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  1. Influence_X

    Experimental Update 1.04.151915

    Bow is the single hardest weapon for them to implement. And it's not coming anytime soon.
  2. Influence_X

    Experimental Update 1.04.151915

    Medical items are getting a bit of a change. I'm also sad no broken bones are in but I would rather them take their time and have it well done than say, go back to the way it was, buggy and walking over random rocks or stairs break your legs. I'm also waiting for rotting food, and poison food. Like deadly mushrooms.
  3. Influence_X

    News regarding the 2019 roadmap

    Yup. I'm totally fine with this. Content is coming along nicely. This community can be very very toxic when promises are not kept.
  4. Influence_X

    Experimental Update 1.03.151511

    Oh shit sorry this was on stable, I forgot I'm not playing on exp anymore. I'll delete comments.
  5. Influence_X

    Experimental Update 1.03.151511

    I found a small thing, my character's beard appears to be floating, when my character crouches I can see my facial hair floating in the air. EDIT: SORRY GUYS I HAD BEEN PLAYING ON EXP THE PAST FEW DAYS AND FORGOT I SWITCH TO STABLE.
  6. Influence_X

    Experimental Update 1.03.151487

    Thanks for the melee revert. This patch feels really good I think you guys might have a release candidate!
  7. Influence_X

    Experimental Update 1.03.151478

    Your responses are childish. I want this game to be harder than most people are comfortable with. But not through shitty feeling clunky mechanics. It needs to be through loot scarcity, and a difficult medical system like diseases/broken legs, and the vital organ hitboxes. It DOES NOT need to be from zombies that can glitch through you and hit you with their side turned while you're restricted to one tiny hit point the size of your reticle dot. Learn the difference, kid.
  8. Influence_X

    Experimental Update 1.03.151478

    Can we get an explanation of why the camera locks on melee now? It makes zombies almost unbearable outside of 1v1 melee combat. I saw the twitter saying that the lock is intentional to make you "choose melee targets more carefully" but when fighting zombies they will often glitch/lag around you and appear to have an AOE attack. For example, a zombie can often still hit you with his side or back turned towards you. When fighting more than 1 zombie, due to the AOE and glitches it makes it substantially harder to land hits. And it becomes far more dangerous to engage them in melee.
  9. Influence_X

    Experimental Update 1.03.151457

    They said if it wasn't coming in 1.03 then for sure in one of the patches after.
  10. Influence_X

    Experimental Update 1.03.151457

    Kinda sad no survival update but it looks like a good patch none the less.
  11. 1. They said helicopters are on a wish list and may not be coming due to server performance. 2. Why am I the only person who totally understands if this dev team doesn't want to put out a roadmap? Nothing else has ever caused as much salt in this community as roadmaps and failing to meet them, which they will fail, again. 3. I'm fine with this, they said that their new approach is "under promise and over deliver", so you'll hear about updates just before they happen, which is approximately once a month. I would rather have an almost guaranteed update every month, than a status report twice a month with an update every 3-6 months. 4. I also only play this game to interact with a community I've put together on a public hive server, for me, it's the lack of in depth medical systems... as I tend to like to save people during medical emergencies. 5. Why? It's not like people understood what was really going on with the engine changes by and large by the community. It's a real minority that truly understood what happened with this game, and why most are rage posting on reddit about helicopters not being a promised feature.
  12. Thanks for pointing this out, and it's something I try to tell people when I'm replying to all the people saying "DAYZ IS DEAD" on the reddit/other places. The game is actually doing pretty well right now according to steam charts if you look at the avg players since 1.0 over the past couple years before. I play almost exclusively on public vanilla servers, and I feel like I meet significantly less experienced players there, I've met a whole group of 4-5 people that had less than 200 hours before the 1.0 release and did not follow the game. To them it's a pretty decent game already with a pretty consistent content release rate (since 1.0). I hope the rate continues, and the updates continue to be impactful, I myself am eagerly awaiting any advancement/reworks of the medical system. Broken bones/use for morphine/epi pens/disease rework.
  13. Influence_X

    No Face Hitbox

    The community is pretty upset about this issue. I hope it changes soon. I also really, really want broken bones back. How it is dayZ if you cant break your legs?
  14. No. Crashed helis are the only one from that list that's coming and they're already in. M4 is in the game, I've seen nothing about m16.
  15. Influence_X

    Some great reading to pass the time.

    Then you would essentially have a mod port with more content, vehicles with shitty physics, and way more hackers.