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  1. Story Mode

    The whole thing that sets Dayz APART from games like TWD is the fact that there is no story mode. That's what makes Dayz awesome. Never going to change that. Maybe with modding, but HIGHLY doubt it.
  2. Ski Jacket

    With rain being so deadly now, having waterproof clothing is very important. Unfortunately for your fellow survivor stylists, the only clothes available really are the raincoats. Adding ski jackets would be PERFECT for many reasons! 1. Chernarus is a cold place where it snows, having a ski jacket is important. 2. There is a SKI LIFT in chernarus. I'm not saying it should spawn there, in fact is should spawn just like a raincoat. 3. Ski Jackets are WARM and WATERPROOF. We need these! They are crazy easy to add!
  3. Revision for Apple/Berries

    Make the chance of not finding an Apple or berries small, and make the chance of finding rotten fruit higher, and make the chances of finding fruit the same. It's more realistic and might help with apple glitchers.
  4. Visible Splints

    If you apply a splint to a broken body part, it should be visible. Pretty straightforward.
  5. I definitely agree. It sucks that zombies despawn, and it makes zombie mechanics a lot less realistic. Think of it this way. If you are being attacked by a horde of zombies, you can just run through a building, get away from them, and have them despawn. Then you can just go back having no fear of that horde because it despawned. Please fix this!
  6. Zombie guts to wear!

    I feel that doing this would add a new play style to Dayz and help survivors on the coast along with PvPers.
  7. Zombie guts to wear!

    Regardless, people would still do whatever they could to fit in, if that means slicing them open then so be it. It would not be for the smell, it would be for looks. It would also be able to fool people. Only walk because it needs to be balanced and if the other zombies see you running, but at nothing, they will be interested and figure out you aren't one of them.
  8. Zombie guts to wear!

    So.. if any of you watch The Walking Dead, you will know about how Rick and the other survivors have gutted zombies to put over their clothes in order to mask themselves as zombies and in the comics currently with the Whisperers. I felt this would be great for Dayz, especially with .61 making zombies much more deadly. It can also help with players, making you able to mask yourself as a zombie and confusing other players. How it would work (can change): you find clothing, maybe only certain materials. You then find a zombie. Proceed to kill the fucking shit out of the zombie until it is dead. Then, like animals, gut the zombie. It would provide you with zombie guts! Smear those over the clothes via crafting to make your clothes look bloody, like an actual zombie. Obviously, having an M4A1 on your back fully kitted with a bright red mountain backpack might sell you out, but none the less! Now, over time your clothes will lose the effect. In fact, once that happens, they will be ruined. But, rain will wash away the effect faster. Now, how will zombies be affected? They only cannot tell if you are WALKING. Also, shooting an un-silenced gun will attract attention. Running away and coming back once they have left you alone will make them neutral to you again. WIP
  9. Dirty Clothing

    An issue I see is that people will eventually find some clothing and wear it until it gets shot up and find new clothing. This is fine, but I suggest something new to add more reason to change clothing. Clothes over time get dirty in-game. You could be notified in your chat box with something like "my clothes smell bad." They will also have a label (like items being wet) that are color-coded based on how dirty they are and say how dirty they are. Dirty clothing will make you sick. You can wash your clothing by either washing it in a stream or at a fountain. This will make your clothing drenched, but will clean your clothes. Rain will have the same effect. Items will be affected like rain affects them when in a piece of clothing. So if you clean clothing but don't take out your bullets lets say, it will ruin the bullets. This adds more need for changing clothes and adds more to make survival harder.
  10. Dragging bodies!!!

    Be able to drag bodies! That way we can take away the need for "Hide Body" and we can let people physically drag and hide the bodies!
  11. Great idea. This is a really interesting way of making perma-death, not perma-death. But definitely down the line when the game hits Beta. Maybe not a BI Studios run idea?
  12. Tarps in Dayz (and rain ponchos)

    So, tarps. A tarp, if you are unsure, is a tarpaulin sheet or cover as defined by Google. What I suggest is that we add tarps, and they can be used for all sorts of crafting recipes. First, they can be used to place at a camp or to waterproof something by wrapping it and tying it off with rope (maybe). But, it can also be used to make items such as a makeshift tent. This would be made with a long wood stick, a tarp, and rope. It will look like a diamond fly tarp shelter. Look it up on Google. You can store stuff in these tents, but not much. Now, another idea is for a waterproof backpack. This would be made a tarp after you cut it up (use a knife), rope, and a stick (like the makeshift backpack). This would be a backpack to prevent water damage and would hope the same amount of items as a makeshift backpack carries right now. Next, it would be able to make a rain poncho. Now, a rain poncho is an idea that I also have. I thought that they might be able to be found throughout the map in civilian and military loot spots. The rain poncho would cover your gear but provide no storage. Now, people could make a makeshift rain poncho by cutting up a tarp and using it and using a sewing kit or a leather kit, you could make the poncho. I hope you guys like the idea, let me know if you have any questions :)
  13. Dayz for Mac!!

    I agree, but the issue is that we have to buy Windows also to play Dayz. And if we ever get a PC in the future, that is another copy of Windows we need to buy. Also, Macs are very capable of running Dayz. Plenty of people do as you are talking about and use Bootcamp, and they run perfectly fine. That being said proves the point that Macs are capable of running Dayz. Our hardware is what is used when we use Bootcamp, not Windows.
  14. Dayz for Mac!!

    Sign at this petition! Every name counts! We need everyone possible! https://www.change.org/p/bohemia-interactive-allow-mac-users-to-play-dayz-on-a-mac?recruiter=513237164&utm_source=share_for_starters&utm_medium=copyLink