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  1. Thats the problem right there, its nothing like it used too be, most of us would love the old game back (The mod)
  2. .63 ETA ?

    I forget that H1z1 split games, so yes I meant Just survive, and steam charts say differently about that !
  3. When will gameplay be introduced?

    Yes I do, Theyve had 4 years to do content, and every post mentions lack of said content, so modders who do their work as a hobby, usually release better stuff
  4. When will gameplay be introduced?

    CONTENT is what we want/need
  5. Sigh

  6. .63 ETA ?

    Umm when I said it has more players I meant just survive side of the game, which is very comparable too SA
  7. So beta not coming this year ? :/ Thought they said few months at most, well a good few months ago ?
  8. .63 ETA ?

    "Hell, remember H1Z1? The game that was supposed to blow DayZ out of the water" Judging by con current players, both have blown Dayz out of the water, On the Status reports they keep releasing, Its confusing players too much, just say they have nothing to report, rather than write 100 lines of text beating about every bush in Cherno, too pretty much say they have nothing....
  9. When will gameplay be introduced?

    ^And this is the reason I am so excited about BETA, as it will allow modders to come in and actually give us what we want and in a timely manner
  10. How To Win Playerbase Back

    Well it gets worse, I was just about to reinstall Dayz to start getting ready for Beta, and now its only got about 2000 players :o and is not even top100 on steam stats :'(
  11. GamesCom Pics/Vids

    You really cant call that home, "Basebuilding" is what plenty of folk have asked for, for along ass time, and they ahve finally implemented what alot of people want :D the lack of base building is why I have a lack of hours on SA, tho I have owed it since day1 People want walls doors and storage, not bloody tents and hidden barrels lol
  12. GamesCom Pics/Vids

    Decent thread, and for the first time in years the Devs have actually got em excited with something, this is bringing everything we wanted and what I really wanted (base building) its the one thing I think wil bring back alot of people, yes I knwo Dayz is a game of its own, but the thing that keeps people paling other survival games like Ark and rust ect, is the fact they can play and call somewhere home, something Dayz has not offered That alone has me very excited, now my only worry is them saying and showing this and them pushing it back a year or so :( lets not be reminded of that dreaded 2013 road map aye :'(
  13. How To Win Playerbase Back

    I would say as its a hot topic, base building, it would add the survival aspect and give players something to work towards, also allowing mods so we could get the content Dayz so very needs
  14. Survive the Nights

    Just to add a little more, I have zero problems with EA games, my two most played recent games are both EA, which is Ark and PUBG, and both have given me alot of fun :D
  15. Survive the Nights

    I no way am I trolling so report away, it was a genuine question, to me STN from the recent and older Alpha footage we have seen, seem to have given us exactly what most of us wanted int eh open world survival game, so it does beg the uestion will the throw a spanner into the already wobbly SA wheels, as lets be honest its not exactly been the smoothest ride lately, As some people have mentioned above, I was not sure on the map size of STN nor could I find some information on its final size some said it was starting smaller and getting larger, Agreed sales have dwarfed other "survival games" That said if only sales actually meant a decent product....