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    Playing games like: DayZ, Garry's Mod and CSGO

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    Im a guy living in Denmark that loves to play videos games and mess around with computers (I build my own) I also make youtube video for fun (Nothing big)

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  1. Post Your Gear So Far

    What more could you possibly want! MP-133 for room clearing. The silent beast Sporter 22 for raining hell on your enemies. And of course a Suppressed 1911 for some extra James Bond effect. Im a happy man!
  2. Beasts in the dark

    What do you guys think?
  3. Don't f*ck with wolves!

    Thank you very much!
  4. Flanking gone wrong (Video)

    So, 2 minutes before this clip me and my friend were laying in a field behind a stonewall just outside Novy Sobor. All of a sudden we began taking fire from all directions, so we ran into Novy Sobor behind a barn trying to flank what we thought was 2 guys that had been keeping an eye at us for some time. Well as we were flanking them.... they also decided to leave the barn.... 4 players.... http://plays.tv/s/LBqx23hMUq51
  5. Don't f*ck with wolves!

    So me and my friend were on our way to Tisy, when all of a sudden this happend. Ejnoy!
  6. Alright...

    What can i say?
  7. Heard all over the server

    Yesterday me and my friend played DayZ, after we grouped up with 5 other players and died in a massive firefight i respwaned in kamyshovo with one of the dudes we teamed up with and my friend spwaned in elektro. Here comes the wired part, my friend found some of the dudes we grouped up with and as he was talking with them over the server everybody could hear him? I could hear him, the dude i walked with could and a lot of other people we met also could, but how? We were in kamyshovo and he in elektro. Might be a bug....
  8. Getting kicked from every game

    It says nothing more than "You have been kicked from the game"
  9. Getting kicked from every game

    So me and my friend is trying to play dayz but we are getting kicked after 5 min or instant from almost every server are we the only ones?
  10. Like my pants?

    No, we have no idea what had happend to the pants, my friend just said to me that he had found a pair of pants that were completely black. He then asked me to weare them, but when he dropped them on the floor, then somehow he's face/ skin texture were on the pants, but at my screen they were just blinking black and green. Sadly we lost the pants in a firefight minutes after.
  11. The Adventures of a Hitchhiker

  12. Like my pants?

    /\ /\ /\ This should be a thing xD
  13. Like my pants?

    Hey, guys my friend took a video of it watch it if you want! :)