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  1. Damnit Danny!
  2. Well done! You crashing into their car was great!
  3. Nice video sir!
  4. Smart wolf!
  5. Hilarious!
  6. Awesome! As per usual! ;)
  7. Didn't like them being so mean to you! ;)
  8. Didn't see him until he started moving! :D
  9. apple party

    That was some party!
  10. fail

    Hahaha Especially awesome cause you were mouthing them off so well!
  11. Some nice shooting there! Look like you had a lot of fun! :D
  12. Close one there... Well played!
  13. Damnit DannyBoy! :(
  14. I am starting to get the idea that you aren't very good at making friends. ^^