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    Exp Update 0.63.148743

    I'm expiriencing difficultis, this is my log 17:35:42 Dedicated host created. 17:35:47 [ERROR][Server config] :: instanceId parameter is mandatory and must be valid 32-bit integer.
  2. Mr.Bobi

    Status Report - 12 December 2017

    Another great point. We've had so much come through the trello but these days we are just being kept in the dark, except with the status report which isn't there yet making it painfull.
  3. Mr.Bobi

    Status Report - 12 December 2017

    At this point, and I really defend the Game to any blood drop, add people from the steam forums and explain to them, write entire paragraphs I've got to say that it's not the problem of the wait. It's not the problem of it being an unfinished product. But it really starts to ache participating in Early Access but not being actually granted any Early Access. Literally None. Also LordBlackwolf, he isn't complaining about it's bugs or it's unfinishedness. He is critisizing the lack of insight. The devs say, and I for myself know it for fact, that Beta's gonna be a gamechanger. But we haven't actually seen (Besides the guns from the Gamescom demo) any guns like the AKM being actually used apart from being held in one hand. And right now who of us, as the Hard Fans and those very Informed of the development know whats going on? Even though I know Server Performance, Input Lag and all that is going to be hugely improved the last information we have is the rough status report from december 12th.
  4. With Steam being down the new server browser doesn't display any servers. Is that really related to steam or is it a problem on my side?