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  1. Can we just take a sec to appreciate how far dayz has come and understand just how many savage nonbelievers have quit on the progress and abandoned the game altogether? Let's understand just how much work the team has done in the past year in comparison to total 5 .. I can almost taste beta -- and I can't wait to rub it in my friends faces who gave up on this fantastic game. :)
  2. What do you think can be done about the issue of cull-distances revealing players hiding in tall-grass / bushes at a distance? For those who are unaware, in the game development world, a cull-distance is generally referring to the distances at which certain meshes (mainly non-interactive objects) spawn. There is usually an invisible ring around the player that when said meshes, most of the time the foliage like grass and weeds, are to render / de-render from the players view port. There are generally two types of cull-distances to my understanding: Type A: General Cull-distance [GCD] - used to cull all foliage at x distance Type B: Cheap Cull-distance [CCD] - used to cull foliage further than the general cull-distance radius. (Cheap cull-distance is the best term I can think of since I'm not sure the actual one -- it means that foliage that exceeds the GCD Range but not the CCD range will render as "cheap" or low-quality models. The texture quality will be less, and the polygon count will be less. This is because it is at a distance the player cannot even see the quality that there would be no point in rendering it, thus adding unneeded strain on the client.) The reason cull-distance is existent is simply because if all the grass in the world rendered or grass at extreme range rendered, players would experience severe - if not game-crashing - lag. The issue stands currently that the distances are mandatory for gameplay optimization and to avoid lag and crashing, however it disallows the use of the foliage at a distance to conceal player characters from sight. E.G. if you are laying in a field of tall grass at the same elevation as another player, it would be nearly impossible to be spotted. However, if this player that is scouting is outside the cull-distance, they will see a character laying in a field of green texture (which is just the landscape material). There will not be any actual grass to conceal that character laying down until the scouting player gets within the cull-distance. So now I ask, what do we think can be done about this issue? Will it forever remain impossible to hide behind a simple shrub or in some tall grass at a distance? There is even a CCD for larger-scaled foliage such as pine trees and other large topiary. It makes it almost a 2d model at a distance, which means at a certain angle the player can be seen, and at other angles he/she is completely concealed. This is a real headscratcher! Taking it out is obviously not an option, so now what?
  3. Extensive Physical Interaction System

    Well aren't you a bundle of sunshine LOL I'm not saying I'm right, but I am saying that claiming I'm wrong is incorrect. Nobody's opinion is wrong. Maybe far-fetched at best, but certainly not wrong. If you have no hope for DayZ Standalone or don't see it going anywhere in the end , that what point do you serve in perusing the forums like it's any concern to you? Let the supporters do their thing my man. If you got beef with B.I. take it up with them, don't try to trash someone else's idea. But anyways -- who the heck am I to tell you what to do, right? I'm nobody to you and never will be someone to you, right? Yo do you, guy.
  4. So we all know that atmosphere is created through various aspects in the game creation world. Ambient props, decals, ambient sounds, ambient animations, dynamic events such as zombie attacks, player encounters, helicopter spawns, etc etc... [Discretion warning -- this get's a bit graphic] This created the atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic setting that denotes the will to survive and the instinct to kill or be killed. However, I feel like there's a huge lack in sentiment and story. Of course, yes, the game is in alpha and I'm sure this is to be expected and fixed in the future. Allow me to offer my two-cents here and say that I have a good suggestion that I'd love to start a discussion about to fill this gap. I placed a discussion thread on dynamic corpses of Z and non-Z humanoids that are temporary world-containers. They start out as dynamic props that hold generated loot based on location/body-type and allow the players to find gear within them. Quick e.g.: Out in a forest > find a log cabin > find a dead lumberjack (maybe he isn't infected? theory of a cure / immunity to the infection?) > he has plaid clothing on, one of those fuzz cap thingies, big ol' wellies, and a crude axe on him. He's a lumberjack who lives in a cabin and has an axe. That's sort of what you'd expect to find in a log cabin in the forest right? Instead currently when we go into a log cabin in the forest we find raincoats and fruits, just some basic household stuff you could find anywhere. But there's no story to that! So here's the gist: I think it would be great for the ambiance to tell a story. A dead body in a suburban home with a bullet entrance and exit wound in his head and a gun in his hand, and also a bloodstain on the wall behind him. What can we deduce from this? Suicide, as it looks like. We never know for sure because we weren't there, but that's the story we see from our point of view. Then there's the idea of the log cabin. We gotta expect to find hunting rifles and woodcutting hatchets in there! Every area of DayZ would have a type of dead body, type of expected destruction, and more. Like Elektro. There are broken windows on nearly every first floor house, and every store. This shows there was panic and looting that happened during the apocalypse. But there are little to no bodies left.. Why is this? There's no way everyone got out alive in that kind of panic. You would expect to find at least ONE dead body that isn't a naked fresh spawn, right? How about a dead helicopter pilot in the chopper spawns? An "alive" zombie bus driver in a bus that's stuck in his seat by the seat belt? (Bus is crashed into a tree, clearly a bloodstain on the steering wheel where the bus driver hit his head and had a concussion and died, also a a bloodstain on the forehead of the model for the zombie bus driver) A dead fisherman floating by the side of a dock in the water still wearing his raincoat? Shot in the back of the head off the dock? Let's hear some more ideas about scenarios you could encounter and how bodies and decals could tell a story!
  5. Spraypaint

