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  1. Status Report - May 8, 2018

    I have read some post here and some in the reddit board about the hipfire/crosshair discussion. First my point of view i think in hipfire the projectile has to come out of the barrel straight out of it and not from the center to the center of your screen or in a bow from the gun in the center of your screen because there is a fix crosshair. The moving crosshair was a nice solution but it is very easy to aim with it, it is like to have a laser on the gun. An other argument that the gun has to shoot in th direction that it is pointing at and not to the center of the screen is the sight of the target player. Everybody is writing how it is to aim and shoot with it and not to see how you get shooted. For example someone standing 10m in front of you maybe wants to start hipfireing at you the gun is pointing straight at you ok but if you are closer oder a little bit more away the gun points NOT at you but he hits you how can that be good?
  2. Inventory

    I think the idear that you can't do anything in the inventory is a kind of realistic but if you are walking you should have access to pockets from pants, jackets and vests. The backpack maybe is only useable when you hold it in the hands while you are walking. So it wold be a nice solution that everything you shouldn't can use while walking / running get closed or minimized automatically. - Standing everything is open in inventory - Walking backpack is closed / minimized - Running only the vest is open That would be a nice an realistic solution between the inventory in the 0.62 and the 0.63 that makes looting and sorting things in inventory a little bit faster.
  3. Ball to play football/soccer

    And for the goals there are nettings already at the coast... or you can steal the nettings from a football goal for a ghili suite...
  4. I would like that you pull attentions of zombies by making loud noises, talking loud ingame or screaming and with other player coursed sounds maybe hitting metal things or glass with an axe or other heavy melee weapon. Of course not over a huge distance like with gunshot sounds, maybe only in a range of 50 meters.
  5. Locked trunk of police cars

    I think it would be cool if the trunks of policecars are locked and with better weapons inside than around the car so you have to finde a lockpic or a crawbar to open the trunk. It will effect that the people have to seek and use these items and an other effect is that these server events of policecars are longer interesting for players and not already completely looted after minutes.
  6. Ball to play football/soccer

    There are some football/soccer places in chernarus why not implement a ball for us? I think we don't need complete animations for it to have a lot of fun and it will effect that people come together and play with and not against eachother at these places. Maybe we can find something else that people can play in chernarus, I think we need more peaceful things to interact with eachother. Maybe some big chessboards with figures on some places in bigger towns.
  7. Exp Update 0.61.136670

    In this exp. version I get ported around many times because I stuck somewhere... I thinke for the other player you stayed somewhere outside... The weather and temperature works nearly great but to get warm again is too hard, you can find dry clothes but if you put them on they become wet and doesn't help you at all. In the latest patch -my game crashed many times -the zombies are blind now -get ported, stretched and compressed -and yes the people all play like they were playing on stable... Trust nobody if they see a black drybag on your back you will never find a friendly player ;)
  8. Exp Update 0.61.136593

    I think the wolfes are great at the time I lost the half of my blood but just get away just by running for 1km with some stops in buildings to bandage me... I just wundering that only my helmet becomes ruined and not my clothes... It will be great if some leather clothes will protect you more and other normal clothes gets ruined faster.... I played with a friend and we had some problems with items ...he had some that I could not see and I had some that he could not see, things we drop on the ground and things inside the backpack if we drop it. And some mags or bullets we have found were filled up from an other player I think that he had in his backpack too.
  9. Exp Update 0.61.136468

    Hey i have to say thank you to the dev team to fix the exp. Server on the weekend nice job... And pleas let us spown in the 0.61 stable with a knife so nobody has to use the bug anymore, very simpel way to solve the problem...
  10. Exp Update 0.61.136468

    I think this ist the best way to write something important... or use the feedback tracker to report bugs...
  11. Exp Update 0.61.136468

    You can find the latest news on twitter (DayZ Development) if the servers are coming online again they will post it there...
  12. Exp Update 0.61.136468

    @wasnu actually 5000-7000 people playing DayZ 1800 of them on the exp. branch that's a huge part of the community who loves the game and the people who wants to play on the exp. are the real fans. And please treat me with respect how I did!
  13. Exp Update 0.61.136468

    I think the dev team work in the EU (Prag) CET.... if they doing a night shift and worke over the weekend the are great and have all my respect... they also doing a Great Job it is a Great Game
  14. Exp Update 0.61.136468

    I'm not crying but I think it is much better to test things like this in the morning and not at the weekend when nobody is there to repair and fix it... Thousands of people are sad that nothing worke at the moment....
  15. Exp Update 0.61.136468

    Why is the update released Friday evening? I understand that some tests are important but the time is not very nice for all who want to play and test things on the exp. Servers during the weekend and I think even not nice for them who had to worke on it now... Is someone working on it and can we expect a hotfix during the weekend?