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  1. General Discussion

    Feedback on Raise Weapon Toggle Bind. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T128299. "We are aware that such issues can occur as the key binds and input controller are being worked on and are not finished yet. We suggest that you do not change the key binds as they may cause issues like this. Also, the toggle key works on hold only and it is going to work like that for the future versions as well. Regards." This is not good. And here is my reason why. The reason why some of us play in PC is being able to choose how we play our games, with a controller, m+kb etc. But limiting us from toggling and having to hold is a huge step back for the game. I know Peter said he didnt like that people were walking around with weapons/hands raised, but that could be easily changed by a simple rebind or default preset within the game. You make the game harder for people with Arthritis to play. Having to hold buttons for actions and not being able to toggle will eliminate players from playing. Having issues myself playing certain games where certain actions DEMAND you hold a button for a long period of time is taking a toll on the joints. And not a good solution. Hold for short period of times, sure. But having to hold for raising weapon is not a good answer to the issues designers have with their vision. PUBG didnt have a lot of these options when it came out, but from feedback was introduced. We want to be able to choose how we play the game, at least give us the option to rebind certain actions of how they've been behaving before. And as you've done now, a default controller preset. And as its looking now, plugging in an Xbox controller gives you much easier control and flow of how you play the game. Rather than m+kb that it was developed for since the start. I really hope this isnt a decision being made because the development for Xbox and PS4 is upcoming. And remember the reason we're giving feedback, regardless if its subjective/objective and even toxic. Is because we're passionate about the game. And wanna keep playing it.
  2. Revisiting old models

    Hi there. As an amateur modeller myself I find there's always room for improvement, you discover new ways to do things, new methods, tricks etc. You perfect your pipeline and modify it, learn new and simpler ways to do modelling,UVs and textures. And you always end up looking back at old assets/art, thinking: "If I remade this right now it could look 10 times better than when I made it." Have you guys ever felt the need, or had the thought of revisiting old models to update their fidelity to how items are per now? Or is the pipeline and work being done on models so strict and rough that you guys feel that everything is as it should be? Not implying that something is not up to date or on the visual fidelity with the rest of the game. I know I've felt it myself and I know artist in general feel that they can do better as years pass, and a lot of them redo their work just to see how much they've improved. Your thoughts?