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  1. I hope we get to see the gamescom demo stuff in experimental before Gamescom? :) Anyway finally something big to look forward to.
  2. Bad move with server browser. Casual players can't find their favourite private servers now. I refer to this Maybe small thing to some. But then again it's just the kind of little thing that makes you choose another game from your game list, if you think your favourite server is down. Sure it's still alpha and people get used to it. But without the dayzspy i wouldn't have found my favourite stable branch server.
  3. 4 peole on the server and i get shot at while driving sedan ffs why?. ^^ I found a bus and two sedans. All drivable. From Berezino to nwa in no time. :) No crashes. No performance problems. But then again, there is only 4 people on the server. edit. And YES! No crash when closing the game.
  4. Had a weird bug. Could't take anything into my hands. Reconnect solved that problem. But never had that before. UK 0-4.
  5. My first crash since 0.62. started. x64.exe. If you don't count the crash that happens every time you exit the game with 64bit version. I was running in the rain. Game was very stuttery from the start. Just few minutes ago on that test server from Baty's post. edit. ah it wasn't x64 this time.
  6. New colours at night. Damn how far have we come from that "everything is grey at night". you are walking through red forest...
  7. Love the new colours. Night time birds still too chirpy for my taste. Birds sleep too?
  8. 810 MB omg omg omg. Downloading now. :)
  9. It's jungle out there. :) No i haven't been in real life jungle. But doesn't it sometimes feel like you hear birds that live in a tropic. Instead of eastern-europe autumn forest. Anyway the sounds. Didnt have time to test the night sounds. But the daylight sounds have changed yes. No more constant humming. More like variety of different birds singing every now and then separately. Pretty loud some of them. But i guess thats how it is in real life too. It was almost silent when i was at black castle. But then i had the full glory of nature sounds at nearest town. Not sure yet if this is better then the previous version. That's for sure, that these new (0.62)sounds have been better then the old arma sounds. No matter how they are tweaked.
  10. I really hope this never happens on public servers. It takes now almost an hour to get into desent loot/player hot zones. If they make the game any slower, there will be very few players left to play this game when it goes gold. Mod's and private servers for this kinds of hc-experienses plz. Let's keep the playing fun.
  11. Finally found the damn castle. And not long after that i was shot dead at one of the deerstands. (nice shot) while i was busy killing wolves. :(
  12. Walking in the air. I knew Dean can climb mountains but fly? Gimme my kiwi.
  13. Some yellow clouds again. damn this game just looks too nice now. cant resist taking screenshots all the time.
  14. Tere. Temperatures are about the same in earlier builds. But yea i think the gpu fan might run a bit faster since 0.62 and the new visuals. ( 1060 6Gb OC ) Maybe you got dust in the fans or summer heat makes the temperatures rise? :)
  15. Well that was a nice 2 hours at very rainy UK 01. Thanks for the bus. It was left engine on middle of the road near Mogilevka. Managed to drive it to Tisy. btw there's a door problem at big yellow houses. Would have made a ticket, but feedback tracker was acting strange now. Would't let me upload pics. And was very slow.