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  1. You know how much time it would take to investigate all the claims of hackers? While admins are stuck with them in there servers pretty much laughing away. All the servers had a Ban.txt and BEban.txt. They could have kept it how it was and investigated all the GUID's being posted. What about all the glitchers? The abusive players? They are there to stay now. I know BE bans in waves, but do you see how long that takes? Imagine these "Investigations". I help look over a server for an owner now and he isn't happy about this and i think he will be shutting the server down, and he had one of the top Dayz servers. many other server admins will do the same. Do you remember the up roar years ago about not having these features? You pay a lot of money for Dayz SA servers, they aren't cheap.. This will be bad in many many ways. The funny thing is i posted this same topic in Steam discussions and "Pacifist: the abusive MOD was trying to tell me that you were never able to ban on public hives, so after i tell him i would show him the emails from Bohemia that i have talking about banning on public hives and he doesn't know what he's talking about he deletes my comments and locks the thread, and then bans me without me breaking any rules on the forums. That's another issue though, he will be reported to steam once again with screen shots.
  2. I really don't believe this. We are back to the days where we have hackers come into our servers and glitchers and abuse the system and do what they want because there are no reprocussions. This game will die even more now because of it. You pay top dollar for Dayz SA servers and you can't remove cheaters and hackers from your server? That's a joke.. There are way too many hackers/glitchers/cheaters in this game to take that option away from the admins. Both GamingDeluxe and Fragnet have confirmed the rumor. Me: I was just curious and wanted to ask you guys if the rumor is true that Dayz Devs have made you guys remove the ban option from your servers as well as others? I used to rent a Dayz SA server from you guys for a long time and I wanted to know. Fragnet: That is correct, public hive servers across all game server providers no longer have the ability to access the ban list. They want players to report cheaters/abusers to Battleye to allow investigations and global bans to occur. Please let us know if you need further assistance. Now More and more servers will disappear and player base will keep dropping. Think about it. I remember years ago when you couldn't kick or ban people from your SA server, people would just cancel the server order when they found out. This is it for me. I'm done with Dayz.
  3. IMT is right it's because of the high populated servers. If you join a low pop you will get raped by the zombies if you don't know how to handle them. Server performance is so horrible this patch and it was supposed to be better than other patches. I think the reason why the servers are such crap when they are full is because the new dynamic zombie system. We shall see how it works out though.
  4. Servers crashing?

    Is anyone aware of any new server crashing methods? Some servers are going down every 2 hours or less. it just doesn't make sense. I searched youtube but couldn't find anything this time around.
  5. If you eat raw food you will get sick If you drink out of a pond after taking damage and having any blood loss, you will get sick. Only drink out of the pond when you are healthy, that was your problem my friend.
  6. about hosting

    I've only hosted a public standalone server, and you can't do much. Private hives you can do a lot more.
  7. Gorka Gunfights

    Sneaky sneaky
  8. Horrible fps drops in close-combat?

    Here's a good example of what's going on. This is so bad it's been happening in every up close gun fight.. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/119830435
  9. Try Reinstalling or clearing cache
  10. Horrible fps drops in close-combat?

    We're just going to have to wait until the devs fix it. It is very terrible this patch when it was supposed to be a lot better..
  11. Have you tried and internet speed test? Have you looked at the ping of the server you're playing on? Have you reset your internet modem/router? Are you making sure your mic icon is on when you are trying to interact?
  12. Zombies and wolves aren't really much a threat at all in high populated servers though, but the devs have told us they know about it, so we'll see how long it takes for that fix. I will say though once they fix how the infected and wolves work in high pops and they work as they do in low pops we are screwed lol
  13. Wolves

    Too OP in low pops, but if you're in a town/city with houses, they are very easy to avoid or hide from. In high pops the lag is so bad they are just a joke. I ran around 10 of them in close quarters for shits and giggles and only got hit once then eventually ran away.
  14. How's this game doing?

    .61 is headed in the right direction. The new sounds are awesome. The new spawns are great because it you explore parts of the map that you haven't been to often. Also, the new places/roadblocks added to Chernarus. I will say though, this is the most broken patch ever released. The server lag is worst then .60 or previous patches IMO. There are also tons of game breaking bugs, but i'm a big Dayz fan and i will stick through it.