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  1. NachoNinjaGnome

    Newbie in Need of Assistance

    So, I have occasionally dabbled with other map editing programs associated with a few other games. I am interested in learning how to create a map from scratch, but I don't really know how to get started. I did a few searches, but there are so many sites, videos and posts on various forums that it has been a bit overwhelming. Is there anyone who can point me towards a tutorial or something that can explain how to obtain and configure the necessary programs, files and whatever else I would need to make a map? Thanks in advance. - NNG
  2. NachoNinjaGnome

    barbed wire adjustment

    You need pliers to attach them. That's not the issue to which I was referring. The problem has to do with how far from the wall (or watchtower) the barbed wire sits on the ground before mounting. The item itself contains the prompt for mounting, but it is often covered by nearby objects. My aim is to get that moved closer to the wall to allow for versatile placement.
  3. NachoNinjaGnome

    barbed wire adjustment

    Right now, when you attach barbed wire to a wall, it sits on the ground fairly far from the wall waiting to be mounted. In some instances, nearby objects can render the barbed wire mounting prompt inaccessible. It would be nice to place the barbed wire closer to allow for more versatile building placement.
  4. NachoNinjaGnome

    Balancing Base Building

    It is true that much of the game needs re-balancing, but currently, that is of secondary importance. When they first release a new mechanic, their aim is ensure that it is functioning properly. After proving a mechanics functionality, they then implement balancing attempts. Each mechanic that reaches the balancing attempt phase then changes their whole balancing system to the point where everything needs more balancing. The balancing of a game is a tedious task at best without throwing, potentially, broken mechanics into the mix, just to take them out and put them back in at a later date. When all is said and done, hopefully, BI will have attained a suitable balance in the eyes of most and a convenient tool to allow server owners to adjust all the associated variables. If not, then hopefully there's a modder out there up to the task. This issue with base building has been brought up repeatedly. BI knows it's an issue and I'm sure it's on their to-do list. Be patient, they're, basically, rebuilding the game while adding new content and it could take awhile.
  5. NachoNinjaGnome

    Intense encounter and firefight

    I'm still waiting for them to implement an ability to turn off friendly fire in the server settings for PVE servers. I understand that adrenaline rush is why many people play DayZ, but there are also a lot of us out there with PTSD. We don't enjoy the activation of our sympathetic nervous systems. And I've never been a fan of losing hours of effort for a few seconds of action. Seems far from worth it.
  6. NachoNinjaGnome


    Vehicles have come a LONG way since alpha. But they still have a ways to go. Vehicle damage needs some fine tuning. Just a couple of days ago, I'm driving along, not even that fast, maybe 50 kph, coming around a bend and hit the tiniest little lag spike and BOOM, hit a trail marker totaling my vehicle. If that were real life, that trail marker would have been toast and my bumper would have a dent. Now, I could understand hitting a tree, power pole, wall, rock, etc, going a bit faster would instantly kill your engine, but apart from that we need more than just two options with hitting something. Right now, you hit anything, it either does nothing, or completely kills your car. I know there are plans to implement a similar system to what we had in alpha with the tire repair kits, making use of battery chargers and electrical repair kits, but, in the mean time, can we just turn down the damage? Additionally, it would be nice to see destructible objects for things like those pesky trail markers, all the rails and pickets of all those various fences, all those road signs, and probably some other, commonly hit, roadside objects. There's just far too much lag on servers right now and putting vehicle positioning client side would just be a security issue, so, something needs to be done. But, until then, can we get those trail makers collisions removed?
  7. NachoNinjaGnome

    Day- / Nightcycle

    Understandable. Yeah, I, mostly, play private servers for that reason... I have day/night reversal syndrome and am, naturally, nocturnal.
  8. NachoNinjaGnome

    Day- / Nightcycle

    I'm aware... got a buddy who does that for a living. He, by himself, is sysadmin on tens of thousands of servers. But, thank you for that long winded explanation, I'm sure someone will find it informative. I was merely pointing out that the game time setting is changeable and is changed on many servers, by the server owner. And yes, it IS still obnoxious that all the official servers run the same time settings. BI should do something about that. It's not hard to plug an RNG into the default settings. Hell, I could do that, and my coding expertise is pretty limited.
  9. NachoNinjaGnome


    It would be nice to see a notification system implemented in the vanilla game with built in settings for server owners. Right now, all we have for any sort of notifications are the messages in the lower left and HUD indicators in the lower right. As a result, many times when fighting a zombie, we'll get hit, often without noticing as the melee system still needs work. And some of those times, we start bleeding without knowing that we are bleeding as all that happens is some little arrow is added to our periphery. In real life, we can feel if we're bleeding, and you would not bleed that much from the sort of hit a zombie could execute. I don't know how many times a zombie has tagged me and less than a minute later, my screen is gray. Is hemophillia the reason our survivors were immune to the zombie virus? We need clotting factor and realistic bleed times in addition to bleed notification. And I'm not just talking another little message in the bottom left. Those, too, are easy to miss. You can't put important stuff on the top, bottom or sides of the screen and expect people to notice. Many of us sit at a desk with a large monitor and, unless we intentionally look to the edge of the screen, most of what goes on there is not significant enough to draw attention. Middle of the screen text is necessary. Various flash functions and sound effects would be a welcome addition as well. Something, anything, would be a step in the right direction.
  10. NachoNinjaGnome


