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  1. Stable Update 0.61.138458

    can you tell me (or point me to a post) how exactly to use the feedback tracker ive been to the page a few times, and still cant figure out how to post about bugs.....or where on the page to do it bit of a noob question, but i doubt im alone on this Thx
  2. Looking for NZ/AUS players to chil lwith

    Hi Woosuhh How old are you?..... And what style do you play dayz.....do you farm, drift and survive, hunt and destroy....... I partner up with one other guy, we are both mature in our 30's.....and we are looking for 1 extra recruit to join us on our adventures. We like small groups and would like to try a third set of eyes with us.... We are both from australia and get on as often as we can........we play on Pipsi servers (private) as those servers are the ones that seem to always be populated. Give us some details about you on Dayz... If we both like what we hear we may give you a go for a trial night...or week....see if we all mesh ya know Cheers