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  1. Check out our last big roleplay event. The community asked for a Prison Island event with tough guards and a good psychiatrist and this fun event was the outcome. Just like with all of our server events this was not scripted and had an ending which no one expected! Footage taken from Lucy Lu's twitch VOD, edited by X-Form gaming and the ending was created by Watchman.
  2. 3PP, abuse of it is not allowed. It is sometimes disabled for server events.
  3. Date: Saturday 3rd December 2016 Time: 19.00GMT/20.00GMT+1 Locations: NATO = Kamensk Military Base. Russia = Tisy Military Base. For this event we will be going back in time, back to the start of the outbreak and the tactics which NATO and the Russians took to keep or gain information. The Story. NATO have just arrived in Chernarus. Rumours have been received that the location of the testing of bio weapons is located at a military base in the north east of the country, Tisy. News of the arrival of NATO troops was very much known in the country. Needing a base of operations and all hope of peaceful negotiations being lost NATO took control of a small military camp east of Kamensk, their intention was to take control of Tisy military base however due to the fear of the bio weapons being located there the operation would have to be carefully planned putting strategy first and gunfire at an absolute minimum; a stealth mission. Studying what little documents they could find and intercepting as many radio transmissions as possible NATO were aware that the best way to take over the base was if they found the scientists which were conducting ‘research’ at the base, with them being held hostage the Russian government would have to negotiate terms of a peaceful surrender. With a plan in place the NATO troops left Kamensk, their mission; to capture the scientists resident at Tisy military base in a stealth like manner. Leaving any scientists behind would remove all leverage they wished to hold over the Russian government and opening fire would run the risk of weapons being deployed. The Mission NATO are to gain control of the science laboratory located at Tisy military base and to take all scientists as captives to gain knowledge on their experiments. The only soldiers participating in this mission will be those who are known for having a high skill in stealth missions. Should NATO be discovered in the military based then the mission will have failed as the scientists will follow the emergency evacuation procedures and will leave the base. This event is available to all of our whitelisted members. More information on the event can be found HERE
  4. Location: Cherno docks/container yard Date: Saturday 29th October Time: 19.00GMT/20.00GMT+1/13.00CST The Chernogorsk Slasher, you probably haven’t heard of him, once a prisoner of the Prison Island he managed to escape once the outbreak happened, ever since he escaped he resided to the nearby container yard in Chernogorsk, here he would simply live off whatever the survivors were bringing when they went searching for supplies in the containers, but slowly with time the survivors that came to scavenge the yard, did not come bearing food… and soon he fell to the pain of starvation, and fed on the people who dared venture into the container yard. Some say he never leaves the yard because it reminds him of the prison and the safety of the walls, truly a man fucked up beyond belief. You and a group of others have been released into the shipyard by a group of unpleasant types, now you must survive The Chernogorsk Slasher and his followers. If you do, you are a free man or woman. More information can be found BY CLICKING HERE
  5. For this event we will be going back in time to the start of the outbreak which has now overrun the country. Located on a small island just off the coast of Chernarus was a prison. Due to it homeing those who were considered high risk and a danger to society, the majority of which were either awaiting death by fellow inmates, guards or capital punishment, was nicked ‘Devils Enclave.’ The time is 12.40, the prisoners are finishing up their lunch when a warning comes through the loudspeakers. Assuming there was the start of a riot in another block the guards rounded up the prisoners and escorted them to their cells. Just as the final cell door is closed another warning comes through the loudspeakers, this one is more formal than the last and one that none of the guards or prisoners had heard before and one that they would never expect. An emergency evacuation of the island is being called for, all prisoners are to be escorted to the court yard and await further instructions. Immediate evacuation meant less guards were available, confused by the situation and only a few of the prisoners were restrained. The event is for our whitelisted members, you can join the whitelist by going to our WEBSITE and applying to join up. More information, recording etc for the event can be found HERE
  6. With the departure of NATO and Society of Graverobbers being less frequent in the town of Stary Sobor the town was taking over by yet another group. Previously upon entering the town you would see the signpost covered with graffiti telling everyone that it was now called ‘Taylor Town.’ Not only did the group take over the town but they also added a thick layer of paint over the sign stated that it was claimed and now went by the name of ‘Fox Town.’ With the town no longer being run by a group of bandits but heavily armed yet friendly survivors the town became far safer for those awaiting the return of NATO, traders and those who seeked companionship. The survivors helped to enforcer the rules laid out by NATO and slowly removed those who caused harm or brought hostility to the town. Not only did the group of survivors enforce laws and provide safety in Stary Sobor but they also went on supply runs to aid those who were more vulnerable to the bandits which roamed the lands. The group left the town on the normal supply run but came back with no supplies and an ‘important announcement’ for all survivors be them bandits or not. Throughout the following week posters were put up throughout the whole country, messages were passed and everyone was asked to leave their grudges at the town's sign to hear an important warning they had received from NATO.
