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  1. I totally agree, and well said. Personally I feel the road to power could be enlengthened by having more than one aspect define "power". As of now the definition of having power in DayZ is by owning items such as Weapons food and munition and other valuable rare commodities. But what if there was more to power? Such as economy, electricity, running water, organizations, shelter and safety, and possibly a more pressing threat of zombies then the dumb group of all types that we see now? For example, imagine that outside of a closed-off city wall is an entire world of zombies that actually pose a legitimate threat. Where you can be overwhelmed by multiple zombies, or you can be held down by multiple zombies, and have to possibly Mash a button in order to get them off of you so that you don't get bitten, so that you don't get infected... This is all just Theory, however, if you understand the point I'm trying to put forward, then you'll understand that there is steps that need to be taken in order to create these outside sources of power that we so desperately seek in order to create amore in-depth character value. I'm sure half of what I said is planning to be introduced already, but I am just stating the obvious that this is what needs to be done in order for more incentive of character vavalu and longevity to be placed into DayZ and make it more than just an infinite game of cat-and-mouse; kill-then-be-killed; Rinse and repeat...
  2. Lmao. "You a doctor?" "Yes" "No" *gunshot* I was thinking maybe you could have a special armband awarded to you that doesnt take up inventory space for proof of knowledge once you reach a certain level of skill Buy I hope that doesnt defeat surrealism by magically obtaining said armband. Or for what reason other people cant forge one
  3. Yeah you're right. I suppose limitation won't be the best. So just start from level 0 in everything and learn how to do it through experience and knowledge gain from outside sources. It would make characters way more valueable to players who own them. Im still not sure if it would increase value of thr unknown.. If there was a way for sure to know someone was a medic for example their chances of being KOS will be slim
  4. I mentioned earlier a time limit before class swap too. Like an hour gameplay time before class can change maybe. But I see where youre coming from yes. This could be beneficial to hone in on a system thatm creates character value
  5. So you're suggesting players start with residual knowledge of a profession and then have the adaptability to learn other skills over time, while having an adept capability in their primary skill?
  6. I like the ideas of admin tools. What I think would also be cool is a sort of "oracle mode" like from Halo... Just basically vanish and lose the character model, noclip and fly around the map at choice speed, and inspect players items, see names, see health, see status, ping, be able to open individual player logs, and even alter physical attributes about the players character as well. Definitely need more logs. Beans to you, sir
  7. In fact. this is basically that same concept - just a bit of a different perspective of it on our ends
  8. I like this idea of skills and classes to produce a sense of value to all unknown characters. I feel like the KoS rate would drop drastically. However, I don't support the knowledge gained through unlockable achievements through in-game keys (such as books). However, to keep that sense of value within players, I suggest a system of choice on character screen. A lot like Dead Frontier™ , if you google that, or have ever played it. Certain classes have certain skills of value with appropriate pros and cons to each class. E.G. - Medics: Obviously can treat wounds and illnesses with great ease in comparison to a DIY survivor. However, low combat skills like accuracy with firearms and physical strength / stamina. Whereas a marine for example will have high combat skills and a crash course in medicine probably, so they can do a bit more than your average engineer can with medicine, but not nearly as much as a straight medic can do. Point tweaking during character creation I don't support, though. I'm sure there will be 'the perfect combo' for PKers to spam. So I'd rather players not truly know their limits like that. If it was random it would be even better... Imagine spawning in and being assigned a role that you have to play on for at least 30+ minutes (or something along that line) before your class will change on your next life Now THAT I'd like to see.
  9. There are models that I see on Z's that look perfectly human lol
  10. A form of proximity-based compression scripts would probably be suitable to help reduce lag. However, I myself do not know how difficult it would be to have assets essentially compress as simply as I'm wording it to be. I'm not sure if that's a simple task or not to actually execute the compression - let alone make the coding for it to happen.
  11. Thanks for the positive comments, all. I just want DayZ to be done as bad as the next guy :)
  12. @BioHaze you got me there. Didn't look at it like that, probably cause I'm not experienced on this forum like you are. I withdraw my previous comment. That part can be removed about the mod's duty, but the rest still stands. Repeat information can still be useful if elaborated on :v
  13. Definitely. But all in all we will figure it out on post at a time haha
  14. I'd love to see it happen :) Also, the helmet thing would be a factor of how long identification takes. With face coverings (dependent on how much is covered) the time to identify can be dramatically increased. Also, custom armbands or an insignia on a vest would be a cool thought for identification. Maybe with customization layers a lot like the CoD profile cards
  15. I agree with both of you. I forgot mods were a thing, haha. Maybe this could be a mod, but if it were implemented into the game, I just had a thought. In a realistic setting, when you see a friendly face that you know by heart (like friends or family) you can identify them faster than identifying a friendly with 1/6 face possibilities LOL So what if there was a default time limit to identifying before the green dot shows up based on distance? Like within 10 ft will be 1 second identification time; 10 meters is 2 seconds; A mile away is 6+ seconds... or something like that This will keep that tension you both crave and feel has a large part in the survival setting of DayZ Thoughts?