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I just lost my crap for a moment Yes I also agree this would be an issue. This would be really cool to allow players to be forewarned that say a city has been claimed by "the barefoot bandits" or something. Or maybe like drawing arrows to a safehaven!
  6. [SUGGESTION] Gearing Point System

    That's a strong point, @IMT. I didn't look at it this way! You're right, from a roleplay perspective we would have no clue what another player would have -- or that anyone was even left. But also from a gamer's perspective, when we see a guy in a tshirt and jeans its unfortunate that we know theres a 99% chance they have no value other than being an ally. Some will kill others for gear. Some will kill others for food. Some will avoid new spawns altogether because they aren't worth time to talk to. For the intended purpose of an immersive game, you'd have to have a community willing to co-exist with this same immersive attitude. DayZ was rated the #1 PvP game for a short period of time because that's what players enjoyed about it most. Since it is the case (and even though I may not have the right to, I feel like I can safely speak for the majority of players when I say this) that most players are not there to survive, but to kill, then the worth of a fresh spawn is little to nothing. In fact, I would even call them a nuisance to well-geared and heavily-geared players. Why? Because they have nothing -- and they would kill for anything. See the issue? For the record I 100% agree with all these comments that my idea would be best fit as a mod. However, there's an issue at hand with the value of a new-spawned player and their effect on other players. Here's the main points: A new-spawn player is avoided because: They have nothing to offer (you could argue they have companionship, and tactical advantages, but this is such a rare desire that I'm going to rule it out momentarily). They will be likely to attack you for your gear, and avoid the roleplay and survivalist mission altogether. A new-spawn player is sought out because: They are being hunted by players with high gear who just want to kill people. They are desired as allies. EDIT: Cannibalism? Let's take a setting from a show like The Walking Dead, or Z Nation: After watching these series and getting a good idea for how survival works their, most bandits decide to attack people who look just like new spawns in DayZ (no weaponry, clearly nothing on them) because they feel like they have a stash somewhere or might have something valuable to them. In DayZ, when you find someone like that, you know that they don't have more than eight slots on them. The most they could be carrying is a handgun (which is not valuable considering the chance that they found a clip and the chance you have the appropriate ammunition are all slim) or something not valuable enough for you to want to have an encounter with them. In this sense, a geared player will shoot on sight, because they see a pest. Not a player. But what if everyone spawned with something valuable? Everyone would be hunted, and everyone would also be the hunter. Not just a high pop server with at least twenty players that have less than so much as a crude axe to defend themselves versus people who server hop to get gear that's otherwise impossible to find unless you travel really far out and get geared up to come down to where all the players are (which is where they spawn) and where they mainly encounter new spawns. Watch any dayz stream of people doing PvP in Elektro.. Bet that only 1/4 players they kill are new spawns that can't defend themselves. Sad part is 2/4 of them will be attempting to get a cheeky K.O. to gear up and then just do the same darn thing the first guy was doing anyways... It's saddening :( I do see all the issues that would be caused with allowing starting gear, but also there are a world of issues already existent