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    The M4

    Well, the xbox preview is not even close to stable. It's sharing the stress test from the PC version, which is even less stable than experimental branch. Such things are normal, you're not playing a finished product. Be a good samaritan and report the bug.
  2. BluesAdam

    Xbox screen adjuster

    It's a known bug. They are working on a fix already ;)
  3. BluesAdam

    Stress Test vol.41

    Probably due to hardware specs of different servers. Nothing else comes to my mind.
  4. BluesAdam

    Stress Test vol.40

    To be honest, your original post reads like you are complaining about character wipes. Maybe you should word your posts more carefully, as it is hard to interpret your intentions from text posts unlike actual talking. To be honest, you are more of a snob here.
  5. BluesAdam

    Status Report - 14 August 2018

    Please consider excluding pistols from this. Pistols have very small size and can easily be operated in even the tightest spaces, actually, that's one huge advantage pistols have over rifles. No need to make pistols point upwards when close to an object. Just saying.
  6. BluesAdam

    Improvised bow reloading

    You don't have to one arrow in each slot. Just put one arrow in Slot 1 and when you load that arrow, hotbar will be automatically renewed by another arrow as long as you have one.
  7. BluesAdam

    Improvised bow reloading

    Since the latest update, you can't attach 5 arrows at once. Instead, you drag the arrows into hotbar and press the corresponding key each time you want to reload a new arrow.
  8. I believe devs talked exactly about that in one of the latest status reports. It is in progress and will be added later with the new character model and UI.
  9. BluesAdam

    Dev team, take some notes

    As far as I see: 1. Map is way smaller compared to DayZ 2. It is more of an instance based game, far from DayZ's dynamic and mmo style 3. It is a PvP game, it's not as in-depth as DayZ is (base building, camping, sickness etc. etc.) I could count more and more but, I don't see why DayZ devs should take notes from Tarkov. Maybe the looting system could be referred to at some point, but other than that, as others have also suggested, the two are completely different games. You join a session, PvP, loot all you can and leave.
  10. Private stable servers will experience lack of players again it seems :)
  11. BluesAdam


    If you have any launch parameters, please remove them. If that does not work, delete your Documents/DayZ folder and verify game integrity on Steam. Let me know how it works.
  12. BluesAdam


    What is your system specs?
  13. BluesAdam

    How can we fix camping ?

    The video got removed a long time ago, but some dude created a sketch of a very cool map for DayZ and commented on it like 30 minutes or so on YouTube. Edit: Nevermind, it seems he reuploaded the video again. Here, check this out if you want. In my opinion, that's the kind of map DayZ needs and deserves.
  14. BluesAdam

    Stable Branch - 0.54 Discussion

    I can confirm that maxMem solved issues for me as well. Not completely though. After game reaches 2.6gb of ram usage, game freezes for a second. At that point, without maxMem, game crashes because it can exceed 2.6gb, but with maxMem, it can't exceed 2.6gb so flushes itself with one second of freezing. Better than nothing anyway.