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  1. Welcome to DayZ 0.62

    With 0.62 now live on EXP i got inspiration to make this video, the pure feeling this patch gives me whilst travelling around Chernarus is something i wanted to try and capture and share with you all!
  2. Remembering UKA

  3. Brothers of DayZ

  4. Future of public hive servers

    IMO i think this is a great idea there or more benefits to doing this as well. Having people not able to rent public servers is a good thing! Private hive servers are by far the best way to grow a community and really connect with the players that frequent your server. i know people like the ability to have there own servers and maybe switch between the two because you have the same gear. Understandable its nice to have gear on multiple servers without having to gear up another character. That is why there are multi shard servers however. For example, BWAF they have a multi shard server and a website, they really grew a community and a player base and you still feel as if you are playing public hive. Gents of novo, another great community. Multi shard server, so i think if people really want to grow a community this could be a great thing. Also, Private hive servers would have an increase in traffic, public hive is nice, i think it should be under management of Bohemia. It would be a default DayZ experience, and that is what public hive should be, IMO. I'm sure up front this may seem like a really bad idea and even an annoyance to the community but i think that its a better idea, keeping an open mind i think that this may be a huge uplift to the game and i for one am looking forward to this, if it goes through!
  5. Bandit Take Down! - DayZ Standalone 0.61

    Thank you! :D
  6. From hearing shots echo from tisy, wolves devour bandits, and split second hostage rescues, this is a Bandit take Down!
  7. when pressing alt+ right enter, it makea your game go either really dark or really bright, changes the brightness and contrast but isn't physically changed in the settings.
  8. When pressing the R key to reload a weapon you do not get the animation to reload the weapon mag, nor get a new mag into the gun. not sure if just due to the servers performance but i tried for a good amount of time and go no response. Manual reloading for now, Click and Drag, Click and Drag ;D
  9. Equality ♠ DayZ Standalone

    After spawning in kamy, i run into players having a fight over something. i decide to intervene until things cross the line. actions are taken to bring these wrong doers to justice.