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    Nobody really knows what happens to you when you die, but some believe that your spirit leaves your body in the form of what is popularly known as a "ghost".

    What IS certain is that when ghosts die, they become meat.
  1. Anyone watching this season? That Drogon scene with Bronn and Jaime was pretty intense. Only 3 episodes left!
  2. Hostname : DayZ SE 4-053 - Hosted by - Persistence Enabled Address : Location :;135;6
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  6. Finally got around to seeing John Wick 2 and it was even better than I hoped. In what I can see becoming a great running gag in this franchise, John Wick Chapter 2 takes place right after the first. John has avenged his dog and is now in the process of reclaiming his car that was stolen from the first movie. As SOON as he gets it home and mixes a new batch of cement for his basement, Chapter 2's story rings the doorbell and we're off. This does what "The Raid 2" did for "The Raid". Improves on the story and settings and world building and ramps up the action even more. There's no fancy plans or ambushes or betrayals you don't see coming in this movie. John is simply a force of sheer will and comes right AT you. John Wick Chapter 2 is doing very well at the box office and for good reason. This sequel kicks ass.
  7. Saw this over the weekend and it was amazing. Full of meta humor and previous wrongs in the franchise finally righted. This really was such a breath of fresh air for the characters. Yes, it's funny with a few pretty adult jokes I was honestly surprised they got away with but the action is what really stands out here. It really is some top notch animation directed by the guy behind many Moral Oral and Robot Chicken episodes. If I had anything negative to take away from the film I'd say it reaches a high peak somewhere early on and just sort of coasts the rest of the way but if that's the only thing wrong I'd think it's pretty safe to say go see this movie. It's a fun time.
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  11. Good zombie movie. Interesting take on the genre similar to "28 Days Later" and "The Last of Us" with some "Monsters (2010)" and "Crossed (2008)" thrown in. I was surprised by how well it shows off the over vegetation in the city. It really does Iook great! The author of the book also wrote the sceenplay which just adds attention to detail to a movie that already has some pretty solid acting and impressive special effects.
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