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  1. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    So, it won't let me start a new character... just keeps logging in the same one. Going to see if I can find another player to give my gear to before I kill my character (would hate to see all this go to waste). Then, we'll see if a new character still has the same issue.
  2. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Still can't access the bug report section and found, yet another, bug... so, I'm posting about it here, again. I think I broke my character. Last night, I was attempting to switch out my TTSKO Jacket for a USMC Jacket to no avail. First, I placed my extra backpack (full of gear) on the ground and took my TTSKO Jacket to my hands while I attempted to put the USMC Jacket on my body so that I could transfer gear from one jacket to the other without putting my full jacket on the ground. I've used this exact method every time I've switched jacket, pants or backpacks with all of my characters and haven't had a single issue. Only, this time, the USMC Jacket would not transfer to my character. So, I put my TTSKO back on, picked up my backpack and continued to loot around the tents. I came across an M65 Jacket and attempted the same and, again, the new jacket would not transfer over. I tried switching it out for the jacket in my extra backpack and it wouldn't go. I left it alone as well and went about looting further, bringing my extra backpack with me, of course. I made my rounds and circled back to the USMC Jacket. This time, the USMC managed to switch for me and I proceeded to transfer my Skorpion and other gear to the new USMC Jacket. But the USMC was "Badly Damaged", so I went back to where the M65 Jacket was laying. I once again, tried putting the M65 on my character, didn't work. I tried to switch it to my extra backpack and, lo and behold, it switched. I tried one more time to switch the M65 with the USMC and still didn't work. I picked up my extra backpack and ran out the tent area and logged to see if I could fix the issue by relogging (which often fixes those little inventory glitches) but, when I logged back in, my extra backpack was not in my hands and I was wearing the Gorka Jacket (that had been in my extra backpack) that I had replaced with the M65. So, not only did I lose a Green Mountain Backpack full of an extra character's worth of gear, but I lost the three jackets I would have preferred over the Gorka Jacket, as well as my Skorpion and other gear that was in my USMC Jacket. So, after that loss, I logged out, exited game and went to bed. Now, here I am. New day, new launch, new log in. Back in to move forward and attempt to recoup my losses, but now my character is completely broken. I can't put anything in my hands at all. I can't pull any of my weapons on my hotbar. Going to try a new a new character now. Maybe I can get back to my old character's position and leave his gear on the ground for the new one. Got a LONG walk ahead of me.
  3. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Yes, I fiddled with a few of them over the course of two, significantly long, play sessions. All three MP5s (2 with 15-round and 1 with a 30-round mag) would not allow me to click and drag the magazine off of the weapon, nor would they allow me to drag a new magazine onto the "Combine" section (was red-ed out). I admit, I'm still learning the new system, but that's the only two ways I've found to interact with magazines in weapons.
  4. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    And, yet, another update to this found issue. It's MP5's that spawn with either the 15 or the 30-round mags. The mags don't appear on the object model, but are definitely there. You just can't remove them from the weapon at all.
  5. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Posted too soon again... apparently, it's just the MP5s that spawn in with the 15-round mags that are broken. Found one without a mag and was able to make use of the 30-rounders.
  6. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Also, went to use the "Send Feedback" button in the game's main menu. It takes me to a feedback.bistudios.com. Tried to register on THAT site as well to report the bug with the MP5 and it is perpetually stuck on the "Must Verify Email" page. Tried to "Send Another Email" repeatedly since last night, still no email.
  7. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Is the MP5 broken? All the MP5s I have found show that they have an empty 15-round magazine, but I can't remove the mag to load or replace it. Just found 2 30-round mags and they're useless, as is the MP5 itself.
  8. jumping

    Well, if you aren't an active person, sitting around playing video games and discussing them on their respective forums, you probably don't jump much. When I used to go running around in the woods as a kid (and later as a teen and young adult), I did a LOT of jumping. Jumping over ditches, jumping up onto and off of rocks, hurdling fallen trees, etc. When you're avoiding paintball fire, it helps to be able to dive over and behind cover, and the same is true of live fire (as well as escaping zombies :p ). Now, most people can't jump very well, but those who are good at it can do quite a bit with it. The fact that I cant jump from a loading dock onto the top of a van to engage a horde of zombies is one thing that always bugged me about DayZ. I welcome a parkour system, so long as they keep it within reason.
  9. Melee is WAY too slow

