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  1. Last year I made a series called Big Money DayZ. In that series I told the story of ~10 days of play with my group of friends, the idea behind the series being 'the stories that define DayZ'. 7 weeks ago I returned with a second series. Over double the length of the original series and in my opinion triple the quality. I would love to share this with you! Above is the playlist for the entirety of series 2, 7 episodes long it tells stories like saving a friend from the brink of death, setting a trap for a friendly stranger and plenty of spontaneous firefights. Enjoy, and thanks for watching!
  2. I know theres obvious network improvements coming with .61 but any chance the Eden audio engine will improve CPU load performance? Something as small as 1-5% would be impressive. I understand it increases the quality and processing to the audio BUT since its using a more streamline and 64bit based code I'd assume less impact.