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  1. Stress test vol.5

    old bug
  2. Time Lapse Светлоярск

    3 days work
  3. Exp Update 0.62.139869

    hi guys, I made video timelapse, used the server "from the first person" as on it there is no look at screen center after up-dating of the appeared look, now it will be a problem. would be to have steep function of switch-off of this sight or completely the interface (forgive for my english)
  4. Exp Update 0.62.139796

    hi guys, i and my friend craft ghillie, and we saw a mistake in the skin of the ghillie. first screen "black texture" similar to old bug "black head" second screen head - only green spray, suit - green+black spray, gun - green+black but all three things have different colors, also I want to notice that сraft of skin in barrel, cancels all components in barrel after сraft's end, it makes impossible to make clothes of skin
  5. Let's talk about new animations

    it was at 0.60, it is new animation?