    Yeah, I wasn't aware that I was even blocking for quite awhile. Took me a good few minutes just to figure out how to swing with the new system. I just thought that you had to hold down right click in order to swing with left click, which you do, just didn't know that the combat stance was an auto-block. Haven't really had much of a chance to use it though. If you sneak up on a zombie, you can kill it before it even turns around. My issue is when you get aggro you don't see coming and have to whip around to engage an already swinging zombie. Which, the initial aggro usually, results in additional aggro. Then you've got two or three zombies swinging wildly at you while you're swinging wildly and stepping into their swings. Then there's the hits you take that don't appear to touch you which, often, don't result in any sort of hit indication. In such scenarios, I've found, I often take enough hits to cripple me without even realizing that I got hit because of the lack of hit indicators as well as the screen bouncing around as wildly as the character. All I'm asking for is a character with a decent degree of competence in melee fighting. With the current combat system, I feel like a kid from a movie or tv show getting in his first fight, ever, and not knowing how to do it (which was not at all how my first RL fight went). My first fight that I ever got in was my first day of first grade. An older kid, who towered over me by about a foot and must have outweighed me by 15-20 pounds, ran up behind me and tried to tackle me. I had seen him running towards me from across the field and paid him no mind. I then heard the rapid footsteps behind me, looked to right side peripheral without turning my head, saw fingertips, grabbed his wrist with my left and upper arm with my right and hip tossed him. My friends said he caught some significant air, showing me a length of about a foot with their hands that they said was the approximate spacing between our heads at his most vertical. So, me, a little, ignorant, untrained 6-year old was able to flip a significantly larger 8-year old without even watching his approach. If I could do that then, there's no reason these survivors should have such a hard time swinging an axe.
  10. Now, I know I've seen a post here and there touch upon SOME parts of the things I'm about to suggest but, I believe an all-inclusive post on the subject is justified. One thing that has always bothered me about DayZ is all the weapons magically floating on everyone's backs. I love that the Chest Holster and Holster Attachment exist, and I believe it would be great to expand upon that sort of mechanic. It would be nice to see people forced to carry their weapon, or stick it in a bag, if they found it without an existing sling. I would like to see a wide variety of belts, slings, straps, bandoliers, holsters, pouches, packs, strings, cords, etc. to facilitate weapon accessibility. This would require more "clothing" slots but, I think it could prove to add an entirely new element to the game that, while inconvenient at first, would lend greater versatility to our survivors. We would, naturally, need to be able to craft some makeshift items for these purposes, but that's easy enough. Here's a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Hotbar slots could be more realistic - having a holster would give you 1 hotbar slot for a handgun, having a bandolier would give 1 for ammo, etc. Belts - could have holster, sheath, hanger and pouch attachments Waist slot(s) - could allow for placing a handgun in one's waistband or a knife between the belt and the pants Bandoliers - gun belts with holsters and ammo loops... cross-chest bandoliers Weapon slings with ammo loops Buttstock ammo loops and pouches Duffle Bags and Fanny Packs Shopping Carts, Wheelbarrows, Food Carts, Kid Wagons Pack Animals and Mounts with Saddlebags Saddlebags slung over shoulder Shoulder slots (instead of 1 melee slot and 1 long gun slot) for 2 long guns, 2 melee, one of each, one and a duffle or saddlebags Lefty, Righty, Small of Back, Drop-Leg and Ankle Holsters 1-point, 2-point and 3-point Long Gun Slings Shoestrings - very useful for tying a knife sheath or belt holster to your leg... or even making a rudimentary sling Cloth strips - not just absorbent rags or burlap for ghillies, but maybe a cut up TSKO or M85 Jacket for makeshift slings, belts and straps Wire, string, cord, etc. - more than just rope (and the aforementioned shoestrings) Plant Fiber cordage - just spawned?... take your improvised knife and get to making a primitive sling for your crafted spear ...anyway, like I said, just a few ideas to get the ball rolling... what do you guys think?
  11. PVE Servers

