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  1. Exp Update 0.61.135961

    Here is to everyone refreshing forums , reddit , and DayZDevTeam twitter waiting for them to say the servers are coming back up. You are not alone my friends. I'm right here with ya. ;)
  2. I made a 1st person public hive server since I saw a decrease in 1st person servers. I feel 1st person is how DayZ is meant to be played and is so much more intense and immersive. i already have a small community going with bases and a trading system going on. Server : GH Survival Server IP : It is only a 30 slot server for now, as I can not afford a 60 slot. If the community gets big enough and there is a demand for a higher slotted server then I will try to see if I can manage. If you enjoy the server enough you can also contribute and donate to the server. (Link provided in server Messages of the day)
  3. I have been able to 100% reproduce this and so has my friends. I have a 3rd person character in Tisy. And a 1st person character in Novo. I can clearly tell the difference between the 2 characters because my 3rd person character is fully geared with a decked out m4. And my 1st person character has civilian gear with a .22 pistol amphibia. So anyway, a server , "DayZ UK 0-28 : 1st Person" , crashed. So I managed to connect to the server and loaded in. BUT I spawned with my 3rd person character, at Tisy, fully geared. Only difference was that I was locked in 1st person mode, since it was labeled as a 1st person server obviously. I ran around confused for a while then left and joined a different 1st person server and I had my True 1st person character. I was able to reproduce this on that DayZ UK 0-28 server only. Hope you guys fix this. Thanks for the hard work on .60. Loving it
  4. When I aim down sights with my M4 in first person my camera is zoomed out and I have to press the "+'' button on the num pad to make it go to normal. Then once more to zoom in all the way. It is only a temporary fix becasue once you put gun down and up again it zooms back out too far. As well as no matter what zoom level in first person, when you turn to look behind you, you can see through part of your book back and straight through your neck. This was not a problem in .59 however
  5. I was driving my friend around in a Sedan and we were going to park outside of a town since we didn't want to draw unwanted attention. My friend went AFK as I was parking and I saw a player emerge from a bush and shoot at the car with a shotgun. I proceeded to drive away through the town to try to loose him. I was a couple of towns ahead and then my friend came back from being AFK and said he was on the road at the town I drove through. But he was clearly, on my screen, in the car. He didn,t believe me so he turned his head to the left on his screen, which he was inside a house. And I saw his head turn Inside the car at the same time. Not knowing what to do I drove back to the town he was in and as soon as I entered the town he said he glitched back into the car, in his words "teleported". On my screen all I saw was his character model disappear for a split second then reappear. Right after that, possibly a coincidence, the guy that shot at our car ran out into the road and shot off one of our car doors. We drove away to the next town. APROX. 5 min later the server crashed.
  6. When it freezes It means you got in the server. just wait a little bit and u will start to spawn
  7. I was in a first person server. Dayz Southwest 0-2. I went to drink from a well and drank and waited for my status indicator to say I was hydrated. It never did. I spammed the use key for a very lengthy amount of time and saw the status messages saying I Have drank from well. it never said I was stuffed and I never got hydrated. I played for 3 hours and never had to drink or eat anything since my character seemed to never loose or gain energy. I also never had the indicator saying I was hungry, thirsty, energized or hydrated. I logged out of the server later and never had the chance to see if reloging would fix it. *will update this post when I manage to get in a server tomorrow. UPDATE: Spawned in a server and my indicators were back and I imeadiantly threw up. The status indicators worked all throughout my play time. Drinking and eating seemed to be affecting the status of my character finally. FYI: It was on a first person server
  8. I did the fix people told me when I was stuck at 200% render resolution, which was to delete the DayZ Folder in my documents. That fixed it. I could change it to to whatever percentage I could. the next day I got online and had a Experimental had a small update. Now I cant change my Render Resolution. It is stuck at 100% and wont change even if I try to delete the DayZ folder in documents. i actually was getting better FPS with 200% render resolution than I was with 100%...
  9. Specs: GTX 970 SC, i5 4690K, 8GB RAM, Installed DayZ on SSD I encountered this issue 2 out of 4 times while throwing objects. I was pulled out wire and tried to handcuff them with it, they moved and it didn't succeed. Right After that I threw the wire by holding G down for around 4 seconds. It went flying into the air and stopped at the peek of the trajectory of the arc of the throw. Thinking the wire was out of my hands, I went to go attempt to drink water. When I tried it said that Metal Wire cannot be filled up, acting as if the wire was still in my hands when it clearly was not on my screen. So in attempt to fix it I pressed G to throw the invisible wire out of my hands and the wire appeared and got thrown out of my hands. I could keep pressing G and I could visibly see the wire teleport from the place it landed back to my hands and instantly be thrown again. I could repeat this several times. Eventually It stopped working and I could drink again.