  7. This event is to launch our new server! Everyone will be bambis and it will be all OOC. The event is a pretty straight forward, its a death match type deal. The goal is to kill as many people as you can within the time frame, being 2 hours. People will meet in the event channel 30 minuets BEFORE the event starts so that rules can be gone over, server details given out and questions can be answered. This event is completely OOC. Your character WILL NOT be lost in this event and your character will have no knowledge of this event. The event will be held on the new server, details for this will be available shortly. The roleplay server will still be open during this event, all normal server rules will apply to the old server. Weapons * The firearms allowed are anything that shoots a .22 caliber round. - Sporters - Trumpets - Amphibias. * Improvised bows & crossbows. * Any type of melee is allowed. * Explosives are allowed in the extent that they can be found within Elektro. Flashbangs, smokes Etc. General * Intentionally disrupting the event will lead to a punishment being given out. * During the event all participants must be in the event channel where microphones will be muted to prevent metagaming. * Anyone found to be metagaming will be disqualified from the event and a dealt with by a member of staff. * People are allowed to join in the event late, it is their own responsibility to check the event rules on the forums and to not break event rules or cause event disruptions. * After the event staff will thoroughly go through the log files and count up people's kills. * The person with the greatest kill score wins. * We ask and trust that participants will be mature about respecting the area of combat set for the event and should it be proven that someone is disregarding it they will be disqualified from the event and a punishment will be given out.
  8. Since NATO left the town of Stary Sobor things have gone from bad to worse. With no one dictating what can and cannot be done in the town and survivors being left to their own devices the town had become what the country first was when the bio weapons were dropped; looting, fighting, riots, theft and murder. It only took two days of NATO leaving for the town to be claimed by a group whom were not known for their kindness. Upon entering the town, survivors would no longer see a sign which told them they were in Stary Sobor but in ‘Taylor’s Town.’ Survivors began to fight over this small patch of land and slowly Stary Sobor became one of the most dangerous places in the country. Over the past week the town has been painted red by nothing but bloodshed. The survivors started acting like savages and started fighting between themselves battling to take on those who had claimed the town. Knowing that NATO was their only way out of the country the survivors battled to reclaim the town with the hope of NATO returning. Over the course of a week rumours began to spread about a group needing more men and women to take the town back. Their goal was to take the town without resorting to violence however, as it may help them to escape the infected lands they would go to any lengths should the need to arise.
  9. More information on the event can be found BY CLICKING HERE
  10. New trailer for the new patch!
  11. One of our media team members Adam Savage has made a video of Server Event V which was held last night.
  12. Aftermath will be holding its 5th server event on Saturday 4th June! It will be a fun roleplay event which will be contributing not only to the characters that join in and the settlements that take part but also towards the servers lore! More information on the event can be found by CLICKING HERE!
  13. Aftermath will be holding a mini event for all of its members on Saturday 21st May 2016. More information can be found by CLICKING HERE