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  1. Influence_X

    Polls: Blood & Health values in DayZ

    Anyone else remember this status report regarding dead bodies? In addition to needing "survival mechanics" we are also missing "dead body mechanics" and gore. https://www.dayztv.com/video/dayz-status-report-highlight-24-may-2016-60-current-state-dead-body-csi/ Dev Update: P. Nespesny There was a buzz in the community about dead bodies and how long they should stay on a server. Coincidentally we were dealing with the design on dead bodies a few days ago, so I would take the opportunity to write down a short summary of what we settled on and what will hopefully be implemented to enrich player experiences, as death is an inseparable part of DayZ. First off I want to emphasize that the current 10 minutes timer for survivors, after which their dead bodies are removed from the server, is temporary and it’s set like that because of two reasons – avoiding unnecessary burden of server performance and making metagaming of getting your loot back a bit more inconvenient. In an ideal world where dead bodies don’t drain server performance, they should remain at their positions until server restart. To achieve this, a dead body can’t simply be switched to a static object since it was positioned by ragdoll, so it will look very unnatural, not to mention that survivors can have countless combinations of gear and equipment attached to them, so it’s nearly impossible to prepare corresponding objects beforehand or bake them on demand. Server performance will be stressed to a minimum once we’ll be able to turn off all unnecessary components like physics, AI, and others after death, so it will allow us to stretch the lifetime of dead bodies to the maximum reasonable value. Later, the central loot economy will help us fight the metagaming I mentioned at the beginning by removing items when they reach the end of their lifetime, which can be changed on demand. However, having dead bodies scattered around the environment wouldn’t be very meaningful unless there is an important part allowing you to create stories or make decisions based upon them. It’s our intention to make everything as graphical as possible and we also want this to be the case for dead bodies of animals and especially other survivors. Visual observation of dead bodies can give you answers for questions such as, what happened at a specific location, or to evaluate the level of potential risk in any given area. All this should be indicated from easily readable facts like how that being died, how long ago it died, and what actions were performed on its dead body. After death, a body can be found in different states which are visualized by small or complete changes of appearance. Obviously actions like skinning a body should leave a pile of unusable remnants to be removed later, such as burying it with the proper tools on the right surface thus creating a built up heap of soil. More interesting is how a dead body changes its stages to reflect how long it’s been laying around and how it affects interactions and other mechanics. Flies, and later on decaying flesh, helps you to estimate the timeframe and warn you that meat collected after skinning will be rotten, and it will be better if you disinfect looted items from a corpse before using them. Decals, which are generated from bullet and/or melee hits, stay on dead bodies, and coupled with blood puddles from severe bleeding, these unveil the probable cause of death. Note that all changes to character appearance acquired while alive, like beards, bloody hands, and others are visualized in the dead state too. It’s much needed to keep dead bodies present as long as possible, same as the added functionality of them. I’m eager to see how their behavior over time changes gameplay and player experiences by building a more believable world and making DayZ’s atmosphere even more tense at the end. Bodies fill the fields I see… see you in Chernarusfolks!
  2. Influence_X

    Polls: Blood & Health values in DayZ

    They said on the livestream that the next coming patches will be heavily focused on survival. I really hope they make blood bags and saline useful again. I hope that, for the first time, we actually have a "use" for every medical item in the game, and that it's not purely junk loot. I say this as someone who used to run around with the Reddit Rescue Force helping people.
  3. Influence_X

    PLEASE reverse the NEW "Client Side Personal Night Light"

    Most people I've talked with, through meeting in game on public servers think this "personal magic lamp" is an improvement over the previous total black of night. It's not my favorite feature. But my opinion of it has changed as I've talked to people with far less experienced than me in this game.
  4. I'm talking specifically about servers hosted by "multiplay.com" and "gameservers.com" They are two large public hives.
  5. Seriously, Ive sever hopped at industrial sites just trying to find the parts. Are they super rare? Or not spawning for public servers? Ive been looking every day since the patch dropped. I have a car and I drive around the map checking car spawns. It feels like it's getting kind of ridiculous.
  6. Influence_X

    Experimental Update 1.02.150958

    I disagree with you until blood is a major factor in the game again. Previously you used to have to worry about running out of blood far sooner than "health". I'm fine with health refilling quickly until blood is properly balanced again.
  7. Influence_X

    Experimental Update 1.02.150958

    You need to try them again. They got significantly better performance from 1.0 to 1.01.
  8. Influence_X

    Experimental Update 1.02.150958

    How long ago was that? I've never had that issue. Honestly I wouldn't suggest people trying to repair and keep cars since since around .59. But cars have worked very well for me on public low pop servers since the 1.01 patch.
  9. Influence_X

    Experimental Update 1.02.150958

    Thanks for that. I needed to know if they work. You dont bother with cars? Even outside EXP? You're a fool, we've had a car in a car tent "camp" (tent, barrel, car) for half a month and use it do drive everywhere. Vehicles in ARMA are one of the best parts of their engines.
  10. Influence_X

    Experimental Update 1.02.150958

    Has anyone actually been able to get an Olga working fully? With all fluids and parts? The past two patches we've tried we've been unable to put motor oil in the car. The little black thing on the right hand side that works for the 4X4 doesnt seem to open a prompt with the Olga. I see the hot topic of this forum is the personal light right now. But I'm really more curious if the new car is fully functional. Edit: I also have to say now that I experienced significantly more crashes today than yesterday. I stopped trying to play after verifying, reinstalling, deleting app data, and still getting crashes.
  11. Influence_X

    Experimental Update 1.02.150945

    Hi guys, I'm trying to repair an Olga and I'm not able to find where to put the oil. The similar black piece to the right side that's on the 4X4 does not give a prompt on the Olga. Since it was just unable to be fueled, is it possible that it's now unable to put oil in the engine? Edit: we also found an LADA 4X4 and were unable to put oil in it. Might be a bug this patch guys 😞
  12. Here is an image with a tent I managed to set up with some friends, get the construction lighting going, and Christmas lights. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/937215912001711809/695A5C3E9168579E4767FDD35CF22BF0C9C92107/ As you can see the construction lights are very visible, however you would have to look very close to see the Christmas lights are active. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/937215912001712488/7662EAFEE8BC7416B62766BAC3BD1B4D065382B3/ Here is a screenshot with the Christmas lights only, does anyone else think this is kind of underwhelming? I would expect the lighting to at least go around the inside of the tent as well. Maybe giving off at least as much light as a glow stick? Thoughts?
  13. Influence_X

    Status Report and Walkie Talkies

    Starting with a walkie talkie isnt "giving help"... It's facilitating communication.
  14. Influence_X

    Status Report and Walkie Talkies

    And since the batteries have limited life, it's encouraging players to actively seek things besides PVP to achieve a goal not related to playing mil-sim COD. I'm not seeing the problem here.