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  1. With the new dynamic lighting from .60 and the new ambience brought in with .61, I would love to see the light from the moon, fire, flashlights and headlights reflect in both animal and infected AI. Wandering through a town or the forest at night time with a flashlight or a torch and suddenly seeing the eerie glowing eyes of the creatures around you would be a great addition to the DayZ atmosphere! The level of creepy would go up quite a bit. Thoughts?
  2. In your DayZ settings, disable anti-aliasing.
  3. Persistence means that when the server does a restart, the items on the ground (loot, barrels, vehicles, tents, etc) don't despawn with the restart. Some servers are setup to delete or restore a previous persistent file every reset or after a specified amount of time. Doing so is not having persistence turned off. Right now, there is no option to disable persistence.
  4. Speaking of radios and how excellent of a tool they are, I'm curious if we will see in game terrain ever have an impact on the quality of radio transmissions and reception. If I'm down in the valley town of Nadezhdino, is my radio tx/rx going to be inhibited? If I'm up on the roof of the Altar Radio station, will my little handheld reach farther than it would if I was broadcasting down in Gorka? Can we expect to hear more static or broken up transmissions from distant or bad location players trying to talk over the radios?
  5. Persistent time is not the same as item persistence. Persistent time is saved to the server, so when activated, the next server start will use the saved time value. In effect, a server restart won't reset the in-game time. Normal item persistence is a feature that is enabled by default and cannot be disabled through conventional means. All servers that are hosted by BI approved server hosts will have item persistence enabled by default.
  6. What ever happened to not pushing updates on a Friday? If something about this latest stable releases is really broken, players are stuck with it over the weekend while no one is around to fix or roll back.
  7. I can confirm that this is happening to more people than just you, as well as more than just one server provider. We're seeing this happen on the DayzUnderground Private hive servers. Both US (Multiplay hosted) and EU (Fragnet hosted) servers for us are having this issue. There is a thread on the DayZ subreddit that are also reporting this issue. I would venture a guess that something has happened either with BattlEye or at DayZ HQ.
  8. Something is off with the way the Infected are interacting with players. While in a boxing match with a pair, they would hit me and would force me to slide back a foot or two. When I got up against a waist high fence, the infected would hit me, and it would push me through the fence, forcing the zeds to run around the fence to get back to me.
  9. Hicks, Thanks for keeping an open line of communication with the community about this.
  10. While you can't see it in game, you can use Steam's server browser to see what players are in your server with you.
  11. @JordanHamilton16 This was addressed by Brian Hicks earlier through a post here on the forums. Here is a link to the entire post: Here is the part that answers your question directly:
  12. Landmine maybe? Had you gone up or down any stairs within the past minute or so? Desync could be a culprit as well.