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  1. Serum

    What about after 5 hours playtime, after you spawn, you need to inject yourself with serum so you wont turn in to zombie(die) and do that every 5h. The serum is craftable but you need to extract a some hormone gland (human or animal), syringes and vials from the hospital,specific chemicals from the military locations, water and pot to boil the substance. The gland have 5h timer after extraction or it gets ruined/unusable also the serum is ruined 15min after creation if not used(to prevent stockpiling and ruining the mechanic). If a player owning(in inventory) a serum or some of the specific chemicals dies they have 100% to be ruined (to prevent player massacre just for the serum). The idea is so you force the players to visit specific locations (places dangerous but also where you can get good loot in the process) to increase human interaction but also to force some players(no mater how geared) to ask for help or trade if they are dying of the disease. I also think that the time to make the serum from spawning should be something like 1hour and the stuff to make are easily found and abundant so players would rarely die from the disease but you must visit the specific places to loot the stuff or you die(like i said just to force human encounters more often). Sorry for the bad english, this is just a brainstorm idea also sorry if something like this was suggested before. P.S. make servers with 100 players and remove the apples i think they ruining the game right now. :)
  2. Purpose

    I think you kinda prove my point, you see u need those roleplay rules to make a purpose but not everybody likes roleplaying and am hoping of some game mechanics that will encourage old and new players to start playing the game again. If we compare DayZ with Eve online that is so often pointed as THE sandbox game. Yes its sandbox but u have faction warfare, dependence of the industrialists with the pvpers (one create weapons other use them), mechanics for control of the territories that urges the players to group sometimes by thousands to fight each other that births politics and spygames. Yea there are no ingame choosable options for you to be pirate or industrialist or solo hunter or small group fighter or large fleet fighter or explorer or spy ect. but the game "sandbox" mechanics are made so you endup choosing one of the rolles and wile playing making difference in that world, giving you the feel that you achieve something. DayZ doesn thave anyting like that, its survive/loot/kill, those mechanics look like the real scenario in situation of zombie apocalypse but it is a video game, i dont feel real fear of dying, running and looting for hours just to die (very often you dont realise how or who killed you) its frustrating and pointless. I dont want to survive i want something worth dying for in this game.
  3. Purpose

    "We're not here because we're free. We're here because we're not free. There's no escaping reason. No denying purpose. Because as we both know without purpose, we would not exist." ―Agent Smith to Neo (bad English warning) Survive, get gear, kill. Yea DayZ is a sandbox game that you don't know what you gonna do when you spawn until it happens, however, after couple of days playing i always i get that melancholic mood in this game and the feel that i wait too long for the "shit to hit the fan" and when that happens i don't feel much satisfaction. I need purpose, i need to get skilled to perform my purpose and most important to be recognized by the community that i am good at fulfilling my purpose. Prestige is very important part of online video games. There are very popular video games now that only ting moving the players is something "stupid" to end up 1# on the match and to have cooler cosmetic item than the other players, i dont say that DayZ should transform into something like that but it could add some mechanics that can make you feel more like have something to achieve. So, i will "brainstorm" couple of ideas that i think it will lead the game in that direction. Dogtags When spawned you wear a dogtag with your name, if u get killed the player that kill you automatically adds your dogtag on his chain. When you are close to a player when the check pulse option appears there is another option "inspect dogtags (152)" the number is the amount of kills and if u press the option you get the list of the names. If you get killed you lose all the dogtags. Factions Bandits vs survivalists. When you create the character you choose (or the game automaticly places you in a faction to balance the teams with option to join with group of players/friends) and you get an unremovable armband that will be recognizable of what faction you are. (This can work good with the dogtags too, how many bandit or survivalist dogtags you have gathered). If you kill player of your faction you automatically get the murderer armband that you cant remove for a day(example), cant create nonmurderer character for a day and anyone (including murderers) killing you wont have any consequences. This can cause automatically teaming and encourage players in this game to commune more. (considering the camouflage and stealth importance in this game this needs to be made with some mechanic of alerting you that you aim at friendly, simple text like "he looks like friendly" should fix the problem and don't spoil the immersion) Aging How much longer your character is alive it gets older. Males grow long white beards, females long white hair and wrinkles. So it would be cool to see some badass old dude running around. (pure cosmetic but will add so much depth in the game) I apologize if some of the suggestions already exist. This game is so close to be something amazing and epic but its development problems are pushing it into oblivion, i really hate to see that happen so i felt like i need to do something no mater how inefficient it may be. All criticizm, good or bad, is welcome. Thanks.
  4. proper endgame

    I am new to the game and didnt played the mod. I love this game, i love not to be the brainless "hero" that needs to kill the X amount of X creatures and defeat the evil (put some latin name here). I have some suggestions that maybe r already discussed on this forum, if so ignore them, otherwise i expect constructive discussion. problem: after playing the game for some time, dying couple of times by zombies and hypothermia i only die from PVP. being a frendly player firstly i explored, tested the game mechanics and items, gearing up and testing weapons. now what? it looks like endgame is grab some gear and run around to find ppl to murder. i imagine that would be fun for some time but not for long. solution: how to add endless goals and fun without disrupting the sandbox and pvp? endgame should be survival! make the game extremely hard to survive. brainstorm:if hunger and dehydration kills faster and all food and water is reduced by 90%, completely remove it in military areas, ppl start naked so rags and bandages will be problem too. the friendly players geared or not will need to find animals,fish or grow plants and share food to survive. the bandits wont murder players pointlessly, they will do that to get their loot and survive. to balance for the newspawns add more animals and much more improvised (short range, inaccurate) range weapons so they can survive or defend against bandits. here r some examples: bola: stone (brake into rocks with hammer) + rope = bola can be trown to do the hancuff effect or unctuousness if headshot. improvised trowing spears: wood stick+knife longer range variant trowing spear: ashwood stick+ducktape+any kife or bayonet make screwdriver trowing weapon slingshot: woodsticks+rope (rocks for ammo) that does low damage but causes unctuousness if headshot ...ect ect other ideas: blood: if all players have same blood type (explanation would be that only that blood type is immune to the zombie plague) after killing a player to have some short (30 sec) time to fill a blood bag from the corpse before it becomes toxic poison: extract poison from snakes and poisonous mushrooms with syringe so u can poison food or water (also dip arrows to cause poisoned effect) feel free to comment, criticize edit: i also was thinking about some cosmetical endgame there are games like GW2 that r driven mainly by the cool looks prestige. so maybe some achievement system could be added that so ppl can unlock cool tattoos, haircuts, stencils to spraypaint skulls and stuff on the helmets, golden watches and jewelry ect ect (stuff that dont affect gameplay)