    Some players prefer PVE only... and there is enough demand for tools to support such gameplay that it would be wise to have the option available in vanilla.
  12. Melee is WAY too slow

    Seems like everyone is hung up on the discussion about speed, where I even stated that it's not too bad, but could use a little boost. My biggest issue, right now, is that the characters swing wildly and uncontrolled, causing them to move all over the damn place. If I'm not moving the WASD keys, I shouldn't be moving my feet. Also, the issue with not being able to drop what's in your hands in order to pull your melee weapon.
  13. Melee is WAY too slow

    "don't look TOO terribly slow"?... so, just a little slow then? so why not normalize the speed?
  14. Melee is WAY too slow

    Ah... never knew what the premise was, but, again, not asking for super humans, just humans with significant ability. It's just frustrating to swing and miss all over the place when fighting zombies. Swinging an axe is not difficult, but the game makes it so. Also, I wasn't evaluating combat balance yet, was merely suggesting that you actually be able to hold your own against zombies before they balanced the rest of the combat system around a nicely polished melee system. Better to build on a solid foundation than a heap of crap. And before I get all the haters twisting my words, that was a metaphor for the melee system, not DayZ itself. I wouldn't be on here giving "Suggestions" if I thought it was.
  15. Melee is WAY too slow

    Way to pick and choose your arguments... :p Obviously, the girl swinging isn't generating a lot of force. Hence the phrase. "and she isn't even swinging very fast". And I don't really know the girl, so I can't say whether she's got any significant combat skill for such a survival scenario. She was doing a demo, and a demo is what was needed to help present the argument. Most demonstrations, as well as choreographed fights, are slowed for the purposes of allowing the audience to see the movements. In an actual fight, with trained combatants, the majority of movements happen at speeds that the average person can't process. And it REALLY doesn't take much force to cave in or crush a skull at all. With an axe, you don't need a razor edge. The axe is a splitting/crushing weapon, not a slashing/cutting weapon. Considering the human skull can receive a compound fracture from a well placed, well thrown punch, more than enough force could be provided by a short, quick swing with an axe, especially considering the concentration of force at the point of impact. If you look at the second person I pointed out, you can see that he is providing enough force to do some serious damage to a skull, and he's holding back and has some fairly shoddy technique. And yes, Dmitri does display another effective technique, but that's not the technique I was describing, which is why I didn't include that very same video that appears at the top of an "axe fighting" search on Youtube. While effective in open spaces, it's not exactly something that can be done in close quarters. Also, "martial arts doesn't translate well into real world scenario"? ... ... Martial arts DO, in fact, translate into real world scenarios as they were made for real world combat. Granted, so showy styles such as Wushu and Tae Kwon Do aren't as effective as styles such as Bushidokan , Muay Thai and Krav Maga (yes, that's also a "martial art"). They have "art" in the name because, back in the day, the word "art" was used to describe a proficient and applied knowledge. We've only had terms like "science" in recent history. "Martial Arts" is often referred to as "Combat Science" in more modern descriptions. Also-also yes :p the phrase "don't bring a knife to a gunfight" is a common phrase due to dumb asses like that standing still when a gun is pulled. It's like the bet I had with a buddy years ago who wanted to make a similar argument. I informed him that, under the right circumstances, a knife can be just as effective, if not more-so. To prove the point, I handed him a "handgun-style" paintball gun with holster (my buddy used to play with an old toy revolver when he was younger and could do all the little tricks and was a fairly decent quick draw). I grabbed a small paint brush, dipped it in some left over paint from a recent renovation and said, "bet I can hit you before you hit me". I closed the distance and put the paintbrush to his throat before he could even touch the handle. He argued, "I wasn't ready... if we're going to showdown, you gotta do it right." So, I backed up a good few feet and said, "alright, draw". I flung the brush and hit him in the forehead before he even "cleared leather". Now, you can make all the arguments about how "average" people can't do this or that but, I will still maintain that these survivors are not "average". Nobody wants to play a game representing average people. We want bad ass, epic heroes of the apocalypse that lend a sense of grandeur to grant temporary escape from our average lives. That's what video games are for.