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  1. Many, Many Suggestions

    Hey All, i’ve got a few suggestions, i know that all of you have probably seen a few of these, but i hope you’re interested in my spin on it. My apologies for some bad Concept Screenshots. Vehicle in Vehicle Loading Dynamic Seasons Sleeping & Caffeinated Drinks Vehicle Customisation Advanced Medical System Military Vehicles More Dynamic Events Wildfires Police, Fire & Ambulances More Tents Junk Loot Vehicle In Vehicle Loading & Inventory Items Appearing in Vehicle Vehicle in Vehicle Loading & Inventory Items Appearing In a Vehicle would be pretty cool, and it could look like This. How will it affect an Average player? Well, it could be used to have a Car and a Bike at the same time, without a base. Eg Carrying a Bicycle in the Trunk of a Sedan Wait? Inventory Items appearing in a Vehicle? Yeah, as you could see in the screenshot, there was medical supplies sitting on a seat. The idea is there is a option to “Place on seat” and you could pick it up while driving and without entering the inventory, so if you get ambushed you don’t have to stand still to pick up a certain gun. The downside is that Players can’t sit in a seat with a weapon sitting on it, but a seat could have multiple weapons and Supplies on it. Dynamic Seasons Dynamic Seasons would be pretty interesting. It could look like this Credit to Reddit User /u/zombieland78 For the Artwork! How would this affect gameplay? It would affect gameplay with Realistic Animal behaviour, such as Bears & Small Games not spawning at winter, but being more aggressive in autumn, as a result wolves would be more aggressive. Rain would be replaced by snow. Temperature would also have to change dynamically, to adjust for both winter and summer. How Could this be Implemented? This is Speculation! Perhaps the systems used for Dynamic Ivy growth could be used to coat roofs of buildings with snow. The main issue would be Dynamically Changing Textures to affect Trees and Grass. Just having all the grass being snowy, but when stepped on being a bit less snowy, would all require Dynamic Texture changing. Sleeping & Caffeine In Our Lord Birans blog post, he speaks about bases and beds, but I disagree. Beds being a place to spawn is nearly a Cliche, Perhaps Dayz should use beds as a way to get the Energised State. A similar effect could be achieved with caffeine, but to a lesser degree to encourage bases. How would an average Player use this? An average player, could use this to rest up before a base raid or going to Tisy, or a long run. The optimal time for Sleeping should be around 5 -15 minutes, so if a player needs to go AFK they could set their character to go asleep so when they return they are fully rested. How will this affect gameplay? I think that this will increase the amount of camps as people will want a safe place to sleep. It could be further encouraged by only being able to sleep in a sleeping bag item. Caffeinated Drinks could be drunk before a base raid so players would be in the energised state when they raid a base, eg, British Players Drinking tea before Heading into tisy. Vehicle Customisation Vehicle Customisation would be a Useful feature, as it could be a endgame for vehicles. There should be 3 Types of vehicle customisation. Camouflage,Upgrading and Customising. Camouflage Camouflaging vehicles would be extremely useful so people with Helicopters can’t fly over finding helicopters. It would probably need Green & Black Spray Paint, with it the paint jobs being Green, Black or Both. It would probably look like this. Upgrading Upgrading vehicles could be Mounting any Gun on a vehicle to make a stable weapons platform, or adding Snow tyres to your offroad. Combined with Junk parts (A later suggestion) you could make a Improvised Turret Wouldn’t that be Unbalanced? I don’t think so, as it could be balanced (Quite Literally) by Changing the Vehicle's Balance, Handling, and Centre of Mass so it’s more likely to roll over when moving, it there’s a person in the turret, meaning that if you wanted to shoot at something accurately, the vehicle would have to stop, making both the driver and the gunner a stationary target. Customisation Customisation is a general term, but i’m referring to being able to place sleeping bags, or stretchers into vehicles so you could essentially have a mobile home , or an improvised ambulance Advanced Medical System A Better medical system that could encourage Player interaction, and make Small Calibre weapons a bit more lethal. This’ll Cover Advanced and Basic Medical Systems. The Option for a Player to choose where to treat another player is important, and they could be aided by Visual indicators, such as Different amounts of blood on each leg. Basic The Basic side of this would be just like the Current system, but the Bandage Option is the Bandage most Wounded Body part. Tourniquets would Slow Bleeding, and would be applied in the menu just like the bandage. I’m calling this Basic, as it only delays and doesn’t fix the problem. Advanced The advanced system would be for after the Gunfight, when you’re tallying up the loot. The idea is that you treat the bleeding, but the bullet is still inside you. You’d need a Scalpel and Tweezers to Pull it out. The cons of not pulling out a bullet would be the wound reopening when taking damage to that area of the body, and a slight limp. Well, how would this make it better? This would make lower calibre weaponry even more lethal, as a fresh spawns (who are more likely to use lower calibre weaponry) wouldn’t have the tools to do more advanced medical care. Military Vehicles Military Vehicles, such as the BRDM-2 and UAZ BRDM-2 The BRDM Would be a endgame Vehicle, with a Powerful Gun, Ideal for Base Raids, but Consumes a lot of Fuel. UAZ The UAZ would be a the Military Equivalent of the Offroad, except with it being easier to access the Back seats, and having more storage. More Dynamic Events More Dynamic Events, such as Destroyed Convoys and Crashed Trains Destroyed Convoys Destroyed Convoys would spawn nearby Tisy, with 2 Bmp’s and 3 Urals, all Smoking, but would have High Tier Russian Gear. It would also be a way for the BRDM to Spawn, as this way groups would have to secure and hold the convoy while repairing it. Crashed Humvee/UAZ Around Chernarus, there is A Lot of Destroyed UAZ’s and Humvees. Turning these into Dynamic events (Like in Minidayz) would be a good way to Sprinkle Gear around the map Crashed Train Crashed/Derailed Trains would have a Variety of Civilian and Military Goods, and would be a good area to find fuel. Wildfires Wildfires be a great thing both gameplay wise, and server side, as it would destroy bases & Supply Caches. It’d only affect a Few Square kilometers at a time, but it would drive wildlife out of the area. Perhaps it could spawn near bases that are going to be despawned, and despawn because of the wildfire? This way players may rush to wildfires to loot bases before the fire gets them. Emergency Vehicles Emergency Vehicles would be great, and have additional uses, such as treating people in ambulances, as well as Fighting Wildfires or moving water to your base in a Firetruck , or locking your prisoner in the back of a police sedan , or Trying Stop a Car in a Police Offroad More Tents More Tents, such as a Greenhouse Tent, or just Hospital Tents, and Reskins of Current Tents would help improve bases, as the Grey, Black, Blue and Grey coulors may get a bit old. Junk Parts Junk parts would be very, very common parts, such as Pipes, Nails, and Wooden Planks and Such. they could be used for fortifying houses, or for upgrading a vehicle, Eg an Improvised Bike rack. Join the Discussion on Reddit!
  2. Sleeping & Beds

