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  1. I spent like an hour to fix this bus, and everything was fine until i met another bus near electro. My bus just froze as i reached the "freezing area" of another bus. That happens with every other cars, they got stuck if there is another car in 100m area. This is a real gamebreaking bug right there. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/269468379395314478/FC0CB7CB512E23543149CA946B1F11A9F4F7BC35/
  2. so this is how castan scope looks on AK this is how it looks on svd svd's scope is not aligned with the gun both scopes are the same quality
  3. http://imgur.com/YKMl45R http://imgur.com/u7jcqVz http://imgur.com/DOvWkU2 http://imgur.com/2LuLQj7 i saw this here (or somewhere around 100m) - http://imgur.com/goSDCYH
  4. so i have 2 monitors connected to my video card (main - ndmi, secondary - dvi). if i lauch game and it is already has fullscreen setting, the game lauches on my main monitor and my second monitor goes black fullscreen. if i change it to "windowed", both monitors are ok. if i change it back to fullscreen the game goes to secondary monitor, main monitor is ok and not black. if i lauch game that has "windowed" setting already, game lauches ok on main monitor, and if i change it to fullscreen, it goes fullscreen on main mon and secondary is ok.
  5. Here is a wierd texture glitch, i dont know if it's a game bug or my nvidia settings maybe? i recorded it, watch in hd, i hope you can see it so the glitch is a white (in game they are blue) lines on the trees, they dissapier when i change the "trees and grass" option in video settings