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  1. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    One of the nicest places. I wish i had a car or a bicycle. Where's my rally car when i need it. (can't wait for the mod's) Who's playing?
  2. Stress Test vol.31

    Damn it's rainy at stress server SWE 2-1. It's been raining all weekend. Then again it's kinda soothing to play as you can only hear the rain and your own footsteps. Have not seen any other player and i've shot zeds. Heard some shoothig few times. No crashes, no connection lost, no problems what so ever.
  3. Exp Update 0.63.147489

  4. Stress Test vol.31

    European Stresstest -servers down? edit. now i see em, but connection failed. edit2. aah thanks. Works now.
  5. Stress Test vol.31

    Drinking meter goes to red ridiculously fast. Drink few cans, sprint few times and you need to drink again. Sprintmeter + drinking all the time. It's just anoying at the moment and needs tweaking.
  6. Exp Update 0.63.147407

    2 weeks experimental. No crashes, no problems. How about some new content? The loot is just so anoyingly booring. There's like under 10 different items atm?
  7. Stress Test vol.20

    My first character locked in database. ^^ Reported with steamlink and files. Server froze i think. Nothing was moving and couldn't interact with anything. Disconnected. Waitad a little. Reconnected and boom locked in database. Waited 10 mins. No help. Seems that many reports with similar problems lately.
  8. Stress Test vol.20

    I think it is settled now.
  9. Stress Test vol.20

    Well something is wrong. Server is full of this... SWE 2 - 1
  10. Stress Test vol.19

    Well glad to say that not a single crash last night. So it must be going into right direction. Love the sounds. Ambient sounds inside houses. Gun sounds from distance. Forest at night. Infected still coming through the walls sometimes. Very anoying.
  11. Stress Test vol.17

    all-weekender! wuhuuu!
  12. Stress Test vol.15

    It was. But it was like 2 weeks ago. :)
  13. Stress Test vol.11

    This x 100. They have been talking about the doors for years. Still no changes how doors work.
  14. Stress Test vol.11

    Long road ahead. I would kill for a bicycle. (and some day i will) :) After years of running around Chernarus. I think we deserve a bicycle. It's most common way of travelling around the world. Almost every house should have one. All those lovely forest trails to cycle. UK-01 still going strong. Loot to be found. Next stop Tisy.
  15. Stress Test vol.11

    Death by infected coming through the door at Green mountain. I quess it didn't regonice that the door was shut. It pushed me into a corner and i couldn't do shit. Altought i like it how it is now. You can't shoot if you don't have room to raise your weapon. :) Overall... didn't see any problems finding gear on a full server UK-01. One server crash/restart this morning. But it was right back up. On a clear day Dayz is the most beautifull game there is. Screenshots don't do the justice when you see trees moving, hear the birds singing and wind blowing. And you know that you can travel into that place in the distant horizon and byond that.