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  1. Totally agree with that statement. It is the time for sure to test new features. But i think that these type of thinks will come after the foundation mechanics (player controller) will be in, if not, we will have it for sure with modding! ;D
  2. I think it is a good idea, but i remember Hicks talking that they did not want more dynamic events. They were looking that the only interaction with "humans" will be players (refering to NPCs). Instead I think that it would be a great idea to test corpse degradation, feature that the dev team talked some SRs before. It could be like zombie loot but with higher number of items and quality stuff. I would like to know how these dynamic events will affect performance, maybe it is not viable for some reason... :P
  3. Hahahaha nice one! Did you sleep well after this?! I would feel like a bastard! poor noob... xDDD
  4. I can understand it m8 Thanks for the reply btw! :)
  5. Indeed that tower models look nice but I would like to know about mechanics. Well.. from you answer I can understand that it is yet not being deeply worked on (In terms of mechanics). I need a fresh Hype! :D
  6. I would like to know how this mechanics are going in terms of development. We did not have anymore info regarding all this stuff. This video was from 2015 and Base building is one of the more cool things that are coming, give us an state update please?? -It is posponed until other features are finished? -Is the team working on parallel for implementing this mechanic or it is just postponed until new animation system is in? -Can we have a sneak peak? ;)
  7. The same behaviour happened to me yeasterday playing on the server [1pp] OldSchool Dayz Hardcore. The server was totally full and i've seen server performance issues: 1) Zombies chasing so slowly 2) I've found a V3S and the same rubberbanding that is shown on the @OxY video happened. 3) I try to relog into the server to see if this ruberbanding would maybe be fixed, but I ended waiting on the queue and when i was finally entering the server a Memory crash happened (Not enought memory (1Kb required)). Everything else was smooth and responsive, so it seems that all this "lag" issues were due to server performance. Keep up with the hard work devs, every time I play dayz it looks better!
  8. Nice job devs! Time to wreck some tires! EDIT: Any change on the vehicles maintanance mechanics?
  9. Love replies with the source of info. Thanks a lot for the reply! time to stableee! yayyyyy
  10. @Sqeezorz Is true that vehicles are back or you are trolling?
  11. I am sure that these types on events will come to Dayz once Beta will be released. Right not they have to tackle a huge ammount of improves and bugfixing with the new technologies that are going to be applied on the next patches (0.62 and 0.63(player controller)). For sure we will have this with modding support, just take a look at the arma 3 mods.
  12. Nice video m8! keep on with those quality videos! I was like...wtf, why is he focusing the camera on this guys drinking from the PET bottle?
  13. Totally agree with these statement, I am happy with it,but dev team always said that stable was only for builds that did not crash(or that are mostly "stable"). Why they broke this requirement? If the last build(0.61) were only available on experimental tons of people will play on it. Do not blame the community about playing stable and telling that desync is unplayable or a lot of crashes are happening because stable build is supposed to be stable, not a testing build.
  14. Network sync seems to be working badly. On my last season on stable branch, me and my friend had the bug where he could not see my gun, i could see everything fine but on his screen I had no weapon on my hands. Black face bug still happening. Stuttering and little rollbacks also(not too much, just on certain moments, nothing gamebreaker), what i did not see anymore is the issue where your computer get frozen and you have to reboot your pc. I've did not seen any issue so far(well the legacy ones but i know that are not in focus). Keep up with the good work devs, Bestz!
  15. Holly molly I am so happy right now, every time this happened i had to reboot my PC. Rat kids get out of the forum and keep playing other games! Early access are Early access, issues can occur, they are working hard to get the cars and the desync fixed, so stay calm grab a popcorn bag and chill!! If you are pissed off about the development process, help them, get into experimental and report issues and repro steps! If everyone did that the development speed would be faster for sure. Complaints do not help, reporting bugs does!