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  1. Few clips pulled together for my latest video, thanks for the views guys Lee
  2. Action in and around North West, Zeleno and Cherno Thanks Lee
  3. Hi, Had a situation where I was 1 v 4 at the tents on North west airfield Please mind the terrible editing skills I'm teaching myself Vegas and its majorly confusing https://youtu.be/c4Jy7ry286g Thanks :)
  4. Hi, How often are persistence wipes on public servers?
  5. erm countless UMP's, 2 Aug's and an AK101 and ammo for the server.
  6. Has anyone's gun gone from there hands while running to holstered?
  7. Image people coming on the forum of the game seeing the new player discussion section and asking where something spawns, the absolute cheek of asking a question.
  8. Having a blast on this version of exp, been playing with a new group of players aswell so its been great to bond, that wouldnt have happened on .57 the only downside for me has been the long period of "receiving" followed by us all getting "session lost" and fellow players running on the spot, it happened on uk-01 around 11:00pm as we got to the North West airfield so it wasnt ideal. Had to relog about 3 or 4 times to get past the please wait screen.
  9. man the servers are rammed tonight!
  10. Sun rise is very special
  11. Hi guys, Wondered if anyone could help me with the bindings Im wanting to set up the arrow keys to work so that i can move in the inventory like you can with W,A.S.D Ive fiddled with that in game settings etc but to no avail Can anyone just lend me some advice, Much appreciated Lee
  12. hahahah, amazing
  13. Ridiculous statement, people will play the game how they want murder simulator or not everyone who buy's this early access game is allowed an opinion.
  14. Christ waiting for and downloading the new patch fills me with dread it causes nothing but chaos on here and in the game. ;) Dayz has learnt me to not walk into the middle of the city and look around because every thing will slow down to a horrible mess.