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  1. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    Well id love to test this patch but it's nearly impossible, 40 mins of spamming join for 5 mins of gameplay before server crash.. This happened 3 times in a row tonight and twice the night before... I will leave this exp for people who can script keys to get into servers. 0.60 looks great from the small amount I've seen so well done devs. See you when it hits stable ;)
  2. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    Yeah I had to turn it up 3/4 where as before it's always been around half..
  3. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    One thing I have noticed multiple times is when a server crashes/looses connection I can't select another server to join without restarting the game
  4. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    This is also my experience, also everything seems very dark think I might have something set wrong?
  5. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    Managed to get on last night, solid frames and very stable for an exp build. Inventory works, interacting with the environment works. Mic chat seemed a bit stuttered but that could be ping on client side of the people I was talking to? Only bug I found was my trousers... Everything I put in them went back to where I picked it up from, taking them off and putting them on again fixed it. Love the new spawn system, guns with mags with 1 or 2 rounds in is a massive plus for immersion for me... And cool little military spawn in Cherno :)
  6. no luck finding any kind of ammo

    How can you starve in this game??
  7. O.60 Servers are up?

    Hey guys, We'll have a small presence at PAX East this year - taking the opportunity to show the latest build of .60, meet and greet some Chernarussian survivors, and answer questions about the upcoming ,60 experimental release. We'll be working again with Astro Gaming, MrBlack0ut, and Anthony Kongphan. Our schedule for the weekend looks like such: Friday: 2:00 to 3:00 - Meet & Greet w/ Creative Director Brian Hicks, Brand Manager Dustin Hucks, Anthony Kongphan, MrBlack0ut Saturday: 2:00 to 3:00 Meet & Greet w/ Creative Director Brian Hicks, Brand Manager Dustin Hucks, Anthony Kongphan, MrBlack0ut Saturday 2:30 to 5:30 Live Stream w/ rotating guests on latest 0.60 build - Gameplay, Discussion, and Questions (Creative Director Brian Hicks, MrBlack0ut, Brand Manager Dustin Hucks) Sunday: 2:00 to 3:00 - Meet & Greet w/ Creative Director Brian Hicks, Brand Manager Dustin Hucks, Anthony Kongphan, MrBlack0ut We're obviously all excited to get .60 on to experimental branch and in the hands of the Early Access users, so we're keeping it light this year - but rest assured we'll be showing live gameplay, handing out sweet DayZ swag, and doing our best to answer your questions during the weekend event. Live Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/astrogaming Tweet your questions to: @dayzdevteam (Hashtag #PAXEast) (All times are US EST) PAX East: east.paxsite.com (Copied from another thread)
  8. O.60 Servers are up?

    Im guessing its a build for the PAX stream.. not for us
  9. O.60 Servers are up?

    I so hope this comes today!!
  10. O.60 Servers are up?

    Hope so mate
  11. O.60 Servers are up?

    They are up but you need a password to get on.. damn I got very excited then
  12. Shooter or survival?

    Id like to see more survival elements like in the long dark, way more zombies, actual stamina so you cant run across the map non stop at 30 mph, less guns, less ammo, more craft-able weapons. LESS FOOD. the starving patch (think it was 0.55) was the best by far, fog, rain, snow. The question should be "what do I need to survive?" not "Where is the nearest AK?" I think barricading buildings is gonna be pretty essential as well as being able to cammo you tents up a bit better. We need persistent foliage, branches etc that you can cut off trees and hid your tents with... at the moment tents are pretty useless.
  13. [UKA] DayZ UK Alliance Private Hive | Closed 5th April 2017

    Hi Just a quick question regarding chopper crashes on your 3pp sever. Do they respawn with very 6 hour restart? And do they respawn with loot? Only reason I ask is I was chopper hunting last night. I logged in at vybor military and there was a chopper there which had been looted. I made a loop out west then round the north of NWAF and back round to vybor military approaching from the east and encountered 1 more looted crash. The sever gave a 15min restart warning so I got a position looking at the 1st crash site just outside yybor military. This despawned on the restart, so I went and found another site. I was the only one on the server for about 5 mins and found the next chopper in about 8-10 min so its unlikely anyone was there before me but this new site was completely empty? Not really that fussed as there is more to life than heli hunting, jsut asking out of curiosity... cheers :)
  14. Stable Branch - 0.58 Discussion

    Also happy to report I saw a deer and a whole herd of cows... The cows were in a petrol station way up north!
  15. Stable Branch - 0.58 Discussion

    Climbed some stairs.... Died gotta love dayz ;)