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  1. 0.63 Experimental Release

    1. Started the game. Crashed. 2. Started the game again. Good old fullscreen offset... Crash. 3. Started the game. Selected server. Queue moves weirdly fast, 4, 3, 2, 1, I'm back to servers list. Unable to join any server. "connect" button does nothing. 4. Restarted the game. Crashed. 5. Started the game. Same problem as in step 3.
  2. BETA Status Report - November 28

    Me too, but answering guys who call you a troll because of having different opinion is even better. Well, possibly I've been avoiding huge studios that care only about money. Speaking of which... I played Arma 2 and Arma 3, I love these games, though... Dedicated to their game... Remind me how the rifles that you didn't buy work in arma multiplayer! ;) It's not like they're working on improving Arma 2 now, do they? IF they can do some easy fixes to improve selling, sure, they wil ldo that, but what else? Arma 3 is all about DLCs now. I stopped playing it, I would probably still play if they weren't so many paid dlcs. I don't really get why would you say that BI is special in some way. It's not like I don't trust that they will finish the game someday. :) But they already gave up on most interesting stuff, like animal companions. Statisticly speaking, some people who bought DayZ reading that it will be released in something like 2015 (or earlier, can't remember) are already dead. :D So yeah. They will release it... When I paid for DayZ I was a student. Now I'm running my small business and have a kid on the way. Good luck to me with spending evenings in Chernarus now. ;) You can't just ignore the release date like it was not important at all. I'm pretty sure some people, me included, would be happy with a game that has not perfect engine, but some more CONTENT instead . And next version will be what? Oh, right, engine improvements, but even less content. As for their communication with us - pretty much 90% of dayzdev twitter posts nowadays are retweets, mainly boring screenshots with sunsets and firepits. Is there at least the Q&A Gadget_97 was talking about available somewhere?
  3. BETA Status Report - November 28

    So, nowadays you'can be only ahater or a fanboy? What happened to all reasonable people with their reasonable worries? :) PS: You don't know many studios, do you?
  4. BETA Status Report - November 28

    I can't wait for the release or even 0.63. But... To be honest it's kind of same status report that we get for a few months now, but longer and with new info that you won't deliver another build on predicted time (what a surprise) and with clarification that 0.63 will actually have less content than 0.62. I could bet that 1.0 is not coming in 2018. There was no single proper prediction for any build release so far. I hear "We're finishing the new engine" for so long now that I can imagine keep hearing it next summer. :) Since August there was basically no new mechanic that you could show us. The good thing is, you can only surprise me positively now. ;) My biggest fear is that the new engine will not be a "big deal" as people played DayZ on old Arma engine and they got used to it. I hope the wait was worth it, if, as you say, we won't even have as much content in 0.63 as in 0.62. I will play DayZ if you really do it on time. I'm kind of surprised that there's no big competition for you yet, all the other Zombie Survival games are poor. That makes me think that MAYBE your work pace is normal. :D Also I paid for it, so why wouldn't I play it... ;)
  5. Exp Update 0.62.143267

    So why exactly did they ask?
  6. The selection of your client version is now automatic

    Wait, so is this place only for fanboys? I thought this is a forum for discussions, my bad. World isn't black & white. If he doesn't immensely love DayZ and snail pace of development, he has to be a troll? :)
  7. Exp Update 0.62.143267

    "Experimental servers are starting. What is new:" - sounds exciting... Like "Wow, maybe they didn't want to waste time for another status report that's identical to previous one, because they were actually preparing something for us!". :D Nope. To be honest, all "what is new" could fit into that tweet... So what do we test? Should we look for pumpkins to see if they all actually got removed? "And we fixed a server crash." Are you familiar with "Herobrine removed" from Minecraft changelog? :D Just asking. You know, your post could be made in August without any changes. Therefore I don't believe anymore that the new controller will BOOST the updates.
  8. Exp Update 0.61.136468

    LOL, yeah. I am definitely 13 years old guy who doesn't post bugs on a bug tracker and just want to GO FULL PVP ON EXP. That's my 2nd post after all, right? :D So basically they release exp update just before ending their work day. The update aimed at server crashes turns out to be a disaster. Can any of you all knowing Gandalfs of DayZ community tell me what do devs test on servers that are offline all weekend? Wouldn't it be like... WISE... To let people play previous version and find any potential not-yet-discovered bugs, which were not addressed by this update?
  9. Exp Update 0.61.136468

    Ok, so... I know experimental is for testing, but... They release patch just before end of working day? ;) What kind of testing can they do during weekend? When they saw that servers are going down it was already clear that it was ALL that's going to be tested in this exp version. So, considering that, what harm exactly would reverting to previous exp version make? As I see this, it could only help to find some more bugs not addressed with this (not working) patch.