without it. My purpose here is to enlighten us on this fact. Do we really think that when DayZ goes live as a full-fledged game after beta testing that players will stay for very long? At this rate we'll end up like Titanfall. Players will love it for the first 10 days then will decline in population by the 11th drastically. I'm putting myself in the eyes of a consumer who never played this game before. They spawn in with literally nothing, and walk around only to get shot by players with good gear then are like "wtf just happened"? Then they get lost in a town with Russian signs that they can't read, and starve to death before they find another player that won't attack them for what they have. I even see fresh spawns boxing other fresh spawns for no darn reason. The unfortunate truth at this time is that there's no real reason to care for another player. Maybe I'm getting too far ahead of myself, and I apologize for this huge rant, it's just I'm desperate to see this community succeed. I feel like a huge issue right now is the inability for new players to defend themselves and how deterred they would be by joining a game, getting knocked out, killed, kidnapped, tortured, and can't do a darn thing about it. At least with some sort of gun players will know how to defend themselves. I'd say enough people who come to DayZ have played FPS before and know how to use a virtual gun. But I'm not sure I could say the same about the melee mechanics. Sorry for all that, but am I getting my point across at all?? Maybe I should take this to a discussion thread? What do we think?
  7. I don't really know how to title this one.. haha. Okay so here's the TLDR; Before you physically spawn into any given server, an entity for your player ID is created and will persist until death after fully spawning in. This entity is a preset point system that dice rolls a number (let's say between 7 and 13) that you can spend to have gear to start with. This system is seen in games like Insurgency and a few others. Weapons and gear costs points. How this can contribute to DayZ SA: This point system can allow players to start with at least something tangible that can assist their survival quest. Don't we think it's a tad strange that everyone wakes up with three articles of clothing and the exact same gear? I'm sure this won't be permanent, but I have a good suggestion to replace this temporary state. Here's how it works; You start as that said 'entity' and are given a number between 7 and 13. This represents the number of (we'll call them) equipment points (EP [/gp for gear points] a player will begin with. Within this limited number of EP, you may select a small loadout to begin your journey of survival. So here's an example of the layout: *Dorn956 joins DayZ FL-11* *Starts with 10 points* *Basic clothing already given* First there's weapons: I use 8/10 points to buy a mosin, 1/10 points to buy a scope, 1/10 points to buy a box of mosin rounds. I am now all out of points. If I buy mosin rounds without the mosin, it will cost me 5pts. (This prevents the abuse of the point system to stock bullets and suicide). Corresponding items cost less as a bundle. The higher the item tier, the more it costs. Derringer = 1pt Makarov = 3pts CRz5 = 6pts Etc. Etc. Etc. The clips would be 1pt. The ammo would be 1pt. This would allow players to have reasonable defense against other geared players, instead of rushing them in Elektro and hoping for a knockout lol. Then there's tools: Let's suppose I spent 5pts getting a makarov, a box of ammo, and one clip. They all come worn state. Now I have 5pts left to spend on other necessities. Crude axe = 2pts Fireaxe = 3pts Hunting knife = 2pts Roll of bandages = 2pts Any small food article maybe 1pt? Get the gist? This would be a custom class system which would offer a variety of choices that would benefit the player in various ways. What do we think?
  8. Incoming Radiation Storms!!

