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  1. When will gameplay be introduced?

    No what I am complaining about it is that once you have the basic gear, and food and water. It takes no effort at all, then just more or less walking around, to keep that level. So there is no survival element in it. Nothing to worry about. If you hardly find pvp, you don't need extra ammo. 1 box is enough. If you don't need to hunt. You don't need extra ammo. because you find food everywhere by just walking around. And about the loot dristribution. Yes, I would like to see commodities, that needs replenishment, only to be found at certain limited locations. That is what will promote player interaction on this huge map. And perhaps then you need to find more ammo, because you actually need to use it. Not only that. It will give you an incentive to visit that 2 or 3 specific locations to get that commodity that you actually need. Like I mentioned before. Currently you get get everything from everywhere. That is why players hardly meet. (except for perhaps some players that specificly go to tisy or NWAF.) If you have to go to specific locations for certain needed commodities, then you have a reason to navigate your way to that location, and player interaction will be more frequent.
  2. When will gameplay be introduced?

    I need to be triggered to do or go somewhere. This is so called survival, yes? If i have a backpack full of food, I don't need to hunt or fish. (unless i want that leather clothing) If i have a handgun and a sniper with a scope plus the ammo, i have no reason to go to tisy or a militairy base or compount. He btw, militairy roadblocks are everywhere. I can get it from anywhere. If i don't get hurt, i don't have to take care of first aid stuff. Why would I? Yeah let's go gardening, while I'm so stufffed, that when I eat more, I'll start puking. I don't really get what you mean by a solo player with a mind of it's own. Currently this game feels like Pac-man with only the maze, and some pac-dots. In the case of dayz, the pac-dots give you no points, and the ghosts are not hurting you. So where is the incentive to avoid them, or to eat the pac-dots? Yes, it needs a player with a mind of it's own to explore the maze. Let's have fun with exploring that maze. Only a tiny amount of people obesessed with a maze could play that for hundreds of hours. The rest will quit after a few minutes, because there is no point in playing. If there is nothing to survive from, there is no point playing this game.
  3. When will gameplay be introduced?

    That´s not really meant with the loot. The current situation is that a player can get everything, from everywhere. Because of this, the chance of meeting another player )either combat or friendly' is very small. In my example, a NEEDED commodity would only spawn at about 3 or 4 locations. So a commodity that every player, survivor, killer, hermit, needed at a certain point would draw them to that place. In other words. Lone survivors had a task. They had to travel to that location. They had to scout the area. calculating the risks. that is exciting. adrenaline. On the other side, you have the people looking for pvp. Perhaps killers, or those looking to holdup people, that would scout that area for a target. In this scenario, all groups profit. And this is just one example to create gameplay. Something to do. It should not be forced. But i mean, Zed infection and anti/biotics where already in the mod. And it makes sense. I really loved how The dayz2017 mod did that. True, basebuilding would adds something to. But i would like to see more stuff, like the above, to give players certain reason to do or go somewhere and that will promote player interaction.
  4. When will gameplay be introduced?

    @Tigermonk Just a correction. It's not the way I described it. I explicitly quoted what was published by the developer on the Dayz store page, on steam. I merely gave one little example, out of the many, on how this could be achieved. The example was a method to create an incentive for the player to actually have to survive something. To have PVP. To have a quest for the player, to have fear and anxiety, And to have that emergent gameplay ( as stated on the product page) To implement an idea like this, you won't need months. But it's all about priorities. That's also the reason why out of 3,5 million buyers, there are only 2300 (on average daily) playing. The priorities. If it is really up to the community to create game play, it should have been stated on the storepage. At the moment, the description on the DayZ storepage, written by the DayZ publisher, is misrepresenting the game. Player movement will not change this. Microphones in villages will not change this either. Normally, especially when reaching beta, you should see the direction of the gameplay during the development of a game, and the several builds and the progression of it. I really have no hopes that that magic 1.0 release, that some talk about, will ever arrive. I always had a lot of fun with games from Bohemia. And those where always decenty priced. So I'm not really bitter for the money that I lost on the dayz standalone. But it's a shame for those who bought it for the survival aspect of the game.
  5. When will gameplay be introduced?

