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  1. Characters and persistence wipe on Stable servers this week

    So what sense have to be unconscious if you cannot wake up with that amount of blood (<500)? If this is like this, it should show the "You are dead" screen instead of the "You are unconscious". :/
  2. Characters and persistence wipe on Stable servers this week

    Im answering myself... https://feedback.bistudio.com/T104020 Sorry for the spam guys...
  3. Characters and persistence wipe on Stable servers this week

    We already tried with no result. We tried Epi-Pen + Bloodbag + TonsOfApples and nothing. In addition we had a fireplace behind him to avoid him getting cold. Finally after some minutes he died. Has anyone recovered from unconscious state on this 0.62 patch?
  4. Characters and persistence wipe on Stable servers this week

    Wow Baty, so fast reply, Thanks! Regarding the unconscious question? It is a known issue? Keep up with this amazing work!
  5. Characters and persistence wipe on Stable servers this week

    Rain and cold need to be tweaked a little bit, it is very very difficult for fresh spawns to survive without clothes or food. It is not very real that you get cold by running for 3 minutes under the rain. I noticed this by playing with friends on a night time server. It was raining as hell and we can barely go to loot anything without getting freezing. I can deal with it but i think that it is very frustrating for the newbies to die again and again if its raining because it is not very funny to stay close to a fireplace for hours and hours until it stops raining. Another thing is the unconscious state. It has been two times now where one of my friends fell unconcious because of food, we try to get him up by injecting Epi-Pen and also feeding him with a lot of food but it seems that the player is never recovered from this state, it is a known issue?? Can we have some details about what will change on the next update Baty? Bestz!
  6. Exp Update 0.62.139808

    I love these trolls who came out of the cave when a new patch is released to rage devs a little bit and go back to their cave... GJ devs! keep it on, and tweak a little bit that bird!
  7. Exp Update 0.61.138957

    @kopo79 wrong thread, this is one old one from the 0.61 patch :)
  8. Important details for the patch 0.62

    Nice videos m8! I think that your suggestion regarding sound animals is nice. The animal sounds on forests makes the inmersion insane, the deer sounds are already ingame but I think they should be louder as u explained. The first time i hear the deer sound ingame i was soooo excited about the how inmersive was to me and it is soooo funny to track the animals by following their sounds. More animals in Chernarus PLZZZ
  9. Exp Update 0.62.139653

    Tweaked Navmesh? about the zombies or what?
  10. 0.62 | the sound I hear at night

    I can heard it too, I always have paranoia thinking about a possible car passing through...
  11. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    My experience with 0.62 so far: 1. The new visuals for forests are amazing... 2. I do not like too much the new sounds, yeah they are cool but i do not like all these random sounds of owls and crickets. I noticed bugs with the transitions between these sounds, transit from a zone with zone to a windy one is a little bit weird. They need to smooth the audio transitions. Also sounds are so loud, they have to tweak them a little bit and make the gunshots and reload sounds louder. 3. I've seen some visual glitches, like some fences magically disappears (because of the renderer) if you see them from certain angle. Also weird visual glitch (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T125082). In addition my PC almost got freezed when the transition between nigh and day was performed. The game was stucked for 15 seconds. 4. Nights so dark, there is no sense to have the vision reduced if you wear a torch or a flashlight, this makes that people do not use this kind of light sources because it is a dissadvantage, they can see you from kms and you can barely see 10m in front. 5. No crashes happened except the one exiting the game (Wonderful news with first iteration). TDRL: I liked but I think I am going to wait until 0.63, no features that makes me wanna play, yeah more inmersive and beautiful but nothing new to do, except making tourism through new zones. Good job devs btw. Best regards!
  12. How old are you?

    Nice post bro! At least is a interesting one, not a "Fuking give 0.62" one... 29 years old here! It seems that we are an old community! I would love to see stadistics about the main age on Dayz players and also on Arma3
  13. Change the noise, when you have a gun on your back

    This is a nice suggestion, they could implement some types of items to make a additional sound, not one sound per item(that would be crazy for devs {+1 year of development}). The suggestion oven seems to be on fire!
  14. Status Report - 18 April 2017

    Exactly, people just complain about things that are expected to be like that... so I do not give a fuk... Just wait until all of these rat kids come with new patch complaining about the color of the boots... Just take a look at the rust reddit...they complain about everything...just everything... xD
  15. Awful Weapon sway

    Same for me, I actually like it so much. The Dayz sway provokes more patience when you are camping... You need to plan and take your time before shooting. I like the idea behind weapong weight and soft skills!