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  1. Scripters Question & Answer Thread

    Are we able to mod any of the actions involved in the default actions that come with right clicking? I've been using the script editor and I used the Find Symbol pane on the left. I found some interesting methods (I assume as it has M next to them) one being called HumanInputController.IsWeaponRaised. I think this is the area I am looking for I believe. I saw that guns and optics seem to share a Scope value. Weapons have it set to 0 while optics seem to have it set to 2. If we have a mosin with PU, you right click to raise the gun and left shift to go to the iron sight and I think this is because the Scope value is set to 0 at this point, by default. Scrolling up I think changes the Scope value to 2 which switches to your PU scope thats attached. If you, reload or left shift it will result in you being back to the raised gun state. If you left shift again... boom you're back to the scope since the scope value is still at 2. BUT if you release right click at any point I think that scope value is lost and the default is used once left shifting. Does anybody know if I am right with the above? If yes, where is raising and lowering the gun action wise where I could potentially capture the scope value in some way so we stop defaulting to the horrible ironsights?
  2. A few questions about where to start...

    Looking for any direction to get started. I'm assuming theres some tools on steam to download but I can't find anything about getting started making a mod. I see a lot about how to get a mod from steam or load a mod on your own server but thats all.
  3. Status Report - 20 November 2018

    Next time could you link the forum posts for suggestions when the window for suggestions is actually still open? You've just linked us forum posts we are now a day late on contributing to.
  4. Screen shots with some edits

    I was playing today and left a small group of houses due to there being too many infected in the area. When I turned around I saw a pretty cool view. It's cool to see again how dayz can be a bit horror-ish sometimes. TrioInTheMist ColdAndAlone

    What if you only have one magazine? Ran into that issue today.
  6. Stress Test vol.10

    @Parazight We just don't agree about the degree it works. I would say it works but not in a great way. But that could be because I am trying to spend as little time in the Inv UI as possible. That and I love the idea of making items in our backpack not accessible on the fly (would actually like to see an animation for when we use our backpack). Also hotbar slots are pretty limited, so I might be more OK with the current solution if i had more room to work with. So I could have a flashlight, food, water and bandages ready to go besides my one or two guns with mags and extra ammo per gun.
  7. Stress Test vol.10

    Perfect, even allow you to Lclick to cycle through which tool to use to open the can, if you have multiple. Great idea @LordBlackwolf
  8. Stress Test vol.10

    If you're referring to my post, I'm not saying it's wrong. I just think it can be done better, while aligning with their views on how often we should be using the inv screen. This could also be applied to can openers and knives. Have the can in your shirt/vest/pants and knife/canopener in hand. Lclick to cycle which food to open, hold lclick to open it.
  9. Stress Test vol.10

    Not sure if it's ok to report some stuff i noticed from playing last night. One thing I saw happening while on the stairs of the PD. There were some times where I was going down the stairs and I would stop, then I was unable to raise my gun when looking down the stairs. If i turned right toward the center of the spiral staircase it would put my gun up but turning left and trying to hole Rclick it did nothing. I believe this was due to the game thinking my gun was too close to the wall on my left but that wasnt really the case from what I could see. If i were to walk down the stairs and not stop, my gun would pull up just fine looking the same direction. Also melee seems better than .62 but since infected can cancel your swing its hard to know when to try and swing again. More feedback has to be given to the player to know when holding left click is no longer going to work as you need to click again. Dayz melee was always clunky but now it just feels clunky 2.0, just clunky in a new way. I know it's not finished but I don't know if this issue specifically was setup to get worked on in the future. Figured I would mention it. Oh just thought of something to avoid the reloading of mags umm feature we have now. So we can drop ammo on the ground and hold our mag and reload like that. Or drop ammo from our bag into the combine slot in the inv screen. Both methods force you to go into your inv which is something you guys are wanting us to use less and less. Why not have ammo be treated special to allow for a smoother reload workflow, less inv management and opening required and force us to plan for the future. IDEA: We have a mag in our hand that takes .380. We have a stack of .380 rounds that are damaged in our vest and a pristine stack in our pants. The tooltip looking deal on the bottom left of our screen shows we can left click to toggle which stack of rounds we want to load. One shows 35 rounds (damaged) the other is 35 (pristine). Once you pick the one you want you hold left click and you load it up. No inv opening at all. This forces us to put rounds we need quickly in slots we can access easily which saves us time but forces us to plan our inv out.
  10. New animations and features

    I agree, really id almost never wana see the horrible particle bleed we have now. But bleed through clothes and dripping blood would be awesome.
  11. New animations and features

    Just was watching a stream and was reminded of the current 'bleed' animation we have in game right now. I remember from the first time I played dayz thinking about how lame that animation was. With a new animation system coming sometimes this or next year... have we seen anything about how bleeding will look? If no video has been shown of this, could we get an update in text about how it will end up looking?
  12. Its nice that the official servers will be preserved but right now I'm not sure they are all that fun. I mean the only time I have my worst experiences are on public servers. So I hope things change in the future. My main issues are the fact that their public so people just server hop. There are no active admins so any issues like hacking or anything will not be taken care of. If these servers were cared for like your typical private server then i think more quality people would end up using them. Would private servers get a chance to stat track and all that as well? Then push that info to our main screen and make sure you show the main screen data is being taken from some private server rather than the official servers.
  13. Status Report - 26 Nov 2015

    I played the mod but only for a couple minutes just recently. How did the music function in the game? Was it just always playing or would it change as you played to match the intensity? If it just played on a loop, you could just do the same right?
  14. Status Report - 26 Nov 2015

    https://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/230416-status-report-26-nov-2015/?p=2323740 He talked about this a few posts up.
  15. Status Report - 26 Nov 2015

    You asked us on Twitter the other day about how we would like to get info from you and your team in the future. Any popular ideas from the fans that you guys are looking into now? Having Dev vs. QA streams would be great! B) ;)