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    Here is to everyone refreshing forums , reddit , and DayZDevTeam twitter waiting for them to say the servers are coming back up. You are not alone my friends. I'm right here with ya. ;)
  2. I made a 1st person public hive server since I saw a decrease in 1st person servers. I feel 1st person is how DayZ is meant to be played and is so much more intense and immersive. i already have a small community going with bases and a trading system going on. Server : GH Survival Server IP : It is only a 30 slot server for now, as I can not afford a 60 slot. If the community gets big enough and there is a demand for a higher slotted server then I will try to see if I can manage. If you enjoy the server enough you can also contribute and donate to the server. (Link provided in server Messages of the day)