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  1. They are a good bunch of people, with amazing event.
  2. TAW | www.taw.net | Recruiting | (15+ NA/EU)

    Our community is open for new people. DOn't forget to check us out. We are all about fun and a big happy family. What is the worst thing that can happen? eaten by an infected?
  3. Trying to stay alive as long as possible, but the game demand choice and I am wondering if I did the right thing. It all stared off by following a trail of papers! Or watch from day 1:
  4. TAW | www.taw.net | Recruiting | (15+ NA/EU)

    Your bored of wandering alone. Then this is a great oppertunity to look at our great community. Only thing I ask from you is 2 min. 1. Active people 2. squad systems, making sure we do not over populate the servers. 3. Buddy systems for new people. will introduce you into our community 4. We are a community, not a clan, the difference? we love regular talk 5. Possibility to make new friends 6. two cool events a week, things you never done before and regular pvp. There are more reasons to join it, but somethings you need to find out. Sin up at today: https://taw.net/themes/taw/user/application.aspx See you soon!
  5. What I love about Dayz

    Thanks for the great reply
  6. TAW | www.taw.net | Recruiting | (15+ NA/EU)

    Don't forget to check us out. Two events every week, just waiting for you!
  7. TAW | www.taw.net | Recruiting | (15+ NA/EU)

    We are searching for new members. Sign up today and enjoy our community!