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  1. Persistence Workaround

    Now, I know that, like me, many players out there have had the unfortunate luck to find a tent, barrel, chest (likely multiple) and stashed them somewhere to start collecting loot, only to have them despawn on server restart. And I know it's an issue the dev team is working on, but probably won't see it fixed for some time. Until that time, here's some advice to keep your base persisting like it's supposed to. 1) Establish your base in the wilderness, away from loot spawns and the piles of loot from players loot cycling (farming). 2) Don't drop anything on the ground near your base. That's it. You're welcome. Every time I've had a base despawn on me, it was after doing some spring cleaning. Usually due to dropping some less important loot to make room for items with greater value or aesthetic appeal. Now, others have informed me of their bases persisting while everyone else has endured repeated frustration due to their bases despawning. These players have come to the realization that the persistence bug is avoidable due to the fact that they did not build near loot spawns and venture far away from base to "take out the trash".
  2. Mosins are too "tall"

    Barely. Sawing it off only knocks off one row and one column. Still takes up more slots than any other long gun when it's sawed off.
  3. Mosins are too "tall"

    I'm not quite sure why it was decided to make the Mosin six slots tall. I understand the desire to make it take up more space than every other gun, at least that I have seen, but in real life it would not be that much wider than any other long gun, probably less even, considering the lack of a vertical grip and external magazine. In my opinion, it would be better off if it were three slots tall like everything else and maximum width. Hell, I'd be even more satisfied if it were one slot wider and unable to fit in any backpack, though we would need tents one slot wider to make up for it. We could even get more complex and get some backpack models with Mosins sticking out for when it is placed in a backpack. Anyway, just my two cents on the matter. Just doesn't make sense that the Mosin would be twice as wide as every other long gun.
  4. Decrease Item Damage

    Yeah, I've seen the kit/tape bug here and there. It's off and on. Haven't seen it in the last couple of days though. Might have been fixed. And that might just be your luck. I've played on several servers and weapons seem to be pretty evenly spread across the various levels of quality.
  5. Decrease Item Damage

    Hmm... I've been playing since before 0.60 and never had an issue with that. Mostly because the zombies movements were easily sidestepped. At one point, in 0.62, I believe, they started to turn as they swung and would often double tap you. It was then that I noticed an increase in sewing kit usage. But with the current build, it seems like all I do is hunt for sewing kits, duct tape and food.
  6. I have a question. Guys

    No problem, any time.
  7. Issues Rendering Vegetation

    Well, in a last ditch effort to fix my issue, I retried all of the potential fixes and one of them worked. Unfortunately, I don't know which one, as I did them all, one after another. Anyway, thanks again to those who suggested fixes.
  8. Offline Mode

    Currently, there is no reason to play in Offline Mode. You can't come back to the same character, or the same map (as it's a fresh one each time you launch). So, with the time that it takes just to get the supplies needed for testing whatever, odds are you won't do it in one play session. Hopefully, you devs are planning to allow players to have multiple single player (Offline) games going like we can with similar games (i.e. Unturned or Minecraft), as well as the option to host LAN games. Such features are important for those with crappy internet, house rules regarding internet usage, lack of desire to play with other people, etc. Also, not sure if you devs are aware, but in Offline Mode, you can't even open the Esc menu to leave the game. I was forced to simulate a crash both times I have launched in Offline Mode. If there is a feature currently implemented to save Offline worlds, then it is circumvented by the inability to log out.
  9. Hate wolves

    Yes, wolves are dangerous. You will need to take precautions to avoid death by wolf pack. If you hear/see them coming, take cover in a house and shoot them through the windows. If you plan on venturing through wolf territory away from usable fortification, then make certain you have a good weapon and plenty of ammo. Also helps to have a pack of your own. If you take out a certain percentage of the pack, they will retreat and regroup, giving you time to do the same. If you can identify the alpha, take him out and they will retreat with just the one kill.
  10. So it took you 6 hours to build a base?

    I think they're just trying to get things functioning as intended right now. Things like object health should be adjustable with the new server mod tools.
  11. I have a question. Guys

    When you start your server, you just need to lock it and assign a password. Simple as that. And no, lots of people have password protected servers. There are no rules against it.
  12. RIght click on inventory item does nothing!

    Unless you're bleeding, you don't need to bandage. Damage will heal over time, so long as your food and water levels are good.
  13. *INVENTORY* - Slot separation/Quickbar Accessibility

    Absolutely. I touched upon such a concept in a thread of mine awhile back, but the focus was on the addition of more items that would justify the existence of those hotbar slots.
  14. Melee Animation Need Redone

    One of the biggest issues with the melee system right now, apart from the zombies teleporting all around and hit registration being iffy, is the melee animation. When I start swinging my axe at a zombie, my character starts stumbling all over the place as if he has never swung anything, ever. I don't know whose idea it was to stagger characters all over the place during melee, but it would be nice to given back, at least, some degree of control over our character's movements. If my character moves forward, backward, or sideways during melee, I want it to be because I pressed the respective button to tell him to do so. There's absolutely no reason for these character to lose their balance with every swing like they're playing drunken baseball.
  15. Decrease Item Damage

    Now, I know we're all sick and tired of constantly repairing our gear. I like the fact that the mechanic exists, but can we turn it down a bit. Especially in the game's current state, you can be as cautious as possible dealing with zombies, but, at some point, you're going to get those teleporting zombies glitching around, phasing out our plane of reality when we swing our axes only to return to this vibrational dimension to land a hit on us a fraction of a second later. We should not need to constantly hunt for sewing kits and duct tape just to survive hunting for more sewing kits and duct tape. It seems like that's the main focus of every other play session lately. And I haven't seen it first hand as I've only fired about 5 shots total, from two different weapons, so far, but all I hear from my, more trigger happy, friends is how often they have to clean their guns. And I know from the cleaning kits I give them just how much they're going through them, it's ridiculous. You should be able to put, at least, a few hundred rounds through any firearm before NEEDING to clean it. And it seems like they jam WAY too often. From all the thousands of rounds I've fired through various weapons over the years, I've only ever had one failure to chamber in my CZ75, another failure to chamber in my AK-47, and no other failures in anything else. And those failures to chamber were using cheap, Russian, steel cased rounds at the range, after firing a couple hundreds of rounds through both weapons in a single visit. And then, those specific rounds were reloaded, chamber, fired and cycled just fine. Firearms are designed for extended use in firefight situations. If anything, the need to clean comes from not cleaning it after the weapon has cooled. Now, I could understand a timer set to a weapon after it has been fired to increase rate of failure, but I've seen people clean their weapon in game, then ready it for action, only to see it jam on the first pull of the trigger. Seems to me like, all around, the item damage needs to be turned down. And I haven't been shot yet this build, but if a single bullet to the torso still ruins all of your gear in your jacket, vest and backpack, that definitely needs to be adjusted as well.