    I think that beds should be implemented into Dayz, being placeable as a Stretcher, and being in houses. This would encourage players to build bases so they could sleep without their character getting wet or killed. But What would beds do? Dayz is Permadeath, so Respawning there is out of the window, but I think that sleeping there would be way better, as when you wake up could be in the Energised State, and you could also heal faster when you sleep. To be clear, the sleeping wouldn't fast forward time, it would just speed up healing, and energise you, probably over 10 - 15 mins, so you could use it as you wait for a friend to run to you, or while you have food. What do you guys think?
  3. with the bike Models, i think that these should be Civ Bikes, but i think that a Dirt bike Track would be a very cool thing, and maybe have a BMX spawn there.
  4. Furiture

    Sleeping Bags - can be placed on the ground, on a Bedroll or a camp stretcher. when a player sleeps (Depending on the Current energy Status) in 10-20 minutes they will get a energised status, and while asleep food or hunger's Decline in Decreased by 95 Percent bedroll - Decreases the time until energised status by 10 Percent Camp Stretcher - Decreases time until energised by 25 Percent Both the Camp Stretcher and the Bedroll requires a sleeping bag Shelf - Made by 3 rope and 15 poles, Same Slots as a Mountain Backpack, but in a Square arrangement. all items placed in it are displayed on the shelf Chair - Found in Civ houses - If you sit in this, after 1 hour you will get the energised status after 1 Hour Comfy Chair - Found in Civ Houses - Energised Status appears after 30 Minutes Also, when you Hit ESC above 'Exit' there is Stay in Chair or Bed until energised, when this happens the character stays in game until the character reaches the energised state, then the character disconnects normally.