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  1. Exp Update: 0.55.126884 Discussion

    Really liking where this game is headed, indeed, there are exiting times ahead!
  2. New Zombies

    Awesome work Mr Nespesny! Any idea on when we'll start seeing implementation?
  3. Weapon spawns

    The magazines can be empty even, it's rather pointless carrying around any semi-auto handgun and having to manually chamber each and every round or having to search for 3 hours for its corresponding magazine.
  4. Animation showcase: Hitting with baseball bat

    The work you folk are doing is simply phenomenal! Well done to the team, really, really well done. The movements and reactions look so fluid, really looking forward to the potential of this title.
  5. About the Environment

    Perhaps in future patches, we could start seeing some use of the surrounding sea areas? Placement of a few tree like structures simulating corals or reefs, a few schools of fish swimming around, perhaps even a few shark to hinder the swim across to the new prison island? There is quite a bit of unused real estate out there. On that thought plane, would it be possible to see scuba equipment at a later date in some of the boathouses? This would open up opportunity for a few unique items to be placed in the ocean such a wrecked ships, failed sub evacuations coupled with unique loot items such as spearguns, flippers for faster swimming, etc.