    Well, if 0.63 will give an indication, then this game is over. When you say patience, the playerbase could sure have that for microphones in the villages. What you are saying is, that the really gameplay improvements will come in the final patch? There is no direction to be found the the dev builds? It will be all the the final major 1.0 patch? That will be quite a patch then. Well I'm really excited then. Thanks. Looking forward to the 1.0 release with the actual gameplay. I hope it will be somewhere in 2018.
  6. The game is now almost 4 years in EA. The upcomming patch shows nothing related to improve the core gameplay. The current status of the survival mechanics: The player spawns. The Average player then will have basic gear (clothing, weapon+ammo), and will be fully fed and energized within about 2 hours (with really bad luck, perhaps 3 or 4 hours). And that's it for survival. The player is now energized, and it's a breeze to keep this level up. From then on, the games gives the player no more incentives to do anything. The chance of being shot is extremely slim, and zeds are no problemo. That was it for survival. max 4 hours of gameplay, and the rest of it is boring as.... The current status of pvp: You will hardly see anyone on a full server. Unless on the server there are rules and directions where PVP takes place. Ofcourse those really looking for pvp will find it ( but even then it takes long) and those who want to avoid it, won't have to do much effort to avoid it. This is a part of the description on the dayZ steam page: DayZ is a gritty, authentic, open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO game, in which players follow a single goal: to survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic landscape as long as they can. Players can experience powerful events and emotions arising from the ever-evolving emergent gameplay. survive a harsh post-apocalyptic landscape? What is there to survive? Emergent gameplay, when? Perhaps when teams play against another group of players, on a server where this is organized. But not for the solo player! And especially not for the solo survivor type of player. There is literally nothing to survive from. To have emergent gameplay, the developer of the game must create the setting with mechanics to provide that. It must provide an incentive for the player to act. It takes very few resources for the developer to provide these. One simple quick idea would be to have a commodity that everyone needs ( both pvp and pve minded players) only available at very few places. For example antibiotics only available at the main hospital. And bingo player interaction for everyone. There are plenty of ideas, without the need of lots of dev resources, to create some incentives for the players. Instead in the new patch i see stuff like microphones in villages?! Why?? just why? Look. This game has a very little player base for a reason. There are plenty of EA titles where people can actually enjoy the ride, because there is some decent rough gameplay. DayZ offers none of this. There is a reason why the average playercount is currently around 2300, out of over a 3.5 million sold copies, play this on average..
  7. How To Win Playerbase Back

    Yeah,, but the difference is that a game like "7 days to die" is actually a really good game for years now. During the development process they gave players real good gameplay. Till now, dayz has given the EA buyers practically nothing.
  8. Will DayZ Ever Go Full Price ?

    The price should go down. The game already has been sold enough. I think around 25 euro would be nice. The game hasn't lived up to expectations for the majority of players that already bought it. Perhaps some will get sour because of a pricedrop. But Most have left anyway. Perhaps when modders could add some real survival elements (like the dayz2017 team did with the dayz mod) the game will become interesting again for those who bought it for the survival. But the current state of the game is that it is more a demo with the possibility to create something out of it. The beta adds nothing gameplay wise, when it comes to survival.The game would actually sell and be played again when a popular mod arises. And then A pricetag of 24.99 or 19.99 would be perfect.
  9. How To Win Playerbase Back

