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  1. Game says "Running" then shuts down

    Thanks ImpulZ... I read the link but don't understand where to submit this information. Please forgive my ignorance and explain. I am not familiar with this type of activity at all. Thank you.
  2. Game says "Running" then shuts down

    Ok please tell me I'm not crazy...yesterday when I looked at this, it was a post from Baty. Today it's from Sqeezorz? Anyway, thanks for the reply Sqeez but I'm already aware that you have to let it redownload the game after opting out of beta's. I have done this (and Steam goes through the process of downloading the new version) but the game still doesn't fire up. Again, it shuts down while loading up in Steam. Thanks for stopping by!
  3. Game says "Running" then shuts down

    Thank you Baty but I'm aware of all this. I was on break from the game, not the forums. ; ) My problem is here; How to revert back to Stable Branch? → right click DayZ in your Steam Library → click Properties → click the Betas tab → in the drop down menu choose NONE = opt out of all beta programs and close the properties → play DayZ This doesn't work for me, the game just shuts down about 30-40 seconds into loading. Thanks again for your reply!
  4. Game says "Running" then shuts down

    Still no closer to solving this but I now see that I can play on stress test offline mode only. I can see servers in the list when I try to play online but cannot join. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Pretty much it...just reinstalled from a layoff. It shuts down about 30-40 seconds after pressing 'PLAY' button. No error message, no hangs, just quits. I've reinstalled steam once and the game three times, checked integrity twice. Thank you...Stumped.
  6. Sounds like your zoom button is activated. Try pressing "+" twice on your keyboard number pad.
  7. player

    I haven't had any for years. Ok maybe not "years" but at least six months or better. I also cannot see the list with the players on the servers. It just goes blank when I click on it and gives message about "no players on the server". edit: Are we referring to the Steam browser or in-game? I'm talking about the Steam browser.
  8. Scope magnification

    I saw other posts on this already so hopefully they are working on it. I can't see why this wouldn't be implemented eventually, seeing as how in real time you don't lose sight of your peripheral view. Great job combining the two screenshots into one! Looks real and how it should.
  9. gameplay over realism or other way around?

    Well it's a game based on real life so, a mix is fine. The one thing I think they should add is a method of opening cans against a flat rock or concrete. If you slide the can (top or bottom) back and forth against one of these surfaces, the lid will pop right off within a minute or two. Maybe 2% wasted, unless you're clumsy.
  10. Incompetence at Bohemia Interactive's Infringement Dept.

    @Weyland Yutani- I have played on that server for over 500 hours (under different names) with only two KOS's earlier on. The players that killed me apparently never came back because I have yet to be killed again. My character's live longer on that server than any other PvE server I have played on. The Marshal Service characters are all friendly, helpful and very professional ALWAYS. The Admins are the exact same way. I do suffer lag spikes on an occasion but for the overall experience, it's worth it. I will continue to play on this server until it is no longer possible.
  11. Map download?

    I run this page on my other screen http://www.izurvive.com/ (if you have that luxury).
  12. I'm a loner in-game but as an American, I don't find accents "horrible". If the person can speak my language clearly enough to understand, I give the respect they deserve for putting the extra effort into communication.
  13. Three Things YOU Still Want

    Domesticated horses and/or wild ones that can be broken. Of course, we'll need all the fixins' for riding. Did I mention saddlebags and rifle scabbards?
  14. Double Carry Primary weapons

    "Everyone" would include me and you happen to be dead wrong in your assessment. XD
  15. Double Carry Primary weapons

    The point is...'choices'. When was the last time you had too many?