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  1. Will my Laptop Still Work

    You could try put it in a plastic bag and put some rice in with it, the rice will extract the moisture. Put it somewhere warm like hot press also. I had a camera that feel in a river and those were the steps I took and it worked. I left it in the bag of rice sitting in the hot press for 3 days. Good luck.
  2. Think we can rule out your computer as the issue. Do you have this problem with any other multi-player games?
  3. Trucks is there a trick to them now?

    You should look for a tire repair kit and repair the tires. Even though they are shown as worn/ pristine condition they may still need to be repaired. Try removing one tire at a time, repair it and reinstall it.
  4. Add feature: writing notes

    My mistake, I din't know this was the MOD.
  5. Add feature: writing notes

    You will be happy to now this feature is already in Dayz. All you need to do is find a pen and some paper. You can get paper from emptying ammo boxes. All you need now is a dayz pen pal.
  6. Computer Shuts Down

    If your CPU, MOBO are not overheating and shutting down your computer then I think your issue may be your PSU, the minimum system power requirement for your GPU is 450W. Maybe with all your other components running it is drawing more than your PSU can handle. I had this issue myself. I know you mentioned that your PSU is 550W but it may not be supplying the full 550W. There are different ratings for PSU's like Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Bronze and white I think. Titanium is the best which will give you 94% efficiency rating, white gives you about 85% efficiency rating which would mean your PSU is only drawing about 467W if you have a 550W PSU. If you dont have a good brand PSU like Corsair for instance you may not even be getting 467W. EDIT: When it happened to me it only seemed to happen when I played ARMA III, I didint play Dayz at this time. When I played other games it didn't happen. Like JBURNS mentions Dayz is very CPU intensive and your CPU may be drawing more power than it would be from other games and this is what may be causing the crash.
  7. Tent/Storage Object Bug (Open)

    I noticed this morning one of my tents had disappeared. I don't think anyone came across my camp because the guns, ammo and VS3 were not touched. The tent that disappeared had some clothes in it so I would not have interacted as much with it so maybe that's why it disappeared. I have had my camp for well over a month now and its the first time this has happened.
  8. Global Eye Ban

    Please speak with your eye doctor.
  9. DON'T back a car up into a zombie

    When the server restarts the truck will be back on its wheels again. You may have to look for new wheels though as they may be ruined after the flip.
  10. my sedan is misbehaving

    Sedans and VS3 and off-roads seem to be bugged in this patch. I couldnt get them to work anyway. Driving a sedan was like driving on ice, VS3 is way to slow and the off road kept getting stuck on a invisible rock or something. I had all pristine tires and still couldnt get it to work. I have found tire repair kits in sheds many times.
  11. Stable Branch - 0.59 Discussion

    Thanks for the tips Riddler.
  12. Stable Branch - 0.59 Discussion

    Is anyone else having trouble driving sedans and off roads? I spent hours getting a off road up and running, when I drive off it just goes forward like its sliding on ice, wont turn left or right and normally slides into a tree or fence.
  13. Installing Glow Plug?

    How fast can you get the VS3 to go? Some times I can get it to go up a hill its so slow. I even had pristine tires installed on all the wheels. Maybe its the new gears?
  14. Installing Glow Plug?

    Cars and trucks seem to be bugged in this patch. I was able to start a VS3 with out a glow plug installed at all. I was also able to drive an off road with a ruined battery.