    I would be happy if the description on the steam page would be actually about the game. It's says something about fight for your life. Well, I, and many others, don't have to fight for our life. I, and probably the majority can live from patch wipe to patch wipe without problems. As long as you are not looking for trouble. I'm stuffed within no time, without the apples. And i often don't see anyone for hours. I haven't died in ages, and only have killed 2 people. in the last 2 patches. Oh I forgot, there is something you have to fight against. And that's "BOREDOM". In it's current state, and i think 0.63 will be no different, the game is giving the players zero incentive to do anything. Open world? yeah fine, but even most open world games give players certain incentives. You can get anything from everywhere. Even if you can't find a specific commodity everywhere, you can find the alternative for it everywhere. And there you have the reason why you can walk all over the map without seeing a single soul on a full server. An incentive could be a commodity that everyone, pvp and non pvp minded players, needs and that can only be found at 2 or 3 locations. There you have the player interaction. And a quest. I would like to see that in the game. That would make me happy. A chance to get an infection by one of the zeds. That would make them scary. Right now the zeds don't bother me at all. That would make me happy. There is plenty of stuff that could make the player base happy. And till now, the devs did not reserve any of their resources to make the early access buyers a bit happy during the development process. There is no gameplay, only a maze. That doesn't make me happy. hopefully the 1.0 release will include some gameplay instead of just graphics, inventory and mechanics.
  10. I tried 0.62, and I would like to make a remark on the sounds. The new graphical overhaul is awesome. And the new sounds are very nice to. However, there is something with the sound that makes it very hard to differentiate player sounds or environmental sounds. This basically results in always feeling someone is around you. Now some may say that this adds to the paranoid feeling. However, if you have a 2 or 3 hour play session, this will be bad from a tactical point of view and also it makes you ignore sounds after a while. I.o.w. for me as a lone player, this is very bad. I am not the only one that experience this sounds behavior. I've heard other mentioning that they also have the idea that they hear footsteps, or other noises, while walking (or even standing still) that makes it seem they hear other players. Now i think there are 2 major parts of being aware of your surroundings. The first one is visually, so looking around if you see other players. The second one is sound. So listening to footsteps, etc. And you can't rely on sounds anymore, because it's impossible to differentiate, and like said, you become numb for sounds because of the environmental sounds. Perhaps there are more people with the same experience?
  11. Right, this may sound like a broken record. But let me give you my view on the chernarus plus map from a different angle. ( I already mentioned once that I would prefer original chernarus with all buildings opened up) The current situation is that there is, even on full servers, hardly any player interaction. imo, this is due to the high number of key lootspots in the new Chernarus plus maps. In the mod it worked like this: Player got an infection by a zombie. Needed antibiotics, or otherwise he would die. Player had limited choices. Chernogorsk, electro, berezino hospitals, or on the limited medical tents. Highly needed loot forced players to certain spots, thus player interaction. The above situation will give the players a quest, where he is force to think about his approach. On the Chernarus plus map: You can almost get all stuff everywhere. Thus, little chance to meet players. My simplistic conclusion is, if the devs don't force players to visit a certain limited amount of loot spots, there will hardly be any player interaction. This game is now 3.5 years into development. Still we have no chance on infection by zombies. Also, with the current direction it is hard to predict if Dayz Standalone will ever be viable for any playstyle. Map is not balanced for current playercount. But 100 player servers?? how many small clans will be able to afford that? it's expensive. Pvp is a desync lotery. Survival is not viable either. Food everywhere. There is no risk nor need for anything. No infections, no challenges. nothing. Yeah ALPHA. I know. But please show some direction. Show something viable. Show some direction. Even if the engine is optimized, and desync is less, there is hardly any playstyle that will enjoy this game. Makes me sad.
  12. Is DayZ still too easy ?

    If you look purely at PVE, then it might be too easy. You spawn, and have to spend a decent amount of time finding food, not dying by keeping warm when it rains, etc. And then of course you find some gear that will enable you to give you a chance with some pvp interaction. I think that with 0.61 the difficulty stepped up for all players. Mostly by the number of zeds, and the risk of hypothermia during rain. You can still have fun at pve when you set your own goals ( for example, only eat wildlife, or players). But the devs have to balance it in such a way that not only the hardcore pve player can have some fun as well. Imagine some friends logging in on a saturday night. They want to have a play session together. And the only thing to worry about is to hunt, craft, keep warm, and they will never be able to meet up during +3> hours, just because it takes that many planning and time to be able to stay alive. That would really take out the fun of this game. Those ppl would really just meet up, and have some pvp interaction with other players. So, imo it is balanced reasonably.
  13. Your .61 Experiences

    You will almost certainly find them at devils castle in the field. Where the house is with the parking. Every time i come there i see the wolves.
  14. wolfs behaviour

    I like the coffee idea!
  15. Any love for the crossbow?

    The only reason I never pick up the crossbow is because i just cannot find any arrows for it.