    Also, we should not need to eat 20 apples per day (if we're measuring food intake in apples).
  11. NachoNinjaGnome

    Day- / Nightcycle

    The day/night cycle setting is changeable. It is a bit obnoxious that all of the official public servers all turn night at the same time though. While I do like that they've disabled that in-game gamma setting, many monitors have similar functions, thus it is, virtually, pointless. As for the darkness of night now though, it's pretty unrealistic. Out in the countryside, away from city lights, you can see just fine in the dead of night with starlight alone. When the moon is out, this is increased dramatically. The only time it should be as dark as it is in-game now, is if it's night AND overcast. That, and increase their use time. A 9v alkaline battery should run a head torch for longer than a few measly hours. I wouldn't mind seeing different battery types. I'm not talking just sizes (AAA, AA, C, D, 9v, etc.) either, but rechargeable and non-rechargeable, alkaline, lithium, etc. for various battery life lengths. Also, we shouldn't just be finding single batteries here and there, but full, unopened packs, as well as opened, partially used ones.
  12. NachoNinjaGnome

    Toggle Quickslots?

    I've always used the same keybindings, it's just a matter of being forced to hit that ` key every time I log in. Shouldn't hide something as important as the quickslot bar by default. The only time I swap quickslots is when I add another weapon to my arsenal. As for running from zombies, that was necessary due to them teleporting into me from nowhere and beginning to beat on me simultaneously. Yes, PVE is easy until you start getting bugs like that. And I could have taken them easily if I didn't have to hit a key to bring back my quickslots which brought up an overlay I didn't know existed. And logging out was my only option at that point. Had zero control of my character and no prospects of that control returning. And "fat finger the controls"? I hit the keys I intended to hit. Idk what prompted that comment. Granted, when the overlay popped up, it was unexpected and I did panic a bit. That will happen when something interrupts your ability to control your character unexpectedly like that.
  13. NachoNinjaGnome

    Toggle Quickslots?

    I am aware, but thank you anyway. Guess you didn't read the post. My suggestion was to set the default to showing, rather than having them disappear as the default setting. As with everything, it SHOULD be utility before aesthetics.
  14. NachoNinjaGnome

    Toggle Quickslots?

    Like many of you out there, I hopped back on DayZ for the 1.0 release. And, well, I just had some zombies lag in out of nowhere and start hitting me so, naturally, I begin to run to avoid getting hit while I pull my weapon. I look down to see which quickslot my suppressed SMG is set to so that I can mow them down without attracting every zombie in the area, but I can't see my hotbar. I'm running, holding 'W' and shift, and go to toggle my hotbar back on and the combination of holding shift and pressing the ` key brings up the Discord overlay. Now, I have no control over my characters heading and within a few seconds, he's running against a rock, a tree, a wall, or some other sort of barrier. I don't really know what because I can't see anything but the overlay and my characters periphery and I can't disable the overlay because I didn't know how I enabled it in the first place. Subsequently, the zombies begin to beat on me while I attempt to log. They must've killed me, or at least knocked me unconscious before my character was able to log out. I then logged back in as a fresh spawn. Now, Discords dumb default keys of something that could potentially be hit during gameplay aside, why does this feature exist and why is it the default. What reason is there to not want to be able to reference your 10 quickslots when in such a bind? Or, for that matter, why is the default set to keep you from seeing them unless you interact with your inventory in one way or another? This feature makes zero sense and just cost me well over 30 hours worth of loot on my character. Now, I've rebinded my in-game toggle and my Discord toggle so this won't happen again, but it should not have happened in the first place. This default game setting was not very well thought out and should be changed for the sake of every other player who has yet to run into this issue. This should not be v1.0, it should be v0.64 at the very most. I don't understand how you can justify calling this a full-release with simple settings issues like this mixed into all the bugs. C'mon now BI, I love DayZ, but you gotta get things in order here.
  15. NachoNinjaGnome

    Persistence Workaround

    Now, I know that, like me, many players out there have had the unfortunate luck to find a tent, barrel, chest (likely multiple) and stashed them somewhere to start collecting loot, only to have them despawn on server restart. And I know it's an issue the dev team is working on, but probably won't see it fixed for some time. Until that time, here's some advice to keep your base persisting like it's supposed to. 1) Establish your base in the wilderness, away from loot spawns and the piles of loot from players loot cycling (farming). 2) Don't drop anything on the ground near your base. That's it. You're welcome. Every time I've had a base despawn on me, it was after doing some spring cleaning. Usually due to dropping some less important loot to make room for items with greater value or aesthetic appeal. Now, others have informed me of their bases persisting while everyone else has endured repeated frustration due to their bases despawning. These players have come to the realization that the persistence bug is avoidable due to the fact that they did not build near loot spawns and venture far away from base to "take out the trash".