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  1. Nice post bro! At least is a interesting one, not a "Fuking give 0.62" one... 29 years old here! It seems that we are an old community! I would love to see stadistics about the main age on Dayz players and also on Arma3
  2. This is a nice suggestion, they could implement some types of items to make a additional sound, not one sound per item(that would be crazy for devs {+1 year of development}). The suggestion oven seems to be on fire!
  3. Exactly, people just complain about things that are expected to be like that... so I do not give a fuk... Just wait until all of these rat kids come with new patch complaining about the color of the boots... Just take a look at the rust reddit...they complain about everything...just everything... xD
  4. Same for me, I actually like it so much. The Dayz sway provokes more patience when you are camping... You need to plan and take your time before shooting. I like the idea behind weapong weight and soft skills!
  5. I think that we need 100 players servers asap
  6. Nothing new to see here....
  7. I think that a exploit reward program like the one in Conan Exile would be a good idea against hacking and exploiting. Conan Exiles devs rewards every player who finds a exploit in the game, if you give a reward to the players, tons of exploits would be sent to Dayz dev team. It is impossible to fight hacks totally but if the devs are aware of most of them, they would have more control on it.
  8. Nice to hear, i just love to see the new trailer with the new player controller and with new features...BasBuild...ejem* ejem* Thanks for the replies! Best regards and nice job with the website.
  9. I would love to have a crane to unstuck vehicles on railroads
  10. For me thinking about the future, there is no other solution than only private hives. The reason behind this are mainly three: 1. Base Building: I do not know how dayzdev team could manage to avoid base hopping once this feature will be implemented. I cannot image any workaround to avoid this situation with public hives. 2. Official "Private shard" servers: For me there should be Private (Public) servers managed by BI. I mean Private shard in official servers like "Official Dayz private server #1". These servers would be administrated by BI team, catching possible cheaters monitorizing them when they want... (every dayz server should be an independant world itself with a independant community) 3. Server hopping for loot: The same than with point 1, I cannot imagine how could dev team solve this problem. I do not give a fuck about the poeple that wants fast loot in short time. I always play on private shards because high tier weapons are harder to find, this leads to firefights with low tier weapons and I think is really enjoyable to fight with civilian weapons instead of finding everyone with AKs, FALs etc. Best regards!
  11. Agree, I think that most of the poeple who rents a server is because they want to have a personal server (to play with friends) in a controlled environment (active admins). So what is the point in paying for a server (like the official ones) if you cannot change almost any parameter? I do not have numbers but I think that very few people do rent public hives. (If I am paying for a server I want to be able to configure things, at least from my point of view)
  12. From my humble opinion, public servers do not make any sense in dayz... The main target of Dayz is inmersion, and I think that server hopping ruins all the experience, there were several topics before disscussing this topic. In addition to the new upcoming changes to the server browser where you can see the characters you've played on different servers -> No sense to have public hives. I do not know pro and cons but for me...Server hopping makes no sense from my understanding about dayz experience. Best regards,
  13. Yeah blackberry, I feel exactly the same. I do not understand why they attend these PAX types expos if a tons of work is still ahead. It was understandable with the 0.60 patch when they showcase the new renderer because it was a huge step ahead for Dayz development. But right now... It does not make any sense for me, it is just time consuming for the technicians that only provokes delays on the deadlines.
  14. Yeah, I will also love to hear more information regarding this blocking point that prevents the heli going out from the trello hangar! we need chopa or newer things! snif* snif* Im starting to loose faith... 0.61 was out on 16th of december 2016, and we still have tons of memo crashes...half of a year to fix new patch issues? Im not salty but sincerelly i did not thought that it took as much time, not too much changes (except from wolves and sound) on 0.61 and we still have crashes and issues like black faces and poor network comms. So extrapoling to the 0.63 patch...introducing several new techs makes we so worried about the time ahead us to fix all the new issues that will come with new player controller... Im scared guys...
  15. Vehicles sinking in the ground wasn't supposed to be fixed? I am confused...