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  1. Mp5 Iron sights

    Oh nice it must have been fixed in the patch right after my post. Maybe someone read it and they already had the fixed model lying around.
  2. Mp5 Iron sights

    You bohemia guys never get it right. Some of the iron sights of weapons are weird and dont represent the original. The MP5 in Arma 3 is even worse than the one in Dayz. This is how its supposed to look: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4d/Visierlinie.jpg Your eye is usually very close to the first part of the optics, and then you look down the sight and when youre lined up the ring has a halo around it, When its all even on all sides youre good. When you turn the dial for the range the holes change. The 50-100 meter one doesnt have a hole and looks something like this: The only thing you have to do is carve a notch into the ring, so the ring and the pin are actually visible. The Dayz and Arma MP5/G3 scopes dont really allow for good accuracy. I shot both in real life and I am not pleased about the ingame representation so far. If anything its only a small change, but would increase the usability of the MP5 by alot. The current ironsights ( 0.6) cant even aim at a certain point right now. Unless you know where it will hit.
  3. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    Millions bought this game and currently we have nearly 3000 slots all over the world to play the most anticipated patch ever. Not good.