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  1. To Day Dev TeAM

    Hello! Now with steams proton software, maybe, just maybe we will see Dayz running on Linux in the future!? The first thing is, as far as i know, battlEye only supports games on Linux, that are supported by the dev/games to run on Linux ? Which Dayz isnt. And they will not work on it otherwise!? ( I read that somewhere). Thing is, i dont really know how this works, but i hope somebody will tell me! Best regards!
  2. Exp Update 0.61.136403

    My character still swings his weapon (axe atm) when i get in to the server. Zeds arnt hitting you any more? EDIT nvm
  3. Slow? In compared to what?? All the stuff u listed, they have already put a lot of work into. Even if they havent showed everything yet, we dont know how much we havent seen yet, i think its a lot of work we dont know about, that they have been working on behind closed doors and will be present when its time for it.
  4. Poor Performance

    I some how, had forgot about this fact! That the game is 32 bit.. What have they said about the 64bit client? Best Regarads OT Remember to change your configfile, so you don't render 2x you monitors resolution! I had similar problems(what it sounds like) but i thought i had done the "fix", looked again and find out that i hadnt(or it had been change without my knowledge)!
  5. Will the video memory opition in settings get removed in the future and when will game be able to support more than 2gb?
  6. Exp Update 0.61.136067

    A nother quick question, are we gonna see zeds crawling/jumping in through broken windows? AND/or are we gonna be able to do it?
  7. Exp Update 0.61.136067

    Hello! Quick question, will we be able to que to a server and also be able to look for another one at the same time in the future? EDIT or do other stuff ingame, idk settings, look at are saved charachters and so on... Maybe even, play on a nother server until the server we want to play on has an empty spot(that we have que for). "pop up window" - do you like to switch do the other server now? Yes/No .. Best regrads, gonna check out the latest version now!
  8. Exp Update 0.61.136067

    Ended up playing some more... not good, still dont have time lol but i got hooked, as i said havent been playing since 059 "kind". Now i did found some food so my character is still alive! (i bet you have changed the food some how, shouldnt be alive i think). I really like the new sound, its great! I have only been able to use the p1 pistol so fare, it sounds great. A bit loud maybe, but im not complaining, i think its should be like this! But it feel like i still have a ring in my ear(irl) xD I tryd and killed a chicken, but i couldnt do anything with it afterwards, except hiding its body. So i did, but i could still see its body hehe
  9. Exp Update 0.61.136067

    remove post
  10. Exp Update 0.61.136067

    Damn you @Baty Alquawen ! hehe I really hadnt time to play, but you made me reboot and start dayz :D Now an hour or two later, I had to quit. First time i "played" 061, first thoughts: 1. Wheres the food! 2.Still had a pingismatch going on inside houses(not all, some, like the polisstation) 3.Some zeds are in really good shape hehe , i often find my self mistaken a zed for a player in the begining :D Point one, made me, more looking for food then playing hehe I gues im doing something wrong, last time i played we could find food so. Havent really played since 059. But now with 060-061 combine iam really stoked! [character status was saved] PS oh i relogged when i had some zeds outside the house i was in and when i got back in my character was auto swinging the axe. (i hadnt clicked the attack button). I have a question, is it a feature that i cant crawl between a table and a wall but i can go/run between them?
  11. Pax Australia 2016 0.62

    Hi ks n o inrnet or pone in australi!! Oh well, that sux! I really thought it should be out this fine evening! One more week... :/
  12. Pax Australia 2016 0.62

    I believe its today, the last one was released 25 October so! :D
  13. Exp Update 0.61.135961

    @DannyDog thats a question i also have been thinking about.. [I saw afterwards, that something got wrong here, i couldnt see/find DannyDog's post xD] I would like to add one question, kinda regarding the same thing (my English isnt the best, so bare with me): One thing that i really dont like(but its okey, its not that i dont play the game) in a lot of games, is that the default light is to bright.. It could be outside in a alley between two houses that blocks out sunlight or in like every house, where the rooms is to illuminated. It would be nice if the darker areas was actually dark(+ shadows). I mean, it often feels like that every sqm/sq inch has the same "light" value... (Now that i think about it, maybe that just my gamma/light setting hehe) PS Are you gonna add so we can see dirt particles/dust in "light rays"? EX when sunlight, light up a room through a window...
  14. Exp Update 0.61.135961

    I missed it lol Anyway got to see the new server browser! AWESOME!
  15. Exp Update 0.61.135961

    Oh one quick question, is the 200% res. still a "problem" in 061?