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  1. :thumbsup: Yes that´s what I wanna do, but I can not do a bug report, or I do not know how to. :huh: It says I am not allowed to do. So I gave the closest report I could with giving coordinates on full map in game and description of the house! Tell me how to do a bug rep. and I do, with screenshot and everything that´s needed. ;) Peace Pokaa
  2. I found a house that can not be entered because a trashcan is in the way. The house is in Berezhino coordinated on east west 058 north south 125. The brown blockhouse. It´s not necessary to fix it soon, but only for the developers to know! Good work since beginning. Go further.... Peace, Joe aka Pokaa23
  3. Sometimes you kill, sometimes you got killed...

  4. Servers down?

    Do they do updates today? I have the same thing here. No servers at all...