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  1. One hit by a zombie?

    Hi guys Looting through NWAF, I got attacked by a zombie, one hit ruined by vest along with its content. Continuing on, I encountered a different zombie at the tents - one hit killed me. Is it normal? Is it because I did not wear a helmet? How can I prevent it in the future?
  2. Trading Post

    Is anyone willing to give my mate and me a ride up north to the nwaf?
  3. Trading Post

    Im quite desperately looking for few green spraypaints if anyone has some, and also burlap :)
  4. Trading Post

    Thanks but someone robbed those pouches from one of my tents, I'll have a lookout and I'll let you know :)
  5. Trading Post

    I've never had a plate carrier complete set, if anyone is trading one please let me know :)
  6. Trading Post

    Is anyone trading full UMP45 mags?
  7. Trading Post

    Also, im interested in a lot of military tents.
  8. Trading Post

    anyone has a pristine double bus wheel in vavilovo area?
  9. Double Bus Wheel

    How do you repair it? Does it have to be pristine for the bus to drive?
  10. Trading Post

    Found Attachable pouches worn, anyone interested?
  11. Trading Post

    Looking for a winchester w/ a hunting scope + ammo. PM me what you need in return. :)
  12. Trading Post

    Anyone trading plate carrier complete set??
  13. Trading Post

    Are blackskull balaclavas still in the game? if yes, does anyone have spare or is willing to trade with me for one?
  14. Trading Post

    Is anyone here in possesion of a vehicle and is willing to give my friend and me a ride up to the nwaf from the coast?
  15. Do you still have the Pristine Pouches for trade? I've got mags. Also, where did you last log out? I'm up by Servograd and on US central time zone.