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  1. What do you expect from a 5 year old budget gaming card, probably running a dual core processor with 2 or 4 gb memory. Vescula is asking the right questions what are youre specs
  2. Youre cpu dropped to 1,72 make sure you enable high performance in you're powersettings in the windows control panel so youre cpu stays at 3,3Ghz. Youre CPU is not the moste powerfull for Dayz and the highest possible frequency is the best. Looking at youre memory is is a little low swap youre 2gb module for a 4gb fot a total of 8gb, youre graphics card is way underpowered.
  3. What worked for me is drag a item in your hands, press the x so it is going back in inventory and then press the key from youre hotbar (even if the weapon cant be seen) and the weaopon magical appears.
  4. Found some at the prisonbuiling at Balota