on twitter: We really need stable update now, i know you are doing your best but people loving this game are pretty sad at the moment ... Desync probs and crashes are very boring. I will report them and show you bad things like this : https://oddshot.tv/gif/UzocA_zwcA9PHZJPdCqI4QHW? If it could help you, but i think you are aware of all this bugs. We need to be reassured. For me, 0.59 was perfect. Sounds and graphic update are cool but problems not. Love
  4. I played about 30h on this new patch. Infected are broken ... The area where they are spotting you is too much random and their power was increase as hell ! Vest always ruined and one of this pretty guys punch me and i receive an instant death even if my status were full green and my blood was full too. Fire in houses is not fix. It's pretty annoying because it's rainnning often ... After that, the game has random crash ... often when you join a server and when you leave the game. Sometimes you have some area where you have 5 fps and you have 80% chance to crash. It's not a client problem because we are playing as team and all my colleague has this problem. It's pretty hard to understand how this features was accepted in exp and be export to stable. Another thing, can you post soon a heatmap ? I have the felling that people always do the same road berezino/Gorka/Novy/Stary/Vybor/NWAF. West side of the map is empty of survivors ... Thanks !