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  1. Future of public hive servers

    You are more than welcome to come to my server and not get kicked for killing me or finding my bases and as long as your name isn't racist, have hacker characters or just plain down right offensive then you have never been kicked off my server. Removing all admins from public isn't going to help anything unless BI has a team of admins and a report button or something to that effect. I am going to page a GM. yea that will do it.
  2. Future of public hive servers

    I have to disagree, No matter how you play DayZ be it lone wolf, squad, 1pp, 3pp, private, or public the experience is still what you make of it. I also believe that hacking and duping only occurs more on public because we can't combat it with a ban. I have 3k hours of nothing but great experiences on both private and public. I don't dupe, kick people off for no reason or wipe persistance. Do we have gear and camps? You bet your sweet ass we do and the majority of it came from my server. As far as the best thing for the community I just have to disagree and my good friends whom which I enjoy the DAYZ experience with on my server would also disagree. If pricing went down on private I would definitely rent one. Until that day I gotta stay strong with my server and my friends and hope that my ability to provide such fun is not taken away.
  3. Future of public hive servers

    I am renting a public 30 slot from Fragnet for the outrageous price of $45 U.S. a month. I rent it because my friends and I love to play the game and we love to have camps that will not be reset until a major update. I haven't encountered many hackers and very few dupers that I am aware of. I wish we had the ban option that private hives have, I would rent private if the prices would go down, I believe for just a 30 slot private you are looking at double the price of public.
  4. Why can't I tear rags with an axe?

    I think he still had the shirt on his back, You have to actually take your shirt off then drag it on the axe.
  5. Vehicles on Stable branch

    I drove the bus from Toploniki all the way to Berezhki, It drove great at first, was at top speed most of the way until I hit Novo, Lots of memory errors and restarts. The bus was always right where I disconnected. I restarted the server and when I entered the bus it did a 180 degree turn. So far that's all I can report in. Going back for more. I found an off road at Berezhki and drove it all the way to the outskirts of Cherno, the bus was a lost cause (memory error every time I drove 10 ft). The off road ran great I only had one memory error while driving outside of Cherno and unlike the bus the car must of kept driving because when I reconnected It had hit a pole and the two front tires blew, ruined the battery and damaged spark plug. I then went to find parts for the off road and found a Sedan. The Sedan ran great and I again had only one error. The tires blew and then I discovered you can drive with ruined parts and blown tires! I drove around and fixed the off road and my brother joined in and we drove around together with very little problem. The memory errors is really the only thing that bugged me tonight. I was getting the same results in x64
  6. Vehicles on Stable branch

    Oh sweet mercy! DAMN YOU WORK! Will test this evening!!
  7. Exp Update 0.61.137826

    I had this same experience. I was getting pushed and stuttery while I was avoiding zeds.
  8. Stable Update 0.61.137813

  9. Exp Update 0.61.137826

    Awesome news! Have a nice weekend yourself!
  10. Exp Update 0.61.137813

    I played the x64 version tonight on CE-01 and found V3S Cargo. I Had one stutter when I was carrying a barrel and ran past a zed. I had to kill the zed before it leveled out. I had 0 memory errors!(played for an hour or so). The V3S Cargo ran so damn smooth! I was able to drive through forests and maintain a decent speed and go up little hills that I used to have to back way up and get momentum. If the other cars run as smooth as the V3 did this evening, I would say it's getting damn close to a stable ride. I didn't have to rotate tires or anything! It handled great!
  11. Exp Update 0.61.137768

    I live about 25 miles southwest of Amarillo. I thought my village was as small as it gets and yet we have fiber lines through a co-op. I now consider myself lucky and won't complain about the outrageous pricing.
  12. Stable Update 0.61.137720

    Why don't you log in and try it before assuming it's broken for the weekend?
  13. Stable Update 0.61.137720

    What games have you written code for? You don't have any details. All you have is a cry baby mentality. The real loser here is you.
  14. Stable Branch 0.61.137517

    As mentioned in the status report yesterday that yes the infected are meant to be a threat and in .61 have changed the way many players approach them. I am totally fine with this and I like for them to be a challenge. However the hitting from far away and getting hit even though the infected never swung will be fixed when the player controller is implemented. The "friction" you speak of I believe will also be fixed in a future update. Gear getting ruined in one hit has happened to me on several occasions but really not all that often.