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  1. Primitive Firearms: The forgotten Survival Weapons.

    bloody good idea. FIX BAYONETS AND CHARGE.
  2. Stable Branch - 0.54 Discussion

    yeah, quite bizarre this one. was driving down in one truck with another member of the clan driving another behind me and we both picked up our passengers. Next thing you know we are both driving along like we both stuck in first gear at 28kmh which is just a touch faster than running speed, but i digress. Logging out of the game and out of steam fixed the issue but i dont want to have to do that every bloody time.
  3. How are we supposed to play the game right now?

    6 hours to find a box of matches, 6HOURS!. the trail of shite i left behind included makarovs, makarov magazines, shotguns shells, shotguns, several axes, many screwdrivers, countless lighted flares and glow sticks and a badly infected partridge in a apple tree. i treat this game like real life, i hoard loads of drinks and food and then sit in a room with a pc.
  4. Is it to easy to gear up?

    next time your in novo and you hear the beep. think of the fun you could be having on......OH SHIT ZOMBIES. sometimes it is or it aint, depends on dayz mood at the time.
  5. Talking to the lads over the past couple of nights and we reckon that the train at the station in the north should be armored up along with a few carriages and then we can roll up and down the tracks to our hearts content.