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  1. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

  2. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    I know that, i said that a post like that is pointless especially after like 50-60 hotfixes of 0.61 that brought dayz down to like 2-4k playerbase and only contributes to more frustration for most
  3. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    Yes, like all of them
  4. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    Good, wasn't directed to you anyway
  5. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    Yes like all of them
  6. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    And i didnt critisize the game... that's a different discussion.... i critisized the P.R decision to go with the "look guys, we tried but failed... oh well, see u in a week" type of posts
  7. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    I didnt get challenged on my opinion, thats more than welcome... it is more like "we dont need your opinion... You're not a regular here" type of thing...
  8. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    Implying that only "regulars" are allowed to post opinions... sure...
  9. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    The "we tried, but failed" thought has been their moto for the two years at least.. A little bit of sense and common courtesy in their posts/social media presence would go a long way than these "well... we tried..." Cause it sounds more like "Well, we tried but we do have your money already soooo... we'll keep you posted"
  10. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    .......then why even make that tweet/post? Instead of frustrating people with "Oh look you guys! We WOULD push the experimental one today BUT... Oh well!" You could have done this: ..... Yeah, you guessed it, i mean not to have said anything, fixed it and next week or whenever be like "Look guys!! NEW UPDATE!! WOOHOO!!" ......who even runs their social media? They need some serious P.R. lessons....
  11. Quintet Jackets spawn in the ground: http://imgur.com/a/jXlFQ Spawn error in an isolated house south of Vavilovo and Lopatino: http://imgur.com/DQjK1lD Went from windowed (resized to half my screen) to full screen and my inventory turned/remained tiny, dying and respawning fixed it: Fence in a house in Cherno (dont remember the exact place but was close to the northern side of it close to Dubki etc) http://imgur.com/a/VVLx6
  12. Pretty much what the title says... Items and clothing disappearing when dropped or when swapped with something else. Examples that i remember: Cherno, I swap my blue shirt for a blue tracksuit jacket... when i swap them the shirt disappears with my cans of food and i am wearing the tracksuit jacket. I have a frying pan in my hands (no room in my clothes, backpack) i start eating a can of food, it disappears (in stable it would leave it on the floor and pick it up when done).. My friends told me they see me holding it in my hands but i couldnt see it, I put a knife in my hands, pan disappears for them too... Picked up another frying pan from a house, I go outside, drop it for a friend, tha pan goes back in the house close to where it was (not exact same place though)