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  1. The problem is, everyone spawns in, gets a shotgun/mosin at gorka or staroye and kills anyone that tries to go to the west side of the map. Unless you want to just run through a forest and get absolutely no loot, theres really only 3 loot paths to take to get sufficiently geared (berezino-gorka-novy/stary, elektro-staroye-guglovo and solnichy-dolina-polana) unless you run all the way from elektro to kamenka and then north, where there is no player interaction, making the game rather stale. There does need to be more varied spawns to encourage player encounters more often in the west side, because my point is that the west part of the map is completely void of any player interaction, which means that unless you're a player that will keep a character alive for weeks looting unpopulated areas, theres no reason to go to the west side of the map.
  2. How will placing spawns far east force players to explore the map more? In my playtime through 0.61 & 0.62 almost every player encounter is now at either staroye, gorka, novy sobor or stary sobor. It's almost impossible to run into players in any other areas. They need to add at least a FEW spawns back into the west side to give some life into that area of the map they have worked so hard on to improve, because players are less inclined to run across the whole map to see some new mountains when they could just PvP all they want at the stary sobor area.
  3. I think it's a really big shame that you cant spawn west of elektro anymore, pvp at cherno/balota was always so fun and now no one ever goes that way anymore. Now that the west side of the map has been revamped in the 0.62 update the south-west spawns should be brought back, to encourage players to explore those new locations.
  4. So it crashed my game after swapping a shirt out for something in my inventory and then these error messages showed up (to see the pics right click on the link and click show image in new tab)
  5. So the server was pretty much fine, still the normal amount of desync thats expected from this game, but as soon as it starts pouring down with rain, i start rubberbanding, teleporting, items dont pick up/drop, other players are teleporting everywhere. Its insane and borderline unplayable. Please look into the desync issues.
  6. This is the only building in DayZ that still breaks my legs, and it happens quite regularly. Normally happens when i'm sprinting out of the house or down/up the stairs.
  7. Basically i was shot with a magnum once, and i then went unconscious. when i woke up, it was like what you see in the video i linked. I cannot respawn, move or access my inventory and as you can see i am in fact not dead because my character is bleeding but i am still in ragdoll. Logging in and out again does not fix this problem.
  8. The cars are way too noisy and clunky, extremely unpredictable as to how they are going to react to going over a tiny little bump. They are also way too rare for what they give players, with super slow start up times and once again, the noise of these cars is WAAAYYYYYYY over the top
  9. Same thing happens to me too, its probably the ATC stairs glitch all over again. This and weapons disappearing/ teleporting when dropped should be the devs number 1 priority
  10. Title says it all, you used to be able to take the battery back out of an m4 scope, or flashlight attachment, but now you cant you can only turn it on and off
  11. mate thats utter shit where did you get those percentages from and theres usually at least 15 zombies at myshkino and ALWAYS at least one player there