    Wait wait wait! Contaminated zones?? There could be an acute possibility that the Z1 Infection is caused by radiation! #Themoreyouknow Radiation could be an incredible factor in DayZ. Imagine a moving radiation storm? (Yes, another Dynamic Event) Either random or set times of day when radioactive flare ups occur and immediate evacuation / protection is required?? Maybe these events could yield special items that will only spawn for the duration of the flare-up time! Good gear? The ability to harvest radioactive specimen? SCIENCE IN DAYZ? FINDING A CURE?????????? Just food for thought :^)
  9. Incoming Radiation Storms!!

    I think that's a dope idea! But is DayZ post nuclear explosion though? It seems like it's been long past the point of nuclear residency?
  10. I am not certain what this will be classified as, but I'd like to go into a bit of detail about physical interactions and how we can help to implement them into DayZ SA. First off let me start by saying any well-crafted game is a mix of aspects from other games that revolve around a key aspect of uniqueness that is critical to tying in all other components within it. A few very important aspects to consider are the following: -Goal -Atmosphere -Mechanics -Challenge Not so much graphics, and not so much nit-picky details. (For anyone who thinks graphics are key within a successful video game, tell that to DOOM and WoW Vanilla) The Extensive Physical Interaction System I propose is a mix of ideas I've read from the forums into a core interaction system that isn't much for cosmetic, but to change the way the mechanics of the game function altogether. To start this off, I'm going to list the possibilities I see in an extensive physical action system that branch off with some of the ideas we have already come across in the past. Fighting Techniques - Grabbing, Kicking, Shoving, etc. Utility - Meat Shielding? Grabbing zombies and players alike to sponge up damage for a few shots? Diving Tackling Dragging (unconscious) players / dead zombies More Emotes (cosmetic really.. I was just thinking like hand signals. Go, stop, flank, hostiles, etc.) Forced disarming (prying the weapons/brute force) Trained disarming (counter attacks) Dropping weapons when struck on main hand (bullet, axe, see dismemberment maybe?) Ally-oop (Idk what to call it - where you assist in climbing a wall Army of Two style, with your hands together) Ally-oop followup - lifting up the other guy Back to fighting.. Shoving people / kicking people out windows? (Action movie style) I was thinking combat-wise this could tie into a sequential who-did-what action and almost a real time rock-paper-scissors match up... Here are some situation examples of the above e.g. - two guys rush each other and one goes for an uppercut while the other goes for a jumping overhead, the uppercut would hit first if pressed within x amount of time and then the opponent would flinch and need to think fast. e.g. - bandits cornering you in a large building and you jump one of them and hold him hostage with a knife while backing away slowly to escape the situation e.g. - you spot a sniper at the last possible second and rush your ally to dive for cover as a shot whirls past you both, desecrating the concrete wall behind you (defensive tackling, not offensive!) e.g. - waiting around a corner with a bat and crap-slapping an unknown player , maybe or maybe not knocking them unconscious, but definitely causing them to flinch enough to drop their weapon (insert element of surprise bonus here?) e.g. - hostile swings an axe at you and if you press the right action key at the right time you can sidestep and disarm (maybe just that, maybe not steal the weapon necessarily) Of course this is more of post-alpha updates. I know the priority is making the game run as it is :P Just food for thought. / r / roastme pls I'd like to hear your thoughts forum-goers :D EDIT: 01:51 EST 16 APRIL 2017: ASSASSINATIONS
  11. Character Value: A discussion.

    Lots of work. Lol. Lots. The hardest part about level design in atmosphere is getting the lighting just right. You don't want it to adjust to your characters "eyes" too slow or too fast, you don't want the brightness to really have to be played with for people to enjoy the way the game looks, and then on top of that, every instance of lighting generally needs to be rendered at one time. Considering my maps on Unreal Engine 4 are the size of that picture you posted, and for preview lighting (let alone realistic setting) to render takes about 5 minutes. Realistic takes about 25 or so. So on such a grand scale (while also considering how changing the lighting in one area affects another) it could take hours to days, even weeks to render the lighting. But then again, I don't know what software they run or how good it is about rendering. I'm just comparing personal experience in there. So as we all know, it's going to be lovely when more atmosphere comes to the game, but just as everyone and their mothers have stated: The devs need to make the game work before they make it pretty :P
  12. Character Value: A discussion.

    I totally agree, and well said. Personally I feel the road to power could be enlengthened by having more than one aspect define "power". As of now the definition of having power in DayZ is by owning items such as Weapons food and munition and other valuable rare commodities. But what if there was more to power? Such as economy, electricity, running water, organizations, shelter and safety, and possibly a more pressing threat of zombies then the dumb group of all types that we see now? For example, imagine that outside of a closed-off city wall is an entire world of zombies that actually pose a legitimate threat. Where you can be overwhelmed by multiple zombies, or you can be held down by multiple zombies, and have to possibly Mash a button in order to get them off of you so that you don't get bitten, so that you don't get infected... This is all just Theory, however, if you understand the point I'm trying to put forward, then you'll understand that there is steps that need to be taken in order to create these outside sources of power that we so desperately seek in order to create amore in-depth character value. I'm sure half of what I said is planning to be introduced already, but I am just stating the obvious that this is what needs to be done in order for more incentive of character vavalu and longevity to be placed into DayZ and make it more than just an infinite game of cat-and-mouse; kill-then-be-killed; Rinse and repeat...
  13. Lmao. "You a doctor?" "Yes" "No" *gunshot* I was thinking maybe you could have a special armband awarded to you that doesnt take up inventory space for proof of knowledge once you reach a certain level of skill Buy I hope that doesnt defeat surrealism by magically obtaining said armband. Or for what reason other people cant forge one
  14. Yeah you're right. I suppose limitation won't be the best. So just start from level 0 in everything and learn how to do it through experience and knowledge gain from outside sources. It would make characters way more valueable to players who own them. Im still not sure if it would increase value of thr unknown.. If there was a way for sure to know someone was a medic for example their chances of being KOS will be slim
  15. I mentioned earlier a time limit before class swap too. Like an hour gameplay time before class can change maybe. But I see where youre coming from yes. This could be beneficial to hone in on a system thatm creates character value