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    CPU: I5-4460 3.2ghz | GPU: Asus strix GTX 960 4GB | Ram: HyperX fury 8GB 1866MHz
  1. Maybe, just MAYBE I wasn't at home when I posted this? Plus, for some reason the game doesn't crash now. I'll try it a few more times and see what happens. Untill then, you're welcome to try it yourself and post any error messages.
  2. So basically when I choose "character" in the main menu my game freezes. Then I get an error message and I have to force close the game. Another weird glitch is that when you try to connect to a server the list refreshes and then you can't attempt to join to a server unless you restart DayZ..
  3. Post Your Gear So Far

    found 2 AUG's and 1 M4a1 at the myshkino tents/military camp. I feel blessed
  4. I think they should make the map a little bigger.They should add 1 city 1 village and a military base north of novo.You'll have to enter the zone with special warm clothing.If you enter with just a t-shirt,you'll freeze to death(it makes sense since in real life north countries like Norway are very cold)
  5. Will we be able to use the old inventory?I like it better :(
  6. Loot on zombies

    I like the idea but I think only 30-40% of the non-millitary zombies should have loot.(80% of millitary zombies should have loot)
  7. 2 questions -What's private shards servers -What's AI
  8. Catching a bambi ...Giving them loot....My Gawd...

    How did you die? :o
  9. Can one survive .50 on apples alone ?

    What happened to fucking matt?!Did he die?Im confused :/
  10. I just downloaded exp..When I press to start dayz it says "dayz has stopped working" :( Yes,I did verify my files. edit:Stable doesnt work either.Well,that's DayZ.
  11. Am I the only one who hates the new running/standing animations?I loved the previous ones so much..Those look unrealistic like the arma II animations.The characters now seem slower too..:(
  12. My first DayZ kill

    I was looting a house and a fresh spawn came and tried to punch me,I started running away and he kept following me for 30 secs..i tried to kill a zombie with my axe and he tried to punch me again!I kill the zombie,take out my mosin and shoot him,he was bleeding and ran away.After 2 minutes I see him comming in the garage I was in.He had clothes and a pickaxe so I didnt know it was him at the start.I asked him if he wanted any food but he started running away because he was being chased by a zombie.Zombie was chasing the guy,I was chasing the zombie,the guy was chasing me.I shoot the zombie with my mosin and then this dude keeps chasing me with his pickaxe.I told him stop following or I will shoot!He equiped his axe,armed it(pressed space) and kept going after me.Bam,1 mosin shot=Dead.I feel really bad for killing a player :( I've played 45 hours and I always tried to be friendly/play as hero..I think he wanted to kill me at first with his fists and then with his pickaxe..What would you do if you were me?
  13. Can I Run DayZ Retail (POST HERE)

    Hi :) Im saving money for a new computer and I came up with some specs,I just wanted to ask if I'll be able to run the game on high-very high and with how much frames at the forest or a city like berezino/elektro CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K Processor GPU: Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB 2x8GB DDR3 2400MHz
  14. My character is freezing..help!

    Im at a city by the sea like I said,next to berezino.I found clothes on the ship but they didnt get damb(or damp?idk :P)