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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdic2PXV4MY A Group of friends and I start Pvping when we got pinned down in a building! We know that there where hackers on the server. Where these the people we encountered? What Do you think? Please Like and Comment. Also don't forget to Subscribe!
  2. Very weird Truck glitch With Sosgreen

    I'm sorry I believe that "features" are glitches that aid your game play.This in now way helped me. In fact it actually waste about 5 minutes of my time but, I usually try to to complain about time. :D
  3. One day as I was afk in the back of a cargo truck, when i got back into the screen I was out of the truck in the middle of nowhere. Here's what happened. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TwwK5UxlMU Please Like and Comment on what you think happened. -Sosgreen
  4. It is now in HD for those of you who like HD videos!
  5. -Spoiler alert- I think its funny how that guy shot me through the window. I didn't see his muzzle come through.
  6. Trouble in Electro with Sosgreen

    Yea, It's weird how 3 guys all crash at once...
  7. Today Flinx and I went on a Pvp mission. We Went from Chap to Cherno killing anything in our path. https://youtu.be/GFhqkquIkOc Please like and comment! -Sosgreen
  8. [TAW] Clan encounters DimitrisPhotography

    Good times!
  9. Trouble in Electro with Sosgreen

    https://youtu.be/ZDfWdxdaPd4 Today we where pvping in electro. Please Comment, Be constructive! -Sosgreen
  10. Today a group of guys and I went to Pvp. This is a video of some glitches and funny things that happened along that journey. Please Have fun Watching and leave a like and a comment. Please leave constrictive criticism! -Sosgreen https://youtu.be/gkvmoIOmNGA
  11. 22 Rifle a Sniper?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBe16gOP1aw Today i Decided to do a review on the 22 rifle for sniping. Please Leave a comment on what you think! Sorry for the aspect ratio im working on fixing it! -Sosgreen
  12. PVP In Vybor by Sosgreen

    A Group of guys and i went to pvp in vybor here is a video of it! Please leave some feed back! -Thanks, Sosgreen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnVnqgZcC58