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  1. To the Devs. Love, The Village.

    Hello everyone, My name is Hardtailstingray To the Dev's and anyone else involved in the making of such a...... a cool game, well, more than cool it's a game you just can't win, it's intriguing, there's no end game if you know what i mean, well of course you know what i mean you realized what i have experienced from the beginning. Anyway, I salute all of you. Well done. Let me tell you a little about Hardtail and his life through "The Dayz Experience". In the beginning I was very friendly, probably for about 2000 hours i was very friendly, i met some people, some that i still hang out with in TS or Discord today, I died a great many times being friendly, still learning on "what" servers to be friendly on and which one's "not" to be friendly on. So back to the beginning, My son calls me up and Say's "DAD" !!! you have to buy this game called dayz, It's sooo cool, just buy it so we can play your gonna love it. So i did, around the 2000hr mark my son just QUIT, cause he was tired of being kos'd. He just couldn't do it anymore, But i kept going, i think because of the interactions i had in game, i believe that's what kept me interested enough to keep running back or looting, (Looting in this game is awesome by the way). The harder you guys made it the more i fought back saying "I CAN LIVE HERE", i can do this. (You aren't going to get the best of me) ; ) One day While in game i met a streamer named Snafti, Well if meeting someone at VMC that actually talked to you and didn't kill you wasn't cool enough, I just happened to run into Snafti a streamer. who introduced me to his chat where i found (Jenko) Quite possibly the Coolest Brit I've ever met, I've met a lot in Dayz and your all cool, just not as cool as Jenko_90. ; ) well she invited me to her TS where i started on a journey i am still on today at almost 8K hours. Jenko (Who also streams) is a blast to hang out with in dayz or just to hang out with in the chat. (Simply amazing) we would travel the land meeting players, killing when we needed too, but always trying to meet other players on the coast. it was all great fun. Now, just when you think you've done it all in Dayz. and find yourself asking what do i do today, Rene (BarelyInfected) comes along and as far as im concerned just ahead of all the rest and does the impossible. Great job Rene What a great job you did making this work. I'll tell ya, I'm 55 years old and i have great, fond, wonderful memory's from this game and the people i have met through it, that i feel i have done a horrible injustice to all of you by not letting know how much of my life this game has contributed too, by people, real life people. ya know, just like (in-game) real life is all about the people around you and how you interact with them. It's what makes you who you are. So thank you Dev's, thank you Dayz.
  2. DayZ servers are down?

    haha been down since you posted in 2012, haha
  3. DayZ servers are down?

    same here man,